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So you think you’re fit

This could be the headline of todays WO, which I found at the CultfitHQ¬†blog. This could also be the headline on my state of physique right now, except – I would never state, that I’m fit. At least not fit enough. There is always room for improvement!

And todays WO really proved that beyond doubt. I immediately¬†fell in love with it, cause it reminded me of summer joys in Copenhagen, when Liam and I did the 50 day challenge (find Liam’s blog here on Ross training.com).
Introducing the KB into the mix was a welcoming addition, which I thought was a fun twist, despite my elbow has been making trouble for over a week now. (after getting overextended during sandbag work).

Todays WO:
8 rds of Swings followed by 400m sprint (or as fast as I could)
Swings were 50 for start, for warming up, but due to elbow and a desire to box soon, I reduced all following rds to 25.
Rd 3 and 5 was probably the fastest. I felt like crying afterwards and am still not sure, whether I did or not. It’s raining again today – of course!
Last three rounds, I remembered what I’ve read in Callaghan’s book for running, and tried to take smaller steps, but faster. I think, it made me able to finish and keep a reasonable pace. No doubt first 200m was faster than the last, but instead of sprinting like I would normally do, the smaller but faster steps made me complete the track, without reducing too much speed.

2x 10x 20kg
2x 10x 30kg
2x 10x 35kg
Superset with 5 dips btw sets
2x 3 OH press with 30kg

5 LC with 12.5kg db (unfortunately no KB available)
2x 25 abs
2x back bridge/ Yoga style backbridge
-the yoga style was much harder than the ‘sambo’ style, when I first tried it out. But after having done it a few times and made the body comfortable in the position, I have to say, hands down – ‘sambo’ style is way harder!

Thanks to CultFit HQ for reminding me of the beauty of sprints!




Post competition training

A bit over midweek since my first powerlifting competition and I’m quite busted. Training and work has been great so far, but I haven’t really lifted anything heavy this week – apart from myself.

Yesterday contained about 14 hours on the go:
6 personal training sessions. Yesterday I put my clients through toning and strength exercises rather than focus on cardio. I hope they’ll appreciate the different drills and will be able to use them in their own training.
2 boxercise classes (1st class at CIT! Went really well, thou not all showed up. But lots of fun, energy and hard work!)

And I managed to squeeze in a little training just for me:
* 5K
* 4 x6 Dips
* 4x 6 Hamstrings curls (The Ross way = Auch! – look below the post). Put my feet underneath a machine of some sort and worked from there.

Totally wrecked last night. Used my last energy to give my bf a back massage (Well deserved after his Olympic weightlifting), before I blitzed into dreamland.



The Ross way










Woke up this morning, soar around the shoulders and upper arms. Don’t have a clue why, as I’m wasn’t doing the boxing yesterday. But it might be from all the PT, where I tend to do the sets with the clients. ( I guess it all adds up).

Went to the gym for what I thought as a recovery training. I aimed for 3K on the treadmill at a low pace and then some abs and stretch work. Ended up with a bit more work completed and am not complaining. It’s always a nice feeling to do a bit more, than your goal!!

*5K (alternated pace btw. 6.6 walking – 13.4 running. Came in under 25)
* 1000 m C2 (Forgot to look at exact time, but around 4.40. The C2 is gonna kill me one day :p)
* 4x 6 25kg db BoR
* 4 x 6 25kg db front squat
* 100 abs (different styles)
* 25 push ups (different styles)
* 30 sec back bridge
* Lots of stretching (still can put my foot behind my neck!)

So far I’m pretty satisfied with my workload this week. Yesterday was just a tad to stressed for my likings, going from one place to the next, just to return a few hours later. But however, it’s a nice way to get a lot of work done. And next Wednesday probably won’t feel half as stressed, since I know the drill at CIT. I have a feeling that boxercise class is gonna be lots of fun. Cross my fingers!