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Can I have a carrot, please

Spend half the day driving and most of the other part, waiting around in a sports hall, to compete in powerlifting. I have to admit, that I to the last-minute, didn’t feel very up for it, for various reasons.
Like – my deadlift training stopped in the end of december, I’ve been constipated for about a week (yes, it’s that time of the month) and.. we got about 3 hours of sleep from friday to saturday. So things were not lining up in my favor, as I entered my first powerlifting competition.


Aside from feeling tired, wrecked, bloated and constipated, I also have to admit, that I was a nervous wreck or rather a nervous hungry wreck. ¬†So after my first lift – the dreaded squat, which I haven’t been training. Just been doing a little here and there, without dropping to competition depth! (mind you), I went next door, to the restaurant to ask, if they could hit me up with an apple, a carrot or just anything fresh. Judges dumped my third attempt by disqualifying my spotter, who shouted depth (apparently a moment to soon). But I got two meek lifts out. A bad – but expectedly bad start.

The cook, an older warm gentleman seemed confused at first: No irish breakfast?? But then he lightened up and asked me, if I would like a coleslaw, with carrots and cabbage. I answered, that would terrific and if I could get a splash of lemon on top. And then I waited hopefully for my first meal of the day.Out it came, in a big white bowl. Thou, it wasn’t exactly, what I would call raw coleslaw. It was small old bites of diced carrots, with chopped leaks and whole slices of raw potato. And my desired lemon on top (two boats).


I ate the carrots and left the rest in the restaurant. And then I had to bench. Now, I haven’t really trained bench pressing either. Again, it’s just one of those things, I would do on occasion, when I’m in the gym. So now – why would I enter a powerlifting competition one could ask. Well, I sort of tried to up my deadlift before christmas, and was pretty serious about it – and from that, to here.. well, I guess, I must have thought it would be fun. Or for the crack as my boyfriend would put it.

Bench was fine for first lift, I felt strong and confident. Second time around, I thought I waited to press up, till I heard the judge go: ‘Press’, but again apparently I didn’t. Mind you also – the judge really took his time to count on the press. He was later replaced. Anyway, on my third attempt, I went to high and died on the way up. It was a weight I’ve done in the gym, with a fast touch and go lift. I think, my mind got fu*** up by the second lift¬†disqualification, so I payed more attention to the judge, and less to the actual task: Lift that bar.


After benching we went to a gas station to get some food. I found a meal deal offer: triangle sandwich with ham, salat and tomatoes – and as I took the first bite: half the sandwich was actually mayo. Well I did get an old orange and a bottle of water too for my 5 euro. So I won’t complain. Just say, I didn’t finish my sandwich.
Deadlift was coming up next, and my boyfriend had to leave me so he could get to work. So still hungry, alone and a half damaged confidence, I had to do, what I actually know how to do: Lift that iron from the floor.


I chose to start on tiny bit more, than suggested, as I warmed up with my opening. A friend from thaiboxing – Len – who is also a former powerlifting champion, advised me to go a little higher. But still a little scared, I started off somewhat conservative – did so with success. My next two lift was equally, even I struggled a bit on the last.. but it was actually my best lift in my mind. Not only because it was a new personally PR, but because I struggled, thought about quitting and decided not too. Decided to overcome…. That was the best feeling

Later I got my hands on nuts, olives and sugar peas and a banana. What a feast!