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When you don’t pay attention – shit happens

Yesterday was a day with a bit of stress and ‘modern world’ despair (We forgot a laptop charger in Clon), but made it into the city: On the hunt for a tip adaptor & to keep up my weight sessions.

Once again life taught me to keep my focus while doing. Had my mind somewhere else for a brief moment, lost focus and grip slipped on what I was doing, and I squished my finger between the rack and a 20+ something db. Result: Blue striped sausage finger (that atleast doesn’t hurt, just being very unhandy). It’s a reminder to keep focus on what I’m doing, unfortunately it leaves me a little handicaped and keeping Muay Thai training off (again).

Anys training log down:

10x 20kg warm up
2x 5x 30kg
2x 5x 40kg
2x 5x 45kg
2x 4x 50kg
– All ATG style. 50 felt better this week, I have a feeling if I keep at it, I be up on my 78kg (PR) soon enough. However not sure I can lift more this week with my finger, so might have yet another set back –
2x 5x 30kg
2x 5x 35kg
2x 5x 60kg
-Switched to a light deadlift, as could feel my lower back on the last Goodmorning. Kind of prefer Goodmornings thou, feel like they doing a better job on the hamstrings-
Pull Ups/ Chin Ups
3x 5
2x 5x 22.5Kg (that’s a guess)
-Accident happens when I was to put the DB back. Grip was so wide, so it slipped while I was awkwardly putting it back – thinking of something else. Result: Finger caught between rack and db. Could move my finger just after it happened, and it didn’t hurt overly much. Managed to go ahead for a 6kg MB for 20 deep Saxons afterwards. But later on and the day after finger swelled up and is now resembling a little bluestriped fat sausage + can’t bend it anymore due to swelling.

Sunday: Nothing
Saturday: 1 hour of Muay thai: 8 rounds on the bag, 4 rounds on pads.
discovered just how much difference there is being ‘fighter fit’ and being casually fit. Fighter fit= going 100% on the pads (and that’s not even all of it). Anyway died slowly on pads, but went for the 100%.

Friday: Nothing2012-12-11 14.15.06


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City run (or how people I met on my run just got broader on the sidewalk)

Maybe its lack of running culture in Cork, but for some reason – and I’ve mentioned this before: People I meet on my runs in Cork, seems very reluctant to move, just a few inches when you come running toward them.

Now I should probably write ‘me’ instead of ‘you’, cause I don’t know if it’s a general thing here, or if I’m just unlucky with the people I meet on my runs.
It’s not like I’m overly huge or demanding tons of space either. I just wish the little courtesy of Copenhagen running culture was present in Ireland. Myself – I would always step aside for a runner, as to not disturb their run or make it even harder by swinging out, instead of going in a straight line.

Courtesy among pedestrians – hoping it’ll translate to include runners

A half a step a side, would mean, that I don’t have to run into the road, where the cars are driving, in already too narrow streets. But no! Out of the about 30 people I passed coming towards me on my run, only one took that half step in.
It even seemed like some people even seemed to get wider shoulders, when they realised, there was coming someone running towards them. Most people however simply just pretended they didn’t see me.

I’m a little surprised since Cork has hosted a marathon for a few years now. You should think the city had developed a running culture by now. But then again, I think Copenhagen is one of a kind in regards to ‘outdoor activity culture’: biking and running in the streets.
I never thought about it or appreciated it before I moved to Ireland, but have to say now, I miss that about the city.

Anyway happy with my run in the city today. Almost 13K in 1h and 13s., including a few stops at light signals, running out in the street due to very broad pedestrians and getting lost a bit (of course) from the course I sat from home.

Tuesday training so far:
12.78K city run: 1h,13s

DL (return of an old favorite)
2x 5x 60kg
2x 5x 80kg
-Tried a more narrow grip as suggested by Len (a friend from Thaiboxing), worked very well. Could feel it’s been a while since I did any DL at all. Last two 80 in each set actually felt heavy!

Edited: My new Asics has once again proved to be the wrong choice for a longer run. Backside of my left leg around the knee is in pain. Remembering I specifically asked for running shoes good for long runs!! Am now HUGELY dissapointed in the Asics guy who tested my running form (am a natural forefoot runner, with a slight overpronation in left foot) and recommended the Hyper 33.
Since the initial break in with 10Miles, I’ve done a few short runs: 3 & 5K, with no aftermath. Today after only 12.78K, is bad again. Dam* you Asics guy!! I’ve could have used those 180euro on something else!!

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, strength training, training

2nd challenge in the bag

Day 35 of Lent Challenge

Didn’t feel to fresh this morning and seriously thought about going home instead of going to the gym. Realized I didn’t have a day off this past weekend, because I stayed in Cork (gym access saturday and sunshine run on sunday). So just the thought of a long run or other exhausting drills was enough to make me think of leaving it.

None the less, dragged my sorry butt to the gym and decided to give it a shot, sometimes things have a way of turning around, once the endorphins start flowing. And to my great delight, this was one of those days. I was prepared to go home, head held high, even on a prematurely exit. But going today paid off!

Training and challenge day 35

* 1K running (12.5kph)

* 1x 5 TGU with 15.5kg dumbbell (each side)
* 4x 5 TGU w/ 12.5kg db (each side)
Tyrkish get ups are great!! Works the whole body, tickle your balance and when you get up, you can rightfully feel strong.  I used to do this drill with my 12kg KB – which is now in Denmark, so made do with two sizes of DB’s. Have to add, that I think the drill is more challenging with KB’s, as it’s a little more tricky to hold than the DB. Weight is more evenly distributed in last mentioned.
My first set with 15.5kg was hard, and so was last /fifth) set with left hand, with the lighter 12.5kg. But totally felt like a great work out.

Deadlift – 100kg challenge
 5x 70 kg
5x 80 kg
* 3x 90 kg
* 1x 100kg (PR) – Slipped grip on right hand on descending. So not sure if it would have counted on comp. day, but very happy to get it up and it didn’t even feel so heavy. However, when I tried a 2nd and 3rd time, it didn’t move from the floor. I guess, I missed ‘the boat’ – I find that in my strength training, I have these ‘windows’, where everything is possible. But if I don’t time it right, I’m not getting it.

Pull Ups/ Chin Ups
3 x 5 – alternate grip (6 chin ups)

Forgot to stretch, abs etc. 😦  – but

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, strength training, training

1K under 4:00

28th day of Lent Challenge

It seems only appropriate  – halfway there – to start fulfilling some of the personal goals I’d set for my Lent Challenges. Except of course of enduring and doing them, without killing myself (literally!). So 1K under 4 min – done.

Todays challenge was a revenge on Fridays finisher and in total my WO looked like this:

* 10K – 6thK in 3.53min (1K) – total amount of time: 49.08 (Not great overall time! Apparently not as fit this Tuesday)
* Bench Press
5x 30kg
5x 35kg
3x 40kg
2x 40kg

* Deadlift
5x 40kg
5x 70kg
5x 70kg

OL Snatches 
5x 15kg

5x 15kg

Pull Ups
3x 5

10 Dragon Flags

Didn’t feel strong today and forgot a water bottle, so felt uneasy and not as light and powerful as I would have liked. And as I have grown accustomed too – the first day of the week. I also have a feeling, I ate way too much flour this weekend (All my walnut scones, sandwich and dumpling wrappers), and that might also have effected my performance today.

Anyway, I’m still hoping to squeeze out two good gym days this week, even it will be tough, since I’m on the run all day tomorrow and the gym week only last to friday – weekends are in Clonakilty. On second thought – one happy gym day will be plenty this week. Would be good to keep my spirit up, since feeling a little blue and underappreciated these days. It’s strange how Denmark feels close enough, when everything is good, but very far away and lonely, when not so good. Gotta get around to booking tickets soon!

Somebody posted this in the CIT Powerlifters group – which I’m a member in. Thought I would share it – if you’re into any kind of weightlifting, you might have come across one or two of these in the gym 😉

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Do you know the type?

Day 20 of ’40 days Lent Challenge’ (which would actually come to a 48 days, since Lent last until easter sunday!)

Had a mentally tough weekend, as I entered the Deadlift competition on saturday, despite not feeling up for it. Already on my warm up, weights felt heavy, and I had to see myself step down from my second lift, and I opted out of trying for more. There simply wasn’t anything left inside me.

* 1 K on the treadmill for warm up
* 2x 5x 70 kg for warm up
* 1x 85 kg in competition – Approved
* 1x 92.5 kg in competition – failed

It really sucked to back down, but in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have entered. I did feel weak and suffered severe stomach pains on friday. But I kind of always think, that I can get away with it anyway. Weights are just not as forgiven as thaiboxing. At least not in competition – you only got one shot at the time to do your thing (3 lift in total). And there is no room for doubt.
So a hard lesson learned… not everyday I’m giving up on myself!

Sunday was rest day!

Today’s challenge – day 20th of Lent Challenge
Half a marathon (21.3 km) – got it in the bag, in around 1.42 min. Not a really good time, but not terrible either.
The best thing about my run, was the first 50 min. Felt good, flying and no pain or aches, blisters or other annoying distractions. Then, as I started on the last 9.3k, a woman decided to use the cross trainer just next to my treadmill (despite there was lots of free crosstrainers on the aisle behind us), and she just wore this heavy, smelly perfume!!
Do you know the type – who just load on perfume before training?

 I do think my sense of smell is oversensitive as it is, but this was just too much for me. The heavy musk scent almost blocked my airways and it felt, like I couldn’t breathe right. I stayed on the treadmill for 18 min and then I knew, I had to switch, if I was to carry out todays challenge.
I felt really bad for the woman, I mean, it isn’t very polite manners, to get up and move away from a ‘neighbour’, but it was either my training, challenge and goal – or being polite. I chose my challenge today.

* 21.3K in 1h and 42m
* 30 Pull Ups/ Chin Ups (3x 6 + 3x 4)
* Abs + back work

Later on Kettlebell and boxercise at Womens Fitness! (oh and picking blister on my right foot, so I can go running again tomorrow)

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Skipping day

Might – might not have a weightlifting (deadlift) competition tomorrow, so took it easy in training this morning.

Day 17th of Lent Challenge:
* 30 min of skipping
* Ab work

Not sure if I enter the competition tomorrow. Part of me really don’t feel up for it. Tuesday would have been a great day to do it, as I was so happy and full of energy, but yesterday and today (so far), I’ve felt drained and tired. Plus my nerves seems to get the worst of me, when I’m competing, which takes it tolls on the energy level as well. So I’m not sure if I should enter. Liam think I should, but I’m not sure I can cope with the stress and pressure, I seem to put on myself.
Things have been stressful enough this week and I just wish I could take the plug out and chill without being rushed, stressed, pressured or pulled for the rest of the week.

So todays challenge is on hold, as I hardly can put down 30 min of skipping as a challenge 😉
-Thou skipping is tough, especially when you lose touch with it. I used to skip 2 – 3 times a week in Cph at my muaythai gym. That was back in October last year. Could really feel that today…

For skipping inspiration see below video!




40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Food day!! Gym here I come

First day back at eating and I feel amazing.
Truth to be told, I actually allowed myself a small bite of chicken, carrot and walnuts late last night after my KB class as a well.. well-earned treat. I tamed that 16kg KB in more drills than Swings and used the 12kg for the rest, except 20 Saxon Sidebends, where I went down to 8kg.

Went to the gym this morning on a food high! And what a high! I have to admit, I rarely feel this much energized for a workout, but what a blessing it is, when you do!

Lent challenge day 14
10 Miles running : 1.18.03
Decided this morning my challenge would be 10 Miles.
I had one break after 1 hour, cause the stupid treadmill stop automatically after 60 min., but I got to take my shirt off (was wearing a tank top underneath) and have a sip of water 😉 So total – this years best run so far, and I got the ‘Runners high’ after about 8K. How nice is that?

2x 5x 40kg
2x 5x 60 kg
2x 5x 80 kg
2x 3x 90 kg
1x 95 kg (new PR)

So a best run of the year so far and a new PR in deadlift after 5 days of detoxing on Blessed Herbs. On my facebook wall there has been a little discussion around my detox, of whether it was a waste of time and a sure way to go into a catabolic state (loosing muscles). While I still don’t know if there is actually things like plaque and mucoid in the intestines, I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost any muscles. Or in worst case scenario, it would have been very little.
The guy who claims detox is a faux (Anders from, is actually a guy I have the deepest respect for, cause I know he is smart and have tons of knowledge on training. In this case however, I feel he might went for the automatic response and didn’t really took the time to look into this particular kind of detox. It’s not just fasting and apple juice – it’s the herb mix and digestive pills that makes this detox unique. But like I already said, I – myself, still not sure about the plaque and muciod thing. I just know, I feel great today! Not sure I see results on my skin yet, but the next few days will tell the story.

Motivation, Inspiration! Grab it and run with it!