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Heart rate monitor training part II

Today I ran yet another 70% run, or I tried to. I felt most of the time, I could just have walked at a brisk pace. It was really not that enjoyable, I had to slow down every time I felt comfortable. And I’m really talking of slowing down. Almost to a ridicules pace where power walkers would have over-taken me. All because my heart rate was 10-15 bpm up from the 70% pace. So today was a bit of a struggle – even without traffic lights, hills and road crossings – things that normally spike my heart rate when running here.

But it was still a good 35min trip around the track, had sunshine half the time and could feel the warm sun beams on my back. Lovely and enjoyable to run outside and being kissed by the wind and the sun.

Training journal from past week:

Monday: Olympic weightlift training. Lot’s of broomstick action and a bit of C&J with the bar.
Tuesday: Boxercise class at Mayfield. Really cool class and we get to kick, since they have decent equipment! Lovely!
Wednesday: Olympic weightlifting. Less broomstick action than monday, and I could snatch with the bar!
App.: 5x 5 C&J @20kg bar, 3x 5 snatch @20kg bar.
Thursday: 5K at 70%, 2x Boxercise classes: CIT and Mayfield

Another week in Ireland almost done… wonder what the next brings!

Liams toy – I get to play with it sometimes 😉

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Back-logging: Strength day I & GPP I

Friday Ross 50 day challenge had Strength I on the program. I modified it slightly from 3 reps to 5 and due to not being able to perform proper hamstrings, I settled for back (leg) raises. Also 4 sets became 5 full + a little extra.
Friday’s strength day:
* 5 C&J (each hand)
* 5 Snatch (eh)
* 5 Pistols (each leg)
* 10 Back (leg) raises
* 5 Pull ups
* 10 Push Ups
– 5 rounds –

Extra work:
2×5 C&J
20 Push Ups
20 Back Raises (leg)
– 5 sets-

Happy summer day with Strength I

Saturday GPP I + Core I and Finisher with Liam
30 sec burpees
30 sec jumpin jacks
30 sec high knee db press – edited: We didn’t have any DB, so did Mountain Climbers.
30 sec shadow box
– 5 sets – no rest

Finisher I: 100 Sledge hammer
Finisher II: Farmers Walk (3)

5 Reverse Curls (Was Dragon Flags)
6 pr side Saxon side bends (+10kg)
15 supermans
8 pr side Medicine ball twist (weight plate 10k)
–  5 circuits-

Saturday was tough! Doing the GPP I on a rock surface, that are sliding uphill, is just too ridicules! But we made it and got on to both core and finisher. However – we still forgot the plank.

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Weekend update

Never made it to a computer over the weekend, so here is a small training update from the weekends adventures.

Friday 20/4 2012

4.6K/ 20min (2x 2min sprint + 1x 3min)

6 pull ups
6 chin ups
5 pull ups
5x 40
6x pull ups
5x 50
5 chin ups
5x 50
5x pull ups
-Note to self: Really need to get working on those squats!

5x 15kg snatch
3x 15kg C&J
3x 20
3x 25
2x 30
1×42.5 PR
Super happy with my PR. This was the first time ever, I tried maxing out in C&J. Did a 45kg clean, but unfortunately jerked it to my chin and dropped it, cause of the surprise and I started laughing. (That laughter you do, when you get unpleasantly surprised, but it’s still really funny)

4x 20 set back ext
20 abs
1 back bridge

1½ hour of thaiboxing @Brucies Gym. Had a blast, got to kick Liam 2×2 min in the end 😉

Liam and Dennis working the pads


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34th – Monday fresh

Two weeks from Chocolate, cakes and ice cream (dying to try the new Ben & Jerrys raspberry!), monday was fine despite a weekend with a small bit of training.

Day 34
* 5K running (12.5kph)

* 5x 20
* 5x 30
* 2x 4x 40
* 2x 45, 1x 45
Not so strong day on the bench

Pistols & Dips – Superset
* 4x 2x 3 Pistols
* 4x 10 Dips
Finisher: 2x 5 pistols

Clean & Jerk –  30kg Todays Challenge
* 2x 5x 20kg
* 5x 25 kg
* 5x 30 kg! (PR)
I felt ok strong and could probably have had 35kg today, opted for the 5 reps instead. However goal for C&J must be 35kg – and if that’s good, then a 40kg. Snatch – be absolutely ecstatic with 20kg. Let’s see how it pans out. 2 weeks to go.

* 3000m – 13.42 (lvl 10), not good, not bad

Abs/ Back/ hamstrings
3x 20 of each on Swissball

Decided to do C2 instead of running in the end. Treadmill doesn’t seem so appealing after the outdoor run yesterday, thou I’m sure that will change again. Also thought C2 will help my V02 Max, if you push yourself on the C2, there’s really no machine like it. Which is why I hate  – and love it so.

Overall satisfied with my training so far, have classes and probably some Pt’s at Womens Fitness tonight. Gonna get started on the countdown soon. Only two weeks… Chocolate, I missed you

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Home alone in Cork

Home alone on a saturday in Cork. Thought I spend the first half of the day training and shopping for food, without getting lost, and I succeeded in both- fortunately.

Decided to change things up a bit this saturday, as I wasn’t really in the mood for running, when I arrived. Truth be told not in a mood for much today – and yet, the first day of spring arrived. First day of walking outside, without feeling cold, so I actually enjoyed the 6k (there and back) walk to the store.

Alright – Training 32nd day of Lent Challenge

* 10min walking

Todays challenge = 100 perfect push ups* (or yesterdays… not sure. I know, I’m one behind). Decided to go 5x 20 and super set with different kinds of abs.
* 20 Push Ups – hands just outside of shoulder width
* 20 Crunches on the ‘Thera-crunch’
* 20 Push Ups: Right hand under shoulder, left hand out from waist. 10 left/10 right
* 20 Reverse Curls – Butt out from bench
* 20 Push Ups – strict. Hands under shoulders
* 20 Thera-crunch + 5kg
* 20 Push ups: 10 plyometric clap, 2x 5 one arms (One arms was hard today)
* 20 Crunch: 10 thera/ 10 but* out from bench
-Finisher: 2x 20 captain crunch (cable pull with 32kg)

Did a little like the picture, only had my legs levelled up, so body was horizontal and strict - and pulled up from there.

2x 5 x20kg
2x 5 x40kg
2x 5 x45kg
In btw sets: 3 pistols to each leg + 2x 10 TRX style hanging pull ups (kind of reversed push up?)

Finisher strength:
5x 20kg Clean & Jerk
3x 15kg Snatch
-Olympic style – NOT crossfit

* 4.67k running: 4 min warm up, 7x 1 sprint, 1.5x 1 nice pace

coined phrase from the friends at Cultfit
Stretch – and someone has been so nice to turn off the hot water for the weekend, so had a very cold and very short ice dusch afterwards. Apparently I have to be cold somehow in Ireland 😉

I also managed to shop for dinner, and will be making sushi tonight. Since Cork doesn’t offer any good sushi places (I’m sorry Daikon, but that’s how I feel), I have to make it myself. Not a big deal, just a little kitchen lazy, but I’ll get it done. (Otherwise I’ll have to starve).

No caption is needed

Edited on sunday 25th: Picture above depicts perfectly the despair in air yesterday. Today the sun is shinning, can’t really complain about that. I’m heading out on my extra challenge – which today will be something as small and nice as a run in the still unknown Cork. (Hoping that I don’t get lost again!!)

Enjoy this:

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Yet another Ireland visit

So far, so not as nice as last visit. Staying in a freaking cold house in a dull suburban neighbourhood – and I just got all my money stolen, which is weird, cause I haven’t really been out or left my bag anywhere, except in the gym last night. So – so far – so NOT adventures, and it gets even worse. But I think, I’ll save that story for another time.

So in the gym last night:
Learned some technique: About 2 hours with Snatch and Clean & Jerk
All with the 15 kg special women barbel, as the coach so happily put it.

The Snatch

The Snatch

Clean & Jerk







Went pretty ok I guess. Got good remarks and not even feeling it in my body today.