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Back with Ross

Yesterday was yet another day with Ross. We’re starting  making friends again 😉

Tuesday offered a trip down the GPP lane followed by a Core:

GPP # 4
100 rope turns
10 burpees
10 push ups
10 squats
10 circuits as fast as possible

Core # 8
15  Evil Wheel/ 5 flag
10 pr side Russian twists
15 V-ups
15 Back extensions
40 high rep chinnies
4 sets, change btw wheel and flag

All this followed my three classes at Fitness.dk ABC. Classes was good and consisted of the usual goodies for core, abs, back, thighs and but* 😀
Warm up for boxing: KB Swings and Turkish Get Ups!

Monday we did strength:

Strength # 5
3 DB Push press (14 kg)
3 pr arm snatch (14 kg)
4 sets: 90 sec rest-
5 Pistols
5 Gluteham raises
4 sets: 45/ 60 sec rest-
5 Pull ups
20 push ups
4 sets: 60 sec rest-

Finisher: Farmers walk (2 x 16kg)

ross training, training

Another day with Ross

Started out by running. 5K in 22.4 minutes. Had to push through today – no runners high for me today 😦

GPP # 4

* 100 Rope turns
* 10 Burpees
* 10 Push ups
* 10 Body weight squats

Actually forgot to look closely at the clock this time. Maybe because I was on my own? Anyway had a real good pace, with only two ‘long’ breaks. My guess is, I was done in about 23 – 24 minutes.

Core #8
* 5 Dragon flags
* 20 Russian Twists (5kg medicine ball)
* 15 V-ups
* 16 Back extensions
* High rep chinnies
4 sets

Should have alternated between Dragon Flags and Evil Wheels, but gym had no evil wheel.. so.. had the ‘pleasure’ of trying to do the dragon flag. (quite some way to go)

Apparently I had a little energy left and decided to do an additional 6 GPP #4 sets this evening. Apparently, I’m not sane…