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C2 – a love/hate relationship

Friday morning and I’m up quite early thanks to Liam. Two coffee and my usual yogurt with fruit and bran flakes and off to the gym. After yesterdays sprints I’ve decided it was time for the C2 (rower) again.
We go back a long time, and I always loved/ hated it. It make me work so hard, makes my legs go wobble, forearms burn, grip ache and put my heart where my tongue normally begins. But afterwards it’s all worth it, and when getting in the habit of being on the C2, it’s easy to feel the improvement it bears to other areas of my training.
So we have a hate/love relationship.
Today was no exception.

2000m = 8.48

2x 5x 15
3x 20
OH Squats (ATG):
2x 5x 15
2x 5x 15
2x 5x 20
Front Squat:
2x 5x 20
2x 5x 30

2x 20 Decline Obliques
2x 10 Incline dragon flags
2x 20 Back raises
2x 20 Leg raises
2x 20 Side raises
2x 20 Back raises/ swissball
Lifts were sparsely and measly. I failed my fourth snatch at 20kg, which shouldn’t have been a problem at all. I guess it’s just one of those days, plus my elbow keeps annoying me and the pain from the forearm transfer into my grip. So I’m kind of lost until my elbow starts behaving.

If you’re reading this during the weekend, and don’t know what to do (or if to do anything), here is a small challenge for you: Do 100 Squats during either saturday or sunday.
Just pretend you’re gonna take a seat on the invisible low couch and stand back up again. It doesn’t have to involve extra weight either. Bodyweight is a good start. Just do it and I promise you, your jeans will be happy!
Me – I’ll be doing them + muay thai and running in the hills. Have a great weekend!

Squatbutts – from Lift big, eat big

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NYC Blues

Got myself a good ol’ NYC Blues today. It comes every now and then, and reminds me of life in different places,  New York City in particular.
And I miss that feeling of walking down Fifth Avenue, with music pumping in the earphones, people stressing by, face in the sun and just feeling like a part of the big, big apple.

Anyway… Cork and Ireland is nice too 😉 (just different).
I was supposed to go home to Denmark this weekend, but had to change a flight and couldn’t get back in time for work, without it costing a fortune. (Damn* you airlinbes). So I’ll be missing seeing my girlfriends, which I’m a little sad about, might be a contributing factor to my blue state of mind today.

A little down from yesterdays gym visit:
2000m C2 (1000m sprint 2:03, 1000m alternate: 100/400/200/300)
2x 5x 15kg C&J
2x 5x 25kg C&J
2x 5x 30kg C&J


Not having the best gym days for the moment. But knows, I’m gonna turn it around.. keep hanging in there! Life is nothing  but adventure!


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34th – Monday fresh

Two weeks from Chocolate, cakes and ice cream (dying to try the new Ben & Jerrys raspberry!), monday was fine despite a weekend with a small bit of training.

Day 34
* 5K running (12.5kph)

* 5x 20
* 5x 30
* 2x 4x 40
* 2x 45, 1x 45
Not so strong day on the bench

Pistols & Dips – Superset
* 4x 2x 3 Pistols
* 4x 10 Dips
Finisher: 2x 5 pistols

Clean & Jerk –  30kg Todays Challenge
* 2x 5x 20kg
* 5x 25 kg
* 5x 30 kg! (PR)
I felt ok strong and could probably have had 35kg today, opted for the 5 reps instead. However goal for C&J must be 35kg – and if that’s good, then a 40kg. Snatch – be absolutely ecstatic with 20kg. Let’s see how it pans out. 2 weeks to go.

* 3000m – 13.42 (lvl 10), not good, not bad

Abs/ Back/ hamstrings
3x 20 of each on Swissball

Decided to do C2 instead of running in the end. Treadmill doesn’t seem so appealing after the outdoor run yesterday, thou I’m sure that will change again. Also thought C2 will help my V02 Max, if you push yourself on the C2, there’s really no machine like it. Which is why I hate  – and love it so.

Overall satisfied with my training so far, have classes and probably some Pt’s at Womens Fitness tonight. Gonna get started on the countdown soon. Only two weeks… Chocolate, I missed you

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So it’s Valentines day and a lot of people all over the world is celebrating! Mostly women I guess, and the men just passively following along. Though, I think some men might enjoy this day as well. A lot of this world great poets, singers and artist are after all men, and they wrote some of the most beautiful love songs/ poems/ stories ever. But my day has just gone from crap to sh**, so I’m not listening to any of them right now!!

That’s the short version of my state of mind anyway. I kind of tried to make the most of it and battle through the dark emotions. Went to the gym. Got 3 sort-of-fast-K down (12.5-15kph), 2000m on C2 (over 2 rounds). Happy enough with that. Tried a different (and better) version of Deadlift (which made me feel like a newbie). – Thanks to my knowledgeable friend Anders Nedergaard (author of, I got corrected my position in the dl – 5 sets of 10 hamstrings and 5 sets of 6 dips + the inevitable ab work.
But it just didn’t cut it!!  Mood just continued below zero. And most other events the rest of my day, haven’t really been positive either.

So in short I’m having a really, really bad day. All of a sudden just not sure, what I’m doing here or why I’m here (in Ireland that is). Not sure why I even bother training anymore, since it seems very unlikely that I would get a fight again. I don’t really care for powerlifting, just did it, cause I was asked to take part – I mean it’s fun to lift heavy things in the gym, but don’t think, I’m gonna compete again. So all of a sudden everything just lost it purpose. I mean training is great and I would probably hate myself if I stopped going to the gym. But…

I don’t know where this is coming from. Maybe it’s a minor life crisis, suddenly discovering my lack of purpose  of doing things or just plain homesick – but that would be weird(!!), cause I’m not missing life in Copenhagen or in Denmark in general! I miss my few good friends and my thaigym, but that’s about it.

Anyway, hoping for a better tomorrow – and NO, I won’t have time to go to the gym!

I found this picture – it illustrates everything to perfection:

Whats the point?


Post competition training

A bit over midweek since my first powerlifting competition and I’m quite busted. Training and work has been great so far, but I haven’t really lifted anything heavy this week – apart from myself.

Yesterday contained about 14 hours on the go:
6 personal training sessions. Yesterday I put my clients through toning and strength exercises rather than focus on cardio. I hope they’ll appreciate the different drills and will be able to use them in their own training.
2 boxercise classes (1st class at CIT! Went really well, thou not all showed up. But lots of fun, energy and hard work!)

And I managed to squeeze in a little training just for me:
* 5K
* 4 x6 Dips
* 4x 6 Hamstrings curls (The Ross way = Auch! – look below the post). Put my feet underneath a machine of some sort and worked from there.

Totally wrecked last night. Used my last energy to give my bf a back massage (Well deserved after his Olympic weightlifting), before I blitzed into dreamland.



The Ross way










Woke up this morning, soar around the shoulders and upper arms. Don’t have a clue why, as I’m wasn’t doing the boxing yesterday. But it might be from all the PT, where I tend to do the sets with the clients. ( I guess it all adds up).

Went to the gym for what I thought as a recovery training. I aimed for 3K on the treadmill at a low pace and then some abs and stretch work. Ended up with a bit more work completed and am not complaining. It’s always a nice feeling to do a bit more, than your goal!!

*5K (alternated pace btw. 6.6 walking – 13.4 running. Came in under 25)
* 1000 m C2 (Forgot to look at exact time, but around 4.40. The C2 is gonna kill me one day :p)
* 4x 6 25kg db BoR
* 4 x 6 25kg db front squat
* 100 abs (different styles)
* 25 push ups (different styles)
* 30 sec back bridge
* Lots of stretching (still can put my foot behind my neck!)

So far I’m pretty satisfied with my workload this week. Yesterday was just a tad to stressed for my likings, going from one place to the next, just to return a few hours later. But however, it’s a nice way to get a lot of work done. And next Wednesday probably won’t feel half as stressed, since I know the drill at CIT. I have a feeling that boxercise class is gonna be lots of fun. Cross my fingers!