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50 day challenge – round 3!

Liam and I decided to go for the 50 day challenge again. We started yesterday with the 800m sprints, and today will be ‘Magic 50’ day:

* 5 Swings (db/kb)
* 5 Snatches
* 10 Burpees
5 rounds
Finisher: Farmers walk

We missed the Core I yesterday, so will do it today as well. We’re going to Clonakilty today, so will have to figure out, how we can do the work at home. Will probably be ending up doing burpees on the lawn. Just really hope the neighbours dog haven’t taken a dump in the garden recently.

Boxercise at Womens Fitness yesterday was brilliant. Ladies getting tougher and helping each other get a great work out! Also, two of the girls who haven’t been to class for a while was back and it radiated from them, how much they missed it – and how happy they were getting a change to litteraly ‘punch of some steam’.
Great night and made it all worth for me to go to work, even a bad surprise sprung on me earlier on the day. I’d found out recently, I’m getting paid even less than I thought (and I knew, I was being paid very little), and yesterday I then discovered, that despite getting told by the boss on several occassions: we don’t get paid the same after all.
Now, I’m not teaching because, I want to get rich. I teach, because I love the buzz of a good class. Love making people feel the same way about training, as I do. BUT! It’s always nice to feel appriciated and appriciated employees always go a little extra. Un-appriciated… well.. it’s something to think about anyway. Just have to state, I’m very dissapointed.

Post sprints yesterday, I got a few more Long Cycles and Renegade rows in:
2x 6 Long Cycle (12)
2x 3 Renegade Row (12)
2x 6 Long Cycle (12)
80 Swings
60 Saxon (got a little core work done!!)
60 Squats (ATG) – 20 to OH press (12)

Weekend challenge coming up tomorrow! Will be going to town and find a spot to post it! Will be fun and something you can challenge your friends and family with.

Ross, we meet again!


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800 meters of delight and agony

Firstly – my monday and Tuesday this week has been a bit ‘lazy’ and personal stuff has taken a bit of the energy as well. However – as always the lovely ladies (in no particular order) at Womens Fitness, K2C & CIT (and guys) have been making sure, my days haven’t been a total stand still.

Today I just survived:

4x 800m sprints
4x 50 sprints

All sprints on track – all with Liam in what seems like miles a head. My running confidence is blown to pieces! He haven’t done any serious running in the last couple of months and still pulls out 30 sec a head of me.
But at least, I survived and didn’t feel like dying as much!
This morning before the sprints:
10 Burpees
20 Push ups
40 Squats (BW – ATG)
15 Squats (12kg KB) to OH press
20 Tricep ext (12kg KB)
2x 5 Farmer style push ups (12kg)
2x 6 Long Cycle (12kg)

Total resume of Monday: 
KB drills 12kg
120 Swings (incl. Top & pull backs)
60 Squats + OH press
60 Sidebends
60 Tricep ext
80 Russians
80 ½ TGU
20 Halo
20 mid halo
20 ½ figure 8
3x 10 BoR
20 Press from floor
2×4 Amazon Get Ups
2×6 Long cycle – feeling really strong with 24kg pressed above head!!

Other stuff:
60 Saxon (5kg mb)
100 Abs
20 back raises
40 Push ups


60 Push Ups
240 Squats (ATG)
50 sit ups
+ partner up in the last boxercise class at K2C
+ 3x 10 min warm up routine
Falling a bit in love with the Long Cycle! It’s a great way to get the cardio and strength up – and to feel immensely powerful: Fit and strong!

All my classes are getting my mission statement these weeks: Beautiful strong summer butts in Cork. So everyone get to learn the perfect squat and get their a** to the grass!


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After three succesfull days with classes at Womens Fitness, CIT and K2C, my own midweek summary of training pretty much amounts to zero! Thou with Kettlebell classes, PT sessions and the ‘usual one out’ in boxercise, I’ve probably been doing more squats, push ups, sit ups and KB work, than your average Joe.
-But who want’s to be average?! Not me – and not my ladies!!

Boxercise at Womens Fitness monday and wednesday were full, lots of high spirits and happy faces. Wednesday I’d gave a short speech before we started, about the importance of giving that ‘little extra’ in training, to get the extra benefit showing in the results.
I’d senses a few being hesistant to the speech: ‘We didn’t come here to listen to ya.., we came to work’ . But overall, I think it was well recieved and whether it was due to the girls in class, or my little reminder, fact is, I think the class worked harder: punched with a little more determination than usual. And as the instructor, it was a thrill to experience the ladies going for it, rather than being hesitant and afraid to ‘hurt their pad-holding’ partner.
I think, I talk for all girls, when I say this: The first time you hit a pad (not to speak of a person), you’re kind of scared, if you’ll hurt her/ him. Guys are much more prone for just letting go! I’m not sure, but I hope my little speech found it’s way and helped encouraged those in doubt: You can hit a little harder – it’s not gonna hurt the pads or your partner.

Anyway huge succes for the class, and tuesday class at K2C also rose to new standards. For the past two weeks, we’ve been doing ‘The Wat’ test on half speed. That means 30 seconds: Burpees, push ups and squats: How many can you do – and then: do one (or 4) more.
Again ladies are tougher than they think, and it’s a genuine good feeling to witness the surprise, when someone surpasses her expectations. I hope they keep this feeling of succes and store it with the other inner motivationals, we all carry around. Those sentences that makes up get up from the couch, put on the gear and go train!

My own week so far – as mentioned first: Not much!
It might be myself, who needs motivation – and to get over ‘this time of the month’, anyway small drips have formed a collective input for the past 3 days:

KB, 12KG:
80 Swings
50 Top Swings
40 Pull back swings
40 One hand
2×10 One hand pull back
20 8-figures
2×20 ½8-figures to catch
30 Tricep ext – standing
2×10 BoR
20 BoR
20 Presses from floor
2x 20 ½TGU
2x 5 Amazon Get Ups
2×5 Long Cycle (out of class)
2x 10 Halo (top)
2x 5 Windmills
2x 10 Snatch
2x 6 Cleans
2x 6 One arm press
2x 6 C&J

200 sit ups
150 push ups
3x 6 Pull Ups (oh grip)
500 Squats (ATG style @BW)
50 Split jumps
and loads of jumping jacks, cross etc.

Now it’s time to get motivated for the rest of the week and spend some thoughts on the next weekend challenge!

Motivational – keep this thought with you!


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Lent challenge day 21th.

Wuubii shadow boxing, I missed you! Modified for time version – Ross training GPP 5:

* 3K of recovery run/ jog/ walk
* 3 rounds of 3 min: 30 sec shadow box, 30 sec burpees
* Finisher: 300 knees

Had to do a promotion thing with the Womens Fitness, so ran out of time. Happy thou to get 3 rounds and 300 knees down. Really missed shadow boxing, it’s the kata of boxing / thaiboxing. The meditation part of fight sport!!

Evening yesterday was brilliant. My KB class was as good as full and got a lot of work down. I was a wreck when I came, but thanks to the lovely, energy-charges ladies we rocked the cannonballs together! Awesome work!

40 day Lent challenge, ross training, Sport, Teaching, training

Day 16 – WOC 101 – Ross wouldn’t be proud

Yesterday was my busy-busy day and just as last week, I didn’t do a specific challenge, but instead put in 16kg KB and burpees into every workout possible.
Total workload is something like this on day 15th of Lent Challenge:
* 60 KB Swings @16kg
* 2×5 C& J @16kg
* 50 burpees
* Boxing drills with my mid class at CIT

Today I started early: 7.30 with another boxercise class at CIT’s ‘Make the most of march’ challenge. My own training followed afterwards, but I felt already in the beginning of the treadmill I was toast. A good idea for next week could be to have a coffee and breakfast before stepping into the gym.

Day 16th of my 40day Lent challenge:
* 3K running (11.5 – 12 kph)
* WOC (Work Capacity) 101 from Ross Training:
– 5 Pull Ups
– 10 Medicine Ball slamms (7kg)
– 15 Burpees
– 20 Jumping Jacks
Ten rounds – aim for 2 min. pr round
10 dragon flags (aiming for)

I didn’t do Ross or myself proud today. Took me 11 min. to finish first 5 rounds and another 13 to finish last 5.
On the good side, I pulled off nearly all my pull-ups! (Missed 1!!)
Burpees kind of killed me, and I have no idea, how I am supposed to do 100 again.

Was supposed to go thaiboxing tonight, but have to admit, I’m to tired and wrecked! I hope my energy level will start to rise again. Not much fun of being a wimp!!

I found, that I really enjoy teaching classes here in Ireland. A new challenge to try to explain it in english + people all over the world, seems to be loving doing boxing drills!

40 day Lent challenge, training

A day on the benches

We’re in Dublin today, more accurate at ‘The Eastcoast Barbell’. Liam is doing his first competition in Olympic weightlifting and I’m so thrilled to be here with him.

Currently we’re watching ‘masters and ladies’ divisions and it’s great to know that you can lift when you get old and grey! (and you can start young.. an estimated guess is that the lifters are between 14 -68 here!) I’m guessing most of them (the masters group) just came into the game recently and I’m so excited that they’re taking their training all the way and dare to compete.

But ofcourse I’m mostly super psyched for Liam. It’ll be so cool to see the results of his training. It’s funny in a way, I’m more excited to be here and watch him compete, than I was about my own powerlifting competition.

Liam ended lifting 105kg C&J and 67kg snatch. Nerves got the best of him for the snatch, but he did really, really good! Lifted heaviest in his group on C&J – only other guy to get that much up was 15kg heavier. So am very proud and happy for him!!

I ofcourse got my third day challenge down as well:

* 100 Rope turns
*10 Burpees
* 10Push ups
* 10 Squats
Ten total sets
Aimed on making both burpees, squats and push up to perfect form (a phrase I got from friends at Cultfit )

The series is obviously from Ross again and it’s either a GGP or The fast and furious. I don’t remember.

After the Olympic Weightlifting we drove down to Cork again for a night out with Corks finest – Thaiboxers. We’ve been invited to see The 8 Man Eliminator tournament, and it was a blast. Place was buzzing and for a second it almost felt like Lumpini. People screaming and cheering. What a blast!


Young guy in the white shorts from Siam Warriors Cork had some of the best timed knees. A little doctor Petrosyan in the making perhaps?

40 day Lent challenge, training

Lent Challenge 2 day

Second day of Lent and I had to give myself a new challenge:

My second day challenge I decided was from Ross Enamait‘s 50 day challenge: The Magic 50:

* 5 db swings
* 5 db snatch
* 10 burpees
5 sets , breaks in between sets is optional, thou max 60 sec

Since I’m a bit squashed from yesterdays 100 burpees challenge, I thought the Magic 50 would be a good option. Don’t look so tough on paper and I actually discussed with Liam, if I remembered the circuit wrong – that it was supposed to be 10 swings/snatches instead of 5. Fortunately for me, I did got the numbers right!

Todays training:

* Run 6.6K in 31 min
Magic 50
* 5 db swings 15kg (first set with 17,5kg)
* 5 db snatch 15 kg (first set with 17.5kg)
* 10 burpees
5 sets, break btw 2-3 and 3-4

* Farmers walk:
1 walk: 17.5kg db
2 walk: 22.5 kg db
3 walk: 17.5 kg db
= result: Dead arms!! Was supposed to do pull ups after the farmers walk, but had to take a break and do abs and back! My forearms was absolutely crushed after farmers walk. I gotta work on my grip!!

2x 20 russians
20 reach ups
20 reverse curls
20 ½TGU w/ 5kg mb
20 obliques
2x 20 back

Pull Ups:
3x 5

Mariusz Pudzianowski farmer walking with probably more than 4 times my bw!