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Skipping day

Might – might not have a weightlifting (deadlift) competition tomorrow, so took it easy in training this morning.

Day 17th of Lent Challenge:
* 30 min of skipping
* Ab work

Not sure if I enter the competition tomorrow. Part of me really don’t feel up for it. Tuesday would have been a great day to do it, as I was so happy and full of energy, but yesterday and today (so far), I’ve felt drained and tired. Plus my nerves seems to get the worst of me, when I’m competing, which takes it tolls on the energy level as well. So I’m not sure if I should enter. Liam think I should, but I’m not sure I can cope with the stress and pressure, I seem to put on myself.
Things have been stressful enough this week and I just wish I could take the plug out and chill without being rushed, stressed, pressured or pulled for the rest of the week.

So todays challenge is on hold, as I hardly can put down 30 min of skipping as a challenge 😉
-Thou skipping is tough, especially when you lose touch with it. I used to skip 2 – 3 times a week in Cph at my muaythai gym. That was back in October last year. Could really feel that today…

For skipping inspiration see below video!




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Day 16 – WOC 101 – Ross wouldn’t be proud

Yesterday was my busy-busy day and just as last week, I didn’t do a specific challenge, but instead put in 16kg KB and burpees into every workout possible.
Total workload is something like this on day 15th of Lent Challenge:
* 60 KB Swings @16kg
* 2×5 C& J @16kg
* 50 burpees
* Boxing drills with my mid class at CIT

Today I started early: 7.30 with another boxercise class at CIT’s ‘Make the most of march’ challenge. My own training followed afterwards, but I felt already in the beginning of the treadmill I was toast. A good idea for next week could be to have a coffee and breakfast before stepping into the gym.

Day 16th of my 40day Lent challenge:
* 3K running (11.5 – 12 kph)
* WOC (Work Capacity) 101 from Ross Training:
– 5 Pull Ups
– 10 Medicine Ball slamms (7kg)
– 15 Burpees
– 20 Jumping Jacks
Ten rounds – aim for 2 min. pr round
10 dragon flags (aiming for)

I didn’t do Ross or myself proud today. Took me 11 min. to finish first 5 rounds and another 13 to finish last 5.
On the good side, I pulled off nearly all my pull-ups! (Missed 1!!)
Burpees kind of killed me, and I have no idea, how I am supposed to do 100 again.

Was supposed to go thaiboxing tonight, but have to admit, I’m to tired and wrecked! I hope my energy level will start to rise again. Not much fun of being a wimp!!

I found, that I really enjoy teaching classes here in Ireland. A new challenge to try to explain it in english + people all over the world, seems to be loving doing boxing drills!

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Food day!! Gym here I come

First day back at eating and I feel amazing.
Truth to be told, I actually allowed myself a small bite of chicken, carrot and walnuts late last night after my KB class as a well.. well-earned treat. I tamed that 16kg KB in more drills than Swings and used the 12kg for the rest, except 20 Saxon Sidebends, where I went down to 8kg.

Went to the gym this morning on a food high! And what a high! I have to admit, I rarely feel this much energized for a workout, but what a blessing it is, when you do!

Lent challenge day 14
10 Miles running : 1.18.03
Decided this morning my challenge would be 10 Miles.
I had one break after 1 hour, cause the stupid treadmill stop automatically after 60 min., but I got to take my shirt off (was wearing a tank top underneath) and have a sip of water 😉 So total – this years best run so far, and I got the ‘Runners high’ after about 8K. How nice is that?

2x 5x 40kg
2x 5x 60 kg
2x 5x 80 kg
2x 3x 90 kg
1x 95 kg (new PR)

So a best run of the year so far and a new PR in deadlift after 5 days of detoxing on Blessed Herbs. On my facebook wall there has been a little discussion around my detox, of whether it was a waste of time and a sure way to go into a catabolic state (loosing muscles). While I still don’t know if there is actually things like plaque and mucoid in the intestines, I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost any muscles. Or in worst case scenario, it would have been very little.
The guy who claims detox is a faux (Anders from kropogblog.dk), is actually a guy I have the deepest respect for, cause I know he is smart and have tons of knowledge on training. In this case however, I feel he might went for the automatic response and didn’t really took the time to look into this particular kind of detox. It’s not just fasting and apple juice – it’s the herb mix and digestive pills that makes this detox unique. But like I already said, I – myself, still not sure about the plaque and muciod thing. I just know, I feel great today! Not sure I see results on my skin yet, but the next few days will tell the story.

Motivation, Inspiration! Grab it and run with it!

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Last detox day

Monday and last day in the Blessed Herbs detox colon cleansing.

Feeling a little better today, probably because I went to the gym and worked out a bit.

* 20 min on treadmill (11kph)
* 1x 20x 25kg FCT
* 1x 20x 30kg FCT
* 1x 20x 32.5kg FCT

* 2x 10 Hamstrings
* 2x 10 Push ups
* 2x 10 Saxons w/ 5kg

Just got told off by my friend Anders Nedergaard (www.kropogblog.dk) about the detox. Told me I’m loosing muscles and it was good for nothing, which I guess is partly correct, cause I frankly feel weaker and the body would tend to go into a catabolic state without carbs and protein. My reason for doing the detox, was my previous experience where I felt, I could see the results of the internal cleanse on the outside, cause my skin looked much healthier. Also, I think it would be a fault to underestimate the sense of accomplishment, that comes with this kind of fasting. Food – which I love and take for granted, all of a sudden not available for five days and it does take a mental effort as well as physiological to keep at it.
Anyway, I look forward to eat again, whether it will be tonight or tomorrow morning. (It will depend on 2nd training today: KB and Boxercise classes at Womens Fitness in Cork.)

Challenge today: Swings with the 16kg KB in class.

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Detox day 4, Lent day 12

Horrible, horrible weekend!!

Detox this year has turned out to be exact opposite of my first experience! Day 1 seemed to be fine, I was hungry but it wasn’t too bad and mucoid and plaque started coming out, day 2 kind of the same, but day 3 and 4 has been hell!!
I’ve been cold, in pain, mucoid and plaque started to slow down on day three and today has been soso. But I’m in so much pain – my backside is one big knot and I think, I can turn water to popsicle with my hands.

In hindsight, going on detox when we were coming of the flu – and on that time of the month (you ladies know what I’m talking about) – might not have been the most ideal conditions, but I had set my mind on thursday, so, I felt I had to do it.

Now with only one day left, I am thinking about only doing half a fasting day tomorrow. I have two classes (one KB class) and probably some PT sessions as well. And I really need some energy and strength to pull it off after 4 days on apple juice and powder.

Blessed Herbs powder in Innocent Apple juice. Been living of this drink 5 times a day for 4 days now.

My yoga challenge for the weekend were soso fulfilled. I managed to do around half -I think – of the Vinyasa Astanga series and repeat, but no runs in the beautiful hills of Simons Cove. A few walks on beach was what I managed.
Buhuu! Feel like a puss, a wuss and a failure – oh and I’m also whining. Sorry!

Strong fit girl will be back on the blog at the latest by Tuesday.

Ps, Tomorrows 40 day Lent challenge will be not to whine!

Liam taking care of me saturday. The black dot in the corner is the neighbours cat. We just borrow (and spoil) him from time to time

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Detox 2nd day

Second day of detox and 10 days into Lent.

Funny thing I noticed about my detox – it almost started working right away this time. First time I did it, it took a few days before I could see the ‘results’, but this time, it’s already here. So maybe my body have been waiting for this?
If you haven’t heard about detox colon cleansing, I found this youtube vid of a guy who is doing it. I have no idea if he is also using the Blessed Herbs products or something else.

Results: mucoid & plaque

Also for the sceptics, truth be told, I don’t know if mucoid and plaque really exists. Or if it’s just the apple juice and the powder reacting in the stomach. But I did experience more tangible results last time – and I hope to see them again this time: brighter, better skin. Feeling overall better – and the feeling of accomplishing the diet itself felt good.

Remember, I am a person who loves to eat! (and do it very frequently)

Todays trip to the gym:

10 min on x-trainer (treadmills were all busy)
4x 5x 40 DL for tech + Im feeling very weak!
150 abs/ 50 back

Yoga tonight for the challenge.

40 day Lent challenge, training

Busy wednesday – low challenge day (8th)

NB. I am no longer doing this class or am a part of Womensfitnessplus in Cork. Big differences in our professional ethics (or lack of same) put an end to our collaboration. I will miss all the wonderful women I’ve met in my classes and PT sessions, but I will not miss being treated with condesenting arrogance for my professional knowledge and/ or as a fellow human being.
Since Womensfitnessplus made it mandatory for their trainers to sell at least 3 Kinetica products on each shift, I had to say I wouldn’t do it. I’d give information about the products, but under no circumstances would I push the products to women, who didn’t need them. I don’t believe in selling useless stuff, or even worse telling lies to make a profit like.
I’m a fitness professional with ethics and beliefs on what’s right and whats wrong – I work for results, not for greed.
As a result our ways departed – and despite I miss the happy women – I would choose to stand by my ethics again.


Wednesday is my busy day with going from work to second work and back to first work again. Today however didn’t turn out as frustrating insane as last Wednesdays 11 work hours on a 14 hours day. So I could/ should probably have done more challenging training circuit today, but I kept it safe and will go into my detox little fuller than expected. Anyway, without further excuses here is todays training – the challenge was to use 16kg for all swings and C&J, and do a ‘Cardio-lost’ round with all my PT sessions and classes:

16kg KB
* 100 16kg KB Swings
* 26 C&J 16 kg KB (for some reason its way harder to put a KB up there, than it is to press a dumbbell up)
* 100 Burpees
* 200 Mountain climbers
* 200 Jumping Jacks
* 200 Reverse mountains
* 200 cross bounces
* 20 Hindu push ups
* 100 Squats

Tomorrow its No Food day! Feel all exhausted already. Haven’t really gotten any good ideas for Low intensity training during my detox, so I think, I’ll stick with the yoga routines + pull ups tomorrow (gotta keep at them, otherwise they disappear magically!). But if anyone have a good idea, please feel free to share!!

Detox – so we meet again