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Day 91 – The positive weekend

Liam and I agreed yesterday evening to have a weekend, where we couldn’t say anything negative. About anything or anyone. Only positive things was to leave our lips this weekend.

The idea grew from a thought of how words create our reality and enhance our emotions – and our experience of life. If by choosing only to pronounce positive words, could we have a happier weekend?
I think we did have a good Saturday, but we did encounter a few ‘on edge’ situations during the day. And of course it was in the traffic. Where else does ‘on edge’ situations occur?

On the other end of the scale, we had a great massage in Natha Yoga house after training. Was just pure brilliant!!

I look forward for tomorrow too – I think it’s gonna be a happy sunday

Training today:
Thaiboxing in Butchers Fight Gym w/ Kru Toy. Teamed up with Liam, so the poor guy had to restraint his powers. Kru Toy made a good finisher with knees, and Liam let me clinch a little with him afterwards.
Weightlifting in Butchers Lab – Snatch, Jerks & cleans cross fit style. Was nice to try something different + I got a really excellent tip for my wrists!




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Sunday: 7K in the mountains

Monday: Travel day

Tuesday: 8K run – morning
Evening: 2 hour class in Fitness.dk + Snatch/ pull ups afterwards

Wednesday: MMA class @Fightcraft. Was really well, except for got the pleasure of sparring with two guys, who didnt know the meaning of taken it easy

Thursday: 1hour Sanda + Cross Fitt circuit @butchers lab (Deadlift, burpee pull up (looked silly, as I had to step up on box to do the pull up), skipping. Think I did 6 or 7 rds.
evening: 1.1/4 hour muay thai