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Two hour barriere broken

Today I did something, I’ve told myself to do since I did the half marathon: Go for a run that extend two hours and see how you feel. So I’ve put it off last weekend, but today somehow seemed to be ‘the day’.

About 24K in about 2.12hr– in the hills of Clonakilty. And when I say hills, I mean hills. They’re quite nasty!  Last round was really slow and my right foot was hurting the last 1.5k. I might have been able to walk it faster up hill, than the weird jog I had going on.

So NOT a super fantastic time, but happy to have been out on the road for more than 2 hours!

Run was followed by a very, very cold short bath in the Atlantic Ocean. Had some crazy idea, it might help the recovery, but Liam told me, I was supposed to be in the water for more than 1minute, for it to help. Not sure if I was.

Also: 30 dips in the hot shower. Last 30 dips in the kitchen on chairs later, while waiting for the tea to brew.

Picture from our beach – thou a bit hard to see from this angle, but it’s a rock beach!! (= Av!)


Also have to write this: CORMIER!! I knew you would f****** do it!!! All hail the new Strikeforce HW Champ!

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Easter and the end of Lent Challenge

So it’s been easter – and we’ve been on the country side (hence no updates), and I kind of made it through, without overdosing on chocolate and sugar, so I guess, I’m half successful.

My training on the other hand, have been little and embarrasing. To be honest not sure excatly why, but felt like little lack of spark might have caused this temporary stand still. However – not all battles are lost and I’m sure, I’m getting back on ‘a roll’ again. I still – also! – have my burpees to do – along with a ‘few’ other great sessions.

But let’s put the sad pieces down:
Thursday: I know, I was in the gym with Liam. Remembered some of my work out: 50 pull/ chin ups (spread out in 2 ‘chunks’ of 30 & 20). Rest is a blur, but probably some pistols as well.
Friday: 8K in the hills of Clonakilty + 3 sets of abs (75), back (25) and push ups (30)
Saturday: 1½ hour of thaiboxing at Brucies Gym, Bandon. Went to the fights in Cork at Silverspring Hotel in the evening and judged the fights. Good fun, and great fights and classy place with muay thai fights underneath chandeliers and red, fluffy carpet underneath the ring.
Sunday: Easter sunday – woke up to chocolate eggs. First (obvious) sugar in 48 days!! And later that day, we went for sunday lunch at Deasys. Had a brilliant desert. Also – off day
Monday: Off day (with Liams pancakes for breakfast)
Tuesday: Late night training at Dennehys Fitness. Pretty cool place that is open for lifting 24hours monday – thursday.
13.22 min running – 2 miles (I know, I had it down for 15min, but it was an error)
10x 20kg
10x 20kg – front squat
2x 5x 40kg
2x 5x 50kg
Pull/ Chin Ups:
32 total (6,5,5,4,4,3,5)
Stretch and back bridge

Today Wednesday, I’m at Womens Fitness and will be doing two classes this evening – in addition to a small sample of PT this morning. Boxercise and Kettlebell. For my kettlebell class, I got a few new drills to test out: KB Bicep Curls, Long Cycle and ½ burpees.
Looking forward (as always) to do both classes!!

Edit after classes: Excellent boxercise class and I had fun in the KB class. Not so sure about the ladies thou. Anyway – burned my arms of today, with loads of Swings, Snatches, C & J, shoulder presses, long circles etc. Great day!

Love this one!