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‘The Wat’ test on a sad gym day!

A sad day in the gym! Not because I failed anything – just because, I simply didn’t have the power to do much about anything. Slept like crap for two nights and worked like a maniac yesterday (13 hours), so didn’t have much left for my early morning class and my training.

A little something got squeezed out somehow – among the most dreaded ‘The Wat’ test:

During morning class with ‘Make Most of March’ group, I introduced ‘The Wat’ test, Phil Nurse introduced me to, when I was training in The Wat a year and a half ago.

‘The Wat’ test:
1 min. Squats – as many as you can squeeze out
1 min. Push Ups – same same
1 min. Burpees – same, without puking!
Around 15 – 20 sec rest btw.

Introduced it midway through class and decided to compete myself, as they were uneven numbered and I felt bad for an older teacher, who otherwise had to do it on her own. Then after 10 more minutes of boxing drills, I revealed the catch: You have to do at least 1 more rep, in same amount of time – 1 min.
They weren’t very happy with that! (neither was I)

My ‘Wat test’ times:
44/ 49 Squats – have to be added, I got preoccupied picking up the watch and get time, so I could maybe have done 1 or 2 more
53/ 59 Push Ups
21/ 22 Burpees

Had a tough time on the burpees!! Almost didn’t get that last one! Felt weak and thought it was nice, that I didn’t have to do anything more. With only a couple of minutes left, I put the guys (and lady) to punch out their last energy, in a 20-20-20-30 sec set.

Phil Nurse and I at The Wat

Took a coffee break after class and when I got back into the gym, I wasn’t really feeling it, but decided to give it a try. You know – sometimes you push through and it’s a brand new day. Not today however!

Training on 37th day of Lent Challenge:
* 3K running (11.5kph)

* Bench
10x 20kg explosive from bottom (trying something different along with dips to increase my bench)
2x 5x 30kg (same)
2x 5x 35kg (same, same)

* 3x 6 pull ups + 4

*  Swissball sit ups

Oh yeah, and I’ve been dreaming about a man with a moving tattoo (a tank) – and the other night, a mean spirited hippo. What’s up with that?? Crazy I said!

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Dam* you bench

31st day of Lent Challenge

Early morning in the gym again, went in with Liam today, who had stuff to do, so we got an early start. Normally I wouldn’t be in until a couple of hours later. Not sure body or mind was quite awake, since it took me a good 5 min. to decide what kind of shoes, I should be starting in. And after putting on the more ‘flat’ version, I decided to change for running shoes.

Who would have thought? Choosing shoes is also part of Lent Challenge 😉

Getting started on the treadmill this morning also took a bit of persuasion, but after 2.30 I was happy as a frog and decided to practice what I preach: Intervals.

My gym and challenge morning looked like this:

* 4min slow – next 20 min: 1min fast, 1.40 min normal – 30 sec to shift pace.  Last 2.5 min was all sprint

5x 20
5x 30
5x 40
3x 45
1x 50 – Challenge: fail from bottom
1x 50 – Challenge: Fail  – however got it up about 10-12cm from bottom. So not stuck there anymore. Just need a little extra. (Then I’m soon benching my body weight. How awesome is that??)

Squat – for technique
5x 20kg
2x 5x 40kg
No one came and put plates on my barbel today! I still can’t believe that jerk from yesterday. Ignorant disco pumper!!

Pull Ups/ Chin Ups/ Ups
3 x 5  (Alternate grip)
Had Liam film me, will do it again another day, where I’m super fresh! 😉

Abs – a delightful selection

I’m still a challenge short from yesterday, I know. I was contemplating on doing 100 perfect push ups (coined phrase from the friends at Cultfit) during my training this morning. But my workout was cut short, since I opted for a lift home with Liam. I guess, I won’t have a ‘day off’ this weekend 😉

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, strength training, training

1K under 4:00

28th day of Lent Challenge

It seems only appropriate  – halfway there – to start fulfilling some of the personal goals I’d set for my Lent Challenges. Except of course of enduring and doing them, without killing myself (literally!). So 1K under 4 min – done.

Todays challenge was a revenge on Fridays finisher and in total my WO looked like this:

* 10K – 6thK in 3.53min (1K) – total amount of time: 49.08 (Not great overall time! Apparently not as fit this Tuesday)
* Bench Press
5x 30kg
5x 35kg
3x 40kg
2x 40kg

* Deadlift
5x 40kg
5x 70kg
5x 70kg

OL Snatches 
5x 15kg

5x 15kg

Pull Ups
3x 5

10 Dragon Flags

Didn’t feel strong today and forgot a water bottle, so felt uneasy and not as light and powerful as I would have liked. And as I have grown accustomed too – the first day of the week. I also have a feeling, I ate way too much flour this weekend (All my walnut scones, sandwich and dumpling wrappers), and that might also have effected my performance today.

Anyway, I’m still hoping to squeeze out two good gym days this week, even it will be tough, since I’m on the run all day tomorrow and the gym week only last to friday – weekends are in Clonakilty. On second thought – one happy gym day will be plenty this week. Would be good to keep my spirit up, since feeling a little blue and underappreciated these days. It’s strange how Denmark feels close enough, when everything is good, but very far away and lonely, when not so good. Gotta get around to booking tickets soon!

Somebody posted this in the CIT Powerlifters group – which I’m a member in. Thought I would share it – if you’re into any kind of weightlifting, you might have come across one or two of these in the gym 😉

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Fail day!

After a stressful Wednesday (as usual), with a huge chicken shawarma for dinner (Finally found Corks best sharwarma! However chicken not near as good as lamb!!!), I didn’t felt up for training after my early boxercise class this morning. However after two coffee and breakfast I was off to the gym anyway. Didn’t really have a plan for today, other than get a small 5K run down and do some bench pressing.

After the run, I aimed for the bench and quietly told myself to go for 50kg for todays Lent challenge. And I failed miserably. Whether it was lack of strength, poor use of power or sloppy technique (which I doubt – the bench is quite easy) – it just wouldn’t come up from about 30 degrees. Even a measly 45kg after this was a fail – so I decided that, THAT was enough with the ‘stupid’ bench.

Lent Challenge day 23:

* 5K running (12.5kph)
* 10x 20kg Bench warm up
* 4x 40kg
* 1x 50kg – Fail
* 1x 45 kg – Not good looking
* 30 Pull Ups (2x 6, 2x 4, 2x 5)
* 100 Abs
* 20 Push Ups w/ spider legs

Lent challenge day 22:
Keeping up appearances and getting 10 burpees down when possible. 16kg KB disappeared from the gym, so was on 12kg all day.

Total approx 12kgKB:
* 80 Swings
* 40 C&J
* 20 Halo
* 20 Windmills
* 15 Burpees with KB
* 6 Amazone get ups
* 100 saxon sidebends
*  50 Burpees

So – had a bad ‘hair day’ on the bench and a wrecked day in total. My guess is the stress and huge sharwarma from yesterday that made an impact on today as well. Going out tonight, so will try to steer clear from binging on food again. It’s really not worth it the day after in the gym.

Huge as* sharwarma. This one with lamb - which is the best! .p

By second thought – it might also be a wink with a barbel, that I should find some new interesting challenges, than powerlifting, to throw myself at. Hmmm…

Sport, strength training

Thursday training pass

6.62K – average speed 12kph

2x 5x 20
2x 5x 30
2x 5x 40
10 x 45

2x 5x 20
2x 5x 40
2x 5x 50
6x 55

Super set with 2x 5 pull ups

5 broomstick snatches (hahaha! Yes, I know, but technique – and the ladies bar was occupied)
3 x20 clean & jerk

2x 5 Dragon Flags
2x 20 Abs
2x 25 sides


Definitely feeling something from yesterday and Tuesday on my butt. Have a feeling it might be the hamstrings and the small run I made to work yesterday. (Running in Ireland is like pony riding… up and down).
Felt better in the bench, but I still struggle to get down in the squat (as well as my dl). It makes me mad, cause back when I started training with the guys in Cph, my form was good. Now it sucks.

Todays challenge was so without doubt Dragon Flags. In a way, I really like crossfit – they blend in all kind of drills, and it’s not just lifting heavy. So sometimes – like today – I feel like don’t give a crap about heavy stuff. Just play with pistols, dragon flags, saxons, russians and my beloved (and missed!!!) thaiboxing.
And other days, it just feel good to be strong!!

No need for captions


Lift up

I got my lift up on you tube. Form not the best, but as it was a PR I’m quite content with the lift.

Weekend didn’t hold that much training, but we did manage to get saturday thaiboxing down. Felt really good to hit and kick – but f*** those pads always makes me feel out of shape. It’s just a nagging feeling of always needing to be faster and harder, all the time. On every opportunity given. (I kind of feel, like I hear Kenneth, my first real fight coach in the back of my mind: ‘Faster Tania!! Faster, Faster, Faster!!).

Friday evening I enjoyed another trip to the gym:
1000m on C2 (4:35)
5x 20kg
2x 5x 30kg
2x 5x 40 kg

2x 5x 40kg
2x 5x 60kg
2x 5x 80kg

Abs and back with Liam.

1.5 hour of thaiboxing


1h and 7min non stop running (13.5 km) – very nice as I didn’t feel up for a thing this morning. Stepped onto the treadmill and hoping I could last 3k at mediocre speed. So very pleased!!

Squat super settet with Pull Ups/ Chin Ups:
5x 20kg
-5 pull ups-
2x 5x 30 kg
– 4 chin ups inbtw sets –
-4 pull ups btw next set-
2x 5x 40 kg
– 4 chin ups btw sets-
– 4 side pull ups btw next set –
2x 5x 50 kg
-4 side chin ups btw sets-

5x 15kg snatch

100 Abs variants + 2 x 30sec back bridge

Kettlebell and boxercise classes @womens fitness Cork tonight!!


Powerlifting competition, Sport, strength training

Can I have a carrot, please

Spend half the day driving and most of the other part, waiting around in a sports hall, to compete in powerlifting. I have to admit, that I to the last-minute, didn’t feel very up for it, for various reasons.
Like – my deadlift training stopped in the end of december, I’ve been constipated for about a week (yes, it’s that time of the month) and.. we got about 3 hours of sleep from friday to saturday. So things were not lining up in my favor, as I entered my first powerlifting competition.


Aside from feeling tired, wrecked, bloated and constipated, I also have to admit, that I was a nervous wreck or rather a nervous hungry wreck.  So after my first lift – the dreaded squat, which I haven’t been training. Just been doing a little here and there, without dropping to competition depth! (mind you), I went next door, to the restaurant to ask, if they could hit me up with an apple, a carrot or just anything fresh. Judges dumped my third attempt by disqualifying my spotter, who shouted depth (apparently a moment to soon). But I got two meek lifts out. A bad – but expectedly bad start.

The cook, an older warm gentleman seemed confused at first: No irish breakfast?? But then he lightened up and asked me, if I would like a coleslaw, with carrots and cabbage. I answered, that would terrific and if I could get a splash of lemon on top. And then I waited hopefully for my first meal of the day.Out it came, in a big white bowl. Thou, it wasn’t exactly, what I would call raw coleslaw. It was small old bites of diced carrots, with chopped leaks and whole slices of raw potato. And my desired lemon on top (two boats).


I ate the carrots and left the rest in the restaurant. And then I had to bench. Now, I haven’t really trained bench pressing either. Again, it’s just one of those things, I would do on occasion, when I’m in the gym. So now – why would I enter a powerlifting competition one could ask. Well, I sort of tried to up my deadlift before christmas, and was pretty serious about it – and from that, to here.. well, I guess, I must have thought it would be fun. Or for the crack as my boyfriend would put it.

Bench was fine for first lift, I felt strong and confident. Second time around, I thought I waited to press up, till I heard the judge go: ‘Press’, but again apparently I didn’t. Mind you also – the judge really took his time to count on the press. He was later replaced. Anyway, on my third attempt, I went to high and died on the way up. It was a weight I’ve done in the gym, with a fast touch and go lift. I think, my mind got fu*** up by the second lift disqualification, so I payed more attention to the judge, and less to the actual task: Lift that bar.


After benching we went to a gas station to get some food. I found a meal deal offer: triangle sandwich with ham, salat and tomatoes – and as I took the first bite: half the sandwich was actually mayo. Well I did get an old orange and a bottle of water too for my 5 euro. So I won’t complain. Just say, I didn’t finish my sandwich.
Deadlift was coming up next, and my boyfriend had to leave me so he could get to work. So still hungry, alone and a half damaged confidence, I had to do, what I actually know how to do: Lift that iron from the floor.


I chose to start on tiny bit more, than suggested, as I warmed up with my opening. A friend from thaiboxing – Len – who is also a former powerlifting champion, advised me to go a little higher. But still a little scared, I started off somewhat conservative – did so with success. My next two lift was equally, even I struggled a bit on the last.. but it was actually my best lift in my mind. Not only because it was a new personally PR, but because I struggled, thought about quitting and decided not too. Decided to overcome…. That was the best feeling

Later I got my hands on nuts, olives and sugar peas and a banana. What a feast!