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Film me snatching?

Was probably a better way to ask, than to say: ‘Can you film my snatch’. Indeed my Irish/ german friend started laughing and said something along the lines ‘That sounded funny, what you just asked me’. Me being Danish and tired, didn’t really get the joke until after she repeated it. Haha. Felt a little embarrassed afterwards.

It was a perfectly legit question thou – we were in the gym, I needed to see how my technique was looking, and what better way than to get it on film. I’ve kind of decided as long as I’m injured, I’m gonna work on technique as much as possible (injuries sits in elbow and wrist so still a little careful around the clean and snatch).

Anyway, thought I look ok, but judge for yourself:

Training this week:

Monday: Olympic weightlifting: Lots of broomstick action
2x 5 snatch @bar
2x 5 OH Squat @bar
2x 5 C&J @ bar
1x 5 C&J @30kg
Lots of clean pulls

8 or 9K 70% run – last 5K was way up thou, as the last part of my run was uphil. Incline was more than 200m., so heartrate spiked through the 70% roof. Was a good run aside from that. Only had to stop once to ask if I was going in the right direction – and Cork just as Copenhagen, is actually pretty good to run in at evening time.
Followed by a Boxercise class in Mayfield

Shitty gym day!
Managed to get a small session of:
1×5 Clean pulls @30kg
3x C&J @30kg
And some bar action for snatch, OH Squat and C&J




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Olympic Weightlifting – Do we love it?

The past two weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to do some Olympic weightlifting with the guys from the OLY weightlifting club. It’s been a hard return thou.
After a summer of nearly NO weights, except for Kettlebells + the last few weeks of ol’ boxing injuries popping up (left wrist and right elbow – Go* do I feel old!) – returning to throw around weights are tough.

So tough, that I’d spend the last two weeks throwing the broomstick above my head!  Got my snatch and Clean & Jerk reviewed and fortunate, the technique is still there, but the power is gone. Well – the weight hurt my wrist and elbow.

But one can help it! I’ve been doing clean & jerk with the bar (normal bar) the past two sessions, so far the wrist only made a little trouble in the end, but I’m not sure what’s gonna happen, when I put on weights.
For the snatch I can feel my elbow, as soon as it goes above shoulder height.

It sucks!

But! Despite all the grieve – YES, we do love Olympic Weightlifting because it’s so technical, explossive and a mastermind creation of body and mind working together – and it has great transfer so almost any other sport you can think of.
I want to get back to where I was – and hopefully go beyond that!

Training week:
Monday: Olympic Weightlift training – Broomstick and bar. 5x 10 Clean pulls (bar), 5x 5 Clean & Jerk (bar), 3x 10 ATG Squat (bar), 5 OH Squat (bar), 2x 4 pull ups. Countless broomstick snatches.
Tuesday: Wanted to go Thaiboxing, but got my head full of make up instead (Tom Ford make up artist in Brown Thomas did a very nice job. Almost looked irish!).
: 5.3 K 70% run, followed by Olympic Weightlift training. Same as monday, thou 5 OH Squat (bar) turned into 10. Can sort of feel this!
Thursday: 2 Boxercise classes. CIT & Mayfield Sportscomplex. Great stuff!!
Friday: Let’s seeu


I completely forgot: NO changes in body fat percentage or body weight using Kinetica CLA for a month. From trustworthy sources I’ve later heard, that CLA only been known to prove results in animals and very obese people. No use in spending your money on this. I rather recommend a gym membership, a good pair of runners, sports club membership, a pair of boxing gloves and a bag, a skipping rope, a healthier lifestyle, better eating habbits, a personal trainer or wild swimming in the ocean. Supplements can be good, but make sure you know what you want to achieve – and if you got the right product to do so.
Do research yourself – don’t just trust your gym blindly. They might have alternate motives. (We’ll get back to that)!

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NYC Blues

Got myself a good ol’ NYC Blues today. It comes every now and then, and reminds me of life in different places,  New York City in particular.
And I miss that feeling of walking down Fifth Avenue, with music pumping in the earphones, people stressing by, face in the sun and just feeling like a part of the big, big apple.

Anyway… Cork and Ireland is nice too 😉 (just different).
I was supposed to go home to Denmark this weekend, but had to change a flight and couldn’t get back in time for work, without it costing a fortune. (Damn* you airlinbes). So I’ll be missing seeing my girlfriends, which I’m a little sad about, might be a contributing factor to my blue state of mind today.

A little down from yesterdays gym visit:
2000m C2 (1000m sprint 2:03, 1000m alternate: 100/400/200/300)
2x 5x 15kg C&J
2x 5x 25kg C&J
2x 5x 30kg C&J


Not having the best gym days for the moment. But knows, I’m gonna turn it around.. keep hanging in there! Life is nothing  but adventure!


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1K under 4:00

28th day of Lent Challenge

It seems only appropriate  – halfway there – to start fulfilling some of the personal goals I’d set for my Lent Challenges. Except of course of enduring and doing them, without killing myself (literally!). So 1K under 4 min – done.

Todays challenge was a revenge on Fridays finisher and in total my WO looked like this:

* 10K – 6thK in 3.53min (1K) – total amount of time: 49.08 (Not great overall time! Apparently not as fit this Tuesday)
* Bench Press
5x 30kg
5x 35kg
3x 40kg
2x 40kg

* Deadlift
5x 40kg
5x 70kg
5x 70kg

OL Snatches 
5x 15kg

5x 15kg

Pull Ups
3x 5

10 Dragon Flags

Didn’t feel strong today and forgot a water bottle, so felt uneasy and not as light and powerful as I would have liked. And as I have grown accustomed too – the first day of the week. I also have a feeling, I ate way too much flour this weekend (All my walnut scones, sandwich and dumpling wrappers), and that might also have effected my performance today.

Anyway, I’m still hoping to squeeze out two good gym days this week, even it will be tough, since I’m on the run all day tomorrow and the gym week only last to friday – weekends are in Clonakilty. On second thought – one happy gym day will be plenty this week. Would be good to keep my spirit up, since feeling a little blue and underappreciated these days. It’s strange how Denmark feels close enough, when everything is good, but very far away and lonely, when not so good. Gotta get around to booking tickets soon!

Somebody posted this in the CIT Powerlifters group – which I’m a member in. Thought I would share it – if you’re into any kind of weightlifting, you might have come across one or two of these in the gym 😉

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A day on the benches

We’re in Dublin today, more accurate at ‘The Eastcoast Barbell’. Liam is doing his first competition in Olympic weightlifting and I’m so thrilled to be here with him.

Currently we’re watching ‘masters and ladies’ divisions and it’s great to know that you can lift when you get old and grey! (and you can start young.. an estimated guess is that the lifters are between 14 -68 here!) I’m guessing most of them (the masters group) just came into the game recently and I’m so excited that they’re taking their training all the way and dare to compete.

But ofcourse I’m mostly super psyched for Liam. It’ll be so cool to see the results of his training. It’s funny in a way, I’m more excited to be here and watch him compete, than I was about my own powerlifting competition.

Liam ended lifting 105kg C&J and 67kg snatch. Nerves got the best of him for the snatch, but he did really, really good! Lifted heaviest in his group on C&J – only other guy to get that much up was 15kg heavier. So am very proud and happy for him!!

I ofcourse got my third day challenge down as well:

* 100 Rope turns
*10 Burpees
* 10Push ups
* 10 Squats
Ten total sets
Aimed on making both burpees, squats and push up to perfect form (a phrase I got from friends at Cultfit )

The series is obviously from Ross again and it’s either a GGP or The fast and furious. I don’t remember.

After the Olympic Weightlifting we drove down to Cork again for a night out with Corks finest – Thaiboxers. We’ve been invited to see The 8 Man Eliminator tournament, and it was a blast. Place was buzzing and for a second it almost felt like Lumpini. People screaming and cheering. What a blast!


Young guy in the white shorts from Siam Warriors Cork had some of the best timed knees. A little doctor Petrosyan in the making perhaps?

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First Hello in the new year

So this is gonna be my first Hello in the New Year! I would actually have thought, it would have entered sooner, but I guess not much on my mind and then too little time gave this result.

So here 8 days later – I’m in Ireland (again). Training has been picked up (again) and I actually managed to get a Personal PR (today!).

So let’s get the training down first:

Tuesday 4th:
Gym Session!

Warm Up: 12 min, 2K

Clean & Jerk (15K, 20 K, 25K) – Can’t remember how many sets and reps – but a lot! Technique suffered the first times around, as it has been a while. But came quickly again – and felt really good.
Flys 5x 6 (8K)
Pull Ups 5x 4

Wednesday 5th:
1½ hour Thaiboxing @ Brucies Gym – Really good and hard. Someone drove me under the bus with the pads
1½ hour Jujitsu @ Brucies Gym – Lot of fun! Got to try some techniques for armbar, reversing position, choke and sidecontrol

Thursday 6th:
Gym Session
Warm Up: 10 min running 2.2K

Flyes: 5x 6 (8k)
Leg raises 10x 3

Ross Circle x 7:
DB Bench Press (5 rep)
Burpees + 16K KB overhead raise (10 reps) – New one! Going down as to a burpee, instead of jumping and clapping when getting up, you take the KB from the ground and lift it above your head. Was pretty tough!!
6k KB Side raise (15 rep) – This was a little mystery for me.. I didn’t get much out of it, and I would swear the guys got even less. To be efficient we should prob have used a 10K DB.
Knee tugs (20 reps) – Always a winner and great for feeling like Kermit!

4 x 2min rds of Shadowbox
4x 2min rds of Pad work

Friday 7th:
Big Ol’ Nothin’

Saturday 8th:

1½ Hour Thaiboxing @ Brucies Gym – Pads with Bruce! My kicks seemed better today! Curse my flexibility – sometimes I forget my hip – still!!

Afternoon session:
Warm Up: 1.3K in 5 min

Snatch (trying w/ 20K barbell – fell flat on my butt) – really have to practice this one a lot more. And with a 15K barbell, as I learned it with!!

Run: 1K in 4.17 min
Clean & Press 5x 3 (20K)

Bend over row
5x 2x 16K
5x 2x 18K (PR)
5x 2x 20K (PR)

Run: 1.03K in 4.09 min

Finisher: 5x 3 Pull ups (mixed grips) – super set with – 10 x 3 leg raises

West Cork is as usual very beautiful and the sea view is from another world. I even got a christmas present – which was slightly embarrassing as I only brought for the family – Ah well did actually get two presents. A nice one and another one. Have had a rough day too.. but the sun was up again this morning – which was a bit odd, as I’d dreamt about spring time, and the loveliest blossoms!

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Mix it day

Great day today!

‘Morning’ session:
15 min running (stupid machine wouldn’t let me see distance only time)

Little play with snatch and Clean & Jerk, with a 20K barbell

Then of to the good ol’ stuff:
1x 10x 30K
2x 5x 40K
2x 5x 50K
2x 5x 60K

Full Contact twist
1x 10x +5K
5x 10x 10K

1½ hour muay thai in Siam with Clemme as coach. Really nice combos – even did a ‘dutch man’. Very cool – and about 20/ 25 min sparring. Also really nice!


Also saw a really good friend today. Made me so happy to talk to – and so nice to be supported in being me!! Just a very good day! Tomorrow will be a really good day aswell: Fight Club finally airing the big boys! K-1 Grand Prix – Final 8 – 2010!!


K-1 2010