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So it’s Valentines day and a lot of people all over the world is celebrating! Mostly women I guess, and the men just passively following along. Though, I think some men might enjoy this day as well. A lot of this world great poets, singers and artist are after all men, and they wrote some of the most beautiful love songs/ poems/ stories ever. But my day has just gone from crap to sh**, so I’m not listening to any of them right now!!

That’s the short version of my state of mind anyway. I kind of tried to make the most of it and battle through the dark emotions. Went to the gym. Got 3 sort-of-fast-K down (12.5-15kph), 2000m on C2 (over 2 rounds). Happy enough with that. Tried a different (and better) version of Deadlift (which made me feel like a newbie). – Thanks to my knowledgeable friend Anders Nedergaard (author of, I got corrected my position in the dl – 5 sets of 10 hamstrings and 5 sets of 6 dips + the inevitable ab work.
But it just didn’t cut it!! ¬†Mood just continued below zero. And most other events the rest of my day, haven’t really been positive either.

So in short I’m having a really, really bad day. All of a sudden just not sure, what I’m doing here or why I’m here (in Ireland that is). Not sure why I even bother training anymore, since it seems very unlikely that I would get a fight again. I don’t really care for powerlifting, just did it, cause I was asked to take part – I mean it’s fun to lift heavy things in the gym, but don’t think, I’m gonna compete again. So all of a sudden everything just lost it purpose. I mean training is great and I would probably hate myself if I stopped going to the gym. But…

I don’t know where this is coming from. Maybe it’s a minor life crisis, suddenly discovering my lack of purpose ¬†of doing things or just plain homesick – but that would be weird(!!), cause I’m not missing life in Copenhagen or in Denmark in general! I miss my few good friends and my thaigym, but that’s about it.

Anyway, hoping for a better tomorrow – and NO, I won’t have time to go to the gym!

I found this picture – it illustrates everything to perfection:

Whats the point?