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Another training re-cap + thoughts on judges in the fight game

Time for another training re-cap – starting back in September:

Thursday: 6.8K with Liam (fast paced run)
Friday: Slow-mo run for 40 min run (70%)
Saturday: Roscarberry 5K fun run.
Liam and Jamie (Liam’s brother) had talked about doing the race the whole week, but Jamie stayed home, so it was just Liam & I on the road. I packed my bag to go for a leisure run while Liam was racing, and hadn’t plan on running the course. Liam somehow talked me into doing it (as he always does somehow) and I ended up getting 3rd place for the women. 23 overall I think. Not a great time, but took it nice and handy on the first half of the route, since I didn’t knew it. (Loop 2.5K x 2= 5K run), so can only be happy with the result.
Sunday: Rest day

Monday: Olympic weightlift training: Thanks to my injuries it was a night with the broomstick for Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Oly bar for Clean pulls only. Didn’t feel like a proper session, but nice to know, I still got the technique!
Tuesday: Did I do any runs??
Wednesday: 30 min of slow mo run followed by another session of Oly weightlifting – just as light as monday. Ended night with 2x 4 pull ups – still got a small bit strength left!
Thursday: Speed day.
1K warm up, then 6x 400m sprints, 200m walk/ jog in between + 2 Boxercise classes
Friday: Fish & Chips with Liam’s mum and Hans – Not really a training day, but good for feeling slightly Irish

Anthony Kane vs Craig Jose at Neptune Stadium Oct. 6th, 2012.

Saturday: Not training related, but gonna put this in anyway!
Neptune Stadium hosted the huge Siam Warriors event, which meant, not only some of Irelands best Nak Muays in action, but also a visit from legendary Liam Harrison. I’d really looked forward for this event and have been offering the best help I could give to promote it: One world – One Muay thai – One Love.
So it was with joy Liam and I went in saturday night. And there were some great match up in between. Amongst a stunning performance by Anthony Kane against Craig Jose. After the first round Jose looked like he had Kane figured out, but midway in second round Kane sank in a heavy right hand and send Jose to an 8 count. Jose got in trouble but got saved by the bell, and somewhat bounched back in the third round, while Kane just kept patiently waiting for the next mistake by Jose. It came in the fourth and Kane got the KO. Had definitely not seen that coming from the 1st round – Anthony Kane is packing some heavy, accurate hands!

Then there was a lesser and more dark side to the event: Some unfortunate poor judge performances! A good judge is someone who’s presence you don’t notice in the ring – and if you do, it’s only to put fighters safety first. Unfortunately the Irish ISKA judges present in Neptune Stadium was making themselves noticed several times that night. And it was not for the good.
They clearly have NOT been to a seminar in Muay thai rules and point system. Coming from ISKA – a traditional Kickboxing organisation, I’m sure they’re very competent as kickboxing or K-1 judges, but Muay Thai – they didn’t have a clue! Totally disregarded the value of the Clinch game – which is half of the fight. No feeling  for ‘Wall of Defense‘ or different point scores in Power techniques vs. powerless techniques. No clue about ‘Ring generalship‘ – Ok, this is a tough one to grasp, but still! If you’re judging others performance, the least you could do is to learn the rules and regulations for the sport in question. After watching and commentating hundreds of fights -and even being in a judging chair myself, I think judging is a huge responsibility and a job that should not be taking lightly. You’re basically in a position where you can make or break a fighter and his/ hers dreams.
It’s a shame when what you remember the most from a fight, is a horrible judge performance!



New week – new post will be coming. I plan to continue with another week of Oly training. See how my injuries are doing, hopefully also get a trip into a thaiboxing gym this week – and yeah – a little running.