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Challenge yourself – a least once a week!

It’s been busy Wednesday again, and even if it’s not as busy as usual, it’s still a ‘back and forth day’. With a lot of PT (Personal training) sessions included.

My day started with a PT session that involved lot’s of KB’s. PT sessions at Womens Fitness isĀ 30 min., and the aim is to give the member the best possible work out – taking her condition, mentally and goals into consideration.
My ‘client’ this morning, have worked out with me for quite some time, and it has been a delight to watch her physically and mental progress, and witness all the benefits, that being active gives her. (Gives us all)

However – as many before her – and many right now. Results seems to be staggering. She’s happy and feel much better, clothes fits better. Has more energy, feel stronger and fitter – but the scale/ measurements stays the same.

So – it’s not life threatening or the most important thing in the world, to shave some of those centimeters. But when you’re in the gym 3 days a week, and feel like you putting in an effort, what is the answer then?

I told her: ‘Get out of your comfort zone’. The body is an amazing tool, that can do almost whatever asked of it. And the best part is, it learns, so you can get better at, whatever it is that you do. (swimming, jumping, kicking, lifting, biking, running or flip flopping. But to keep seeing progress, you would want to always add a little extra. Don’t get comfortable and settle with that. Once every week, take it up a notch.

Whether its working on getting up from the knees and do on toes push ups, doing a faster sprint on C2, lower your knees better in lunges – just do it. Challenge yourself – and if there is one or two things, you want to be better at: Keep working on better them.

I’ve actually been preaching this all week. Mostly because I hate see people wasting their time in the gym. But also because, I love to see people get the benefits from training – to share the same joy, as I feel.

My own day (which was little):
50 min KB (12kg)
60 sit ups
40 squats
40 push ups

My knee is much better, so hopefully I can train normally tomorrow. However, probably not 10 miles in new shoes again. I am still learning from my mistakes
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