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GPP time again

Todays session:

Very short: 1 hour Dancing & GPP2


Dancing was very nice. Just another way to move the body and work with balance, movements and coordination. And as a bonus, I get to feel very female, in a sensual, alluring way 😉
However the main goal is not to be a little ‘Hello’ Kitty – but a mean fighting machine, and whats better for that, than the good ol’ Ross? In the spirit of just that, I tried a GPP today. Ended up picking 2 – and it went pretty well. Was hard, but not as deadly as I had imagined. Did 12 Burpees pr turn – got 30 sec rest btw. circles, except for last one – 15 sec.

GPP # 2
30 sec burpees
30 sec jumpin jacks
30 sec split jumps
30 sec burpees
30 sec jumpin Jacks
30 sec mountain climbers
– 5 sets – 30 sec rest



Hello Kitty Christmas



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Mountain running in the rain

Haven’t really been doing  much.. so a small update over the past week:

Monday: Around 7-8K up n’ down the hills in the rain. Actually really nice despite all my clothes, shoes and gloves got wet.  Nice run, with nice music on the Ipod.

Sunday: Made Kanel-snegle

Kanel Snegle - Yummy

Saturday: Some muay thai and dancing

Wednesday: The weights (already logged)

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First dance is for the ladies

Did my first dance in front of the dance class tonight. Went somewhat ok… considered I usually teach without a microfone, am a fighter – not a dancer and just learning the choreography and beat count – I guess it wasn’t that bad. But there’s definitely room for improvement 😉
But got some nice feedback, which made me happy and a little optimistic

Uh – nice music from the dance class btw:

This morning was spend boxing at Johnny De Lima – my great boxing coach! Felt wonderful to hit something again, just a little disappointed on the no sparring – but on the other hand, haven’t done any sparring in a month or more, so am a little rusty.

Spoke to an old friend today, it’s so funny – friends are a weird concept. We all have at least a couple of hundreds on Facebook and Myspace – but how many friends do you really have? When it comes down to it, when the shit hits the fan – how many people, do actually have your back?

I got fewer, than I thought – but my friend, whom I spoke to today, he’s one of those few ones, whom I would actually put my trust in. Feel very blessed to have a man like that in my life, and to be honest, I rather have just me few – but real friends, instead of all the people, who tell you, what you wanna hear, but then do the opposite (or not caring) in their actions. Actions speak louder than words, and it’s so easy just to say ‘Im sorry’, ‘Im your friend’, ‘you can trust me’ or ‘yes that person treated you bad’  – it’s much harder to put action behind those words.
– That what defines true friends for me… the people who will actually put actions behind their words. I know, I failed myself in the past – my college friend, I blew her off way to many times – and that’s why, I really try my best now.

Anyway – tomorrow is double up on Eurosport: SportsAccord Combat Games and Fight Club!

Can’t ask for a better thursday than this!