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100 burpees challenge day

– 2nd day of Lent

Had originally planned to do it yesterday on the first day of Lent, but with 13 hours on the run, I just had to be realistic and do something else. (Yes, I had my first (and succesful) attempt at taming the 16kg KB!)

So today was the day: 100 burpees challenge: How fast can I do it?

Burpees! I aways try to make mine with a little push up on the floor.

The challenge and I actually met before. Around two years ago, after Liam and I did the Ross 50 day challenge, we came across the 100 burpees challenge and decided to try it out. Have to be said – thou no excuse – but I was 2 years younger, 2 – 3 kg lighter and was fit!! Thaiboxing 3 – 4 days a week + Ross = super fit!

My first meet and greet with the 100 burpees was around: 6.23  and Liam of course faster than me!!

Today given the circumstances (no Ross, no muay thai – just running and weightlifting), I aimed for a time below 7 min.

My time for 100 burpees challenge was 6.40!
Not a great time, but happy I survived and did it without puking!

After the first 50, I took a break. Desperately trying to catch my breath and convince my aching legs, that I had to continue.
Next break came after 75 and it was around here, I forgot all about doing them on time. From here it was merely a question of finishing and not quitting. So I took a break again on 90.  Afterwards of course, I feel like, I could have pushed through the last 25 and avoided that last break. So both disappointed and happy with my effort. In 38 days things should get better 😉

Minutes after the 100 Burpees challenge it was time for a little normal training:

4.1k – first 3 min walking, as I wasn’t sure my legs could hold me up. Last 500m was at 15kph. (In btw time was 12-14)

2x 5x 20kg
2x 5x 40kg
-Superset with 3x 5 pull ups)

2x 5x 20kg
2x 5x 30kg
4x 40kg

3 x20 – they almost made me cry today
Pull Ups

Little crying 😉

Not sure what to do for my challenges the coming days, but gotta work on something good. We’re off to Dublin tomorrow for Liam’s weightlifting competition! Class! So have to be something….. Ross like. My good, earnest old friend, I guess we meet again!

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Bustet up

This week has so far been he** on earth, and it’s just today I’ve started to feel a little normal again. Big thanks to Julie – my beautiful korean/ danish ‘sister’, whom I met for a short coffee before training. Always so lively and good to be around – and due to our similar circumstances with non-danish boyfriends, we have a lot in common. And it felt good to share some thoughts, none of my other girlfriends get.

Training wise – it hasn’t been that great of a week. I still need to do the Magic 50 (think it’ll be a saturday test) and th 800 m sprints (no plan yet). But lets sum it up:

Monday: Hanging out with Liam and enjoying our last day together. Muay thai class in the evening with Tony Pettas @ Siam. Very good class – did a lot of left/ right work.
Tuesday: Liam read about the 100 Burpees challenge on the Ross forum page and decided we should give it a go. I was not up for it – had one of those ‘female’ days and felt generally heavy and tired, but of course I stepped up to the challenge – and to support him – and hopefully give him the extra drive to give it a little extra.
I did 100 in 6.23 – as I stated before, I did have a ‘dump’ day, so I think I could do a little better on a day, where I felt good, light with lots of energy. But this Tuesday, I gave it my all! Liam – the boyfriend warrior did 100 in 6.17!

I also taught my first 30 min class in Fitness.dk ABC. I’m really growing fond of my class – its women of all ages, shapes and sizes who are attending, and many of them are coming in very Tuesday. I would like to believe, that they like my way of teaching, and the fact, that we do different stuff, than what they usually do in this class.
Tuesdays program:
* Saxon sidebends w/ weight
* Deadlift sidecrunch
* Lunges w weight
* Screw driver push ups
* Supermans
* Turkish get ups
* Sideways push ups
* Wall squats
* Jump squats

Except for the words, the image match my Wednesday mood perfect

Wednesday: First whole day after Liam left. Was really down and just stayed in all day – eating crap and feeling sad.

Tuesday: Great walk in the spring sunshine. Love this time of the year. So beautiful, fresh air and the sun is starting to power it up. Teaching girls class in Siam. Was fun – only 4 girls, but great fun none the less.

Friday: Coffee with Julie and then off to evening class at Siam. Got a lot out of training with Abdul, who was great in showing me different counter moves. Spring is still dominant – had my first bike ride today without my jacket and only half gloves. Fantastic. Spoke with my boyfriend again today (+ got the sweetest mail), he had a good, but hard 1st training back in Legacy. 6 rounds of sparring –  but his hand is good, and that’s all that matters. Oh – and he got a fight the 9th. So good for him, I can’t wait.  Even we’re once again so far apart, I did feel close with him today. I know he felt the same, so guess you could say, our love is still in springtime.

Spring time - best time!