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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

When I saw this Weekly Photo Challenge was called ‘Renewal’, I thought of one thing: In between the rounds of a fight, fighters get a short chance to breathe, get advice from their trainers, maybe a sip of water. In short it’s ‘Renewal’ on the double!!

Muay thai fighter Buakaw getting ‘re-newed’ between the round 1 and 2 (Looking a little upset thou)

Buakaw between round 3 and 4, getting a sip of water from his cornerman


Liam napping – another form of getting renewed

In the next photo challenge, I’m gonna try and find inspiration in something else than fighting! 🙂

Photo from the Sukhothai Spa – My favorite form of renewal


Wordpress challenge, Wordpress weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geometry take from Vegas (My first live UFC event: UFC 98 – Machida vs Evans)

The first picture is from my very first trip to Vegas. I spend 1o days in the desert training and learning under Master Toddy and then I had a few days in at The Palms – and got to attend my first UFC event (98). I always liked this photo because of all its different shapes, shadows and hidden figures.
Thought it was fitting on this weekly challenge – even I didn’t crop it.

Buakaw performing Wai Kru in Thai Fight Cannes

Second picture is of course – the worlds most crazy geometric figure: The SQUARE boxing RING. Photo is from Thai Fight in Cannes, where I was lucky enough to be with Fight Club. The fighter in the photo is Buakaw – one of the worlds best! He’s performing the ritual Wai Kru, which is a blend of honouring trainers, gym, parents, ancestors – and showing off your strength, flexibility and balance to your opponent. Buakaw did a wonderful job for both.

Edited: Another photo kept hunting me – saying it had shapes and storie as well

From a sky train station in BKK

More ring photos:

Well you can’t see much of the ring, but it’s one of my favorite photos from Lumpini – so I added it anyway 🙂