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Day 94: Too good to be true?

How often do we come across stuff in life, that seems too good, to be true? If we disregard all the stuff we have to pay for, the list get considerably shorter. In (one of) my career as a fitness professional, there seem to be no end on things too good to be true. But you will have to pay for them!

Today I noticed an article circling around on Facebook, being reposted by a lot of my fitness friends. The article is by Andrew Dixon, a personal trainer and fitness professional from NY. His message is to not buy into the latest fitness craze message, just because they’re using ‘undisputable evidence’ like ‘Before and after’ photos. As he shows in his article, these photos can be easily produced with the right lightning and breathing technique. And not least, he makes a good point of not wasting life, looking into the mirror and hating yourself for all that you’re not.

Personally, I’m all for people turning their life around for the better. Won’t we all like to be a little happier, a little lighter – and little more healthy oomph? However, as I wrote about in previous blogs, the fitness industry is full of BS solutions in various shapes and forms – from miracle pills to 2 weeks quick fixes.

However the best thing I can recommend, is really just to start or keep training. Cause it will lift your mood and energy levels, hopefully it will also inspire you to eat better, make you sleep better – and thus feel better. And that’s my last point: You need to feel better with yourself first. When you’re there, you can become and stay the after photo. Cause it’s that’s good, when it’s the true you.

Before/ After photo from Andrew Dixon article. (link in blog). Photos is taken within 1 hour

Before/ After photo from Andrew Dixon article. (link in blog). Photos is taken within 1 hour


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My new journey – week 2

A few weeks ago, I decided to try a quit drastic change in my diet, as well as I embarked on my new journey as a Strength & Conditioning coach – and trying out my own 4 weeks program.

For those of you who read my blog, and know me through real life: classes, long lost friends in Denmark, new friends and aq. in Ireland: You all probably know, I’m pretty strong and could tear down the walls, but you also know, that I haven’t been fighter fit, since my last fight (which I think is 2 years ago!!!).

Two weeks into my strength program (which I had to modify the past 3 sessions, due to a broken finger) and into my new diet, I’m starting to see peeps of abs. Which of course makes everything  better.

End of the second week and somethings starting to show

End of the second week and somethings starting to show and of course also showing is the broken, buddy strapped finger 

I’m also starting to feel a lot stronger, especially in the Snatch, where I reckon, I’ll be upping about 10kg, once the finger is healed, and I got a strong grip again.

In the mirror, I see my arms and shoulders starting to stand out, and it’s a really delight to not only know, that I’m strong, but also to start seeing it. My new diet is btw. very simple: No Wheat or gluten products.
I’ve had a few gluten-free bread slices in between, chocolate chip cookies ditto, rice cakes, cheeses & gluten-free sausages, but otherwise everything is non-processed foods. I still do dairy – enjoying my yogurt in the morning and having lots of milk in the coffee. So I’m not joining the paleo movement, just trying to clean out a bit and see where this takes my body.

4 weeks is set off for the Strength & Conditioning program and so far, that’s also my time limit for my diet, however, I could easily see it continue. I don’t miss wheat that much, except for perhaps the occasionally danish 😉




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Weekend capture

27th day of 40 day Lent Challenge

St. Patrick’s Day, Mothers day and Bank Holiday monday – how the Irish holidays got together and ruined the Danish viking/ninja from staying in shape – and gave me an additionally kg of unnecessary weight.

Well at least tonight (Monday) we went to Brucies Gym for 1½ hour of thaiboxing. My Lent challenge was primarily to survive 6 rounds with Liam on the pads – and then throwing 300 knees, 150 elbows and 50 kicks on the bags in my ‘break time’. Did all of that and felt good afterwards. Only complain is I felt very slow on my left kick. (Gotta work on that as soon as I find either a pad holder or a bag. It’s a little hard training power kicks in the air!!)
Earlier on I cleaned the house including doing indoor windows in two rooms + cooked lunch and breakfast (pancakes) for Liam. Pancakes weren’t so nice, I think I better stick with my Danish style ‘crepes’, than the thick irish version. (No sugar used for pancakes.. made them with banana and walnuts).
Saturday we were supposed to go thaiboxing at Brucies Gym but we couldn’t get the car out, because of the annual rally on St. Patrick’s day. That’s how it is, when you live on the country side. But we went for a walk up to see the rally, and it was almost worth it – except it ruined my training day. Also made about 50 dim sums for the first time. Very tasty!!

Yeah that's me...

Sunday I was supposed to go for a run, but apparently became lazy from saturday of doing nothing. Tried to bake walnuts buns (non sweetned), but they came out too heavy. Probably should find a recipe for some walnut treats instead of trying to guess my way in the kitchen.

On a note to my training on friday, I can tell you, it was superb!! For my warm up I chose the interval running as suggested by Bearrunner. It came down to 21 min: 1 min fast pace/ 2 min normal pace.

Then Ross Enamaits: Back off Strength day: I did all 4 rounds with 5 reps on each!! A few minor problems: First 5 handstand push ups was very hard – kept falling over. Also didn’t bend much more than a few centimeters – this will be better next time. Only miss was 3rd pull up set: Did 4 and had to take a small break before doing 5. One arm push ups was nice and ‘easy’. Can’t believe last time around I did the 50 day challenge, I couldn’t complete all 5 reps in either of the rounds, and now almost 1½ year later, I can do it!! Very pleased!!
Finished of with 1k fast paced run: 4.13 (not a really good time. Had hoped to do it under 4 min. Think I started to slow. Next time!!)

Today we bought another easter egg. Think we have 6 now, it looks like a chocolate overdose is coming after Lent. On a similar note, I saw someone stumbled across my blog after typing in Nutella pancakes… busted.. hahaha!

Rest of this week will be about work and training.. have some good stuff for my classes at Womens Fitness and CIT!

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Christmas Session

On the brink of days of endless eating, had to start the day with some training (Like to stay where I am on the scale right now):

Warm up: 3x 5 Pull Ups
-Doing ok, but felt a bit weak in the grip :/
Guess could have done more, but was keeping an eye out for the track, as they were all busy when I first came.

4.6K in 20.2 (only fast paced last 10)
First 10 min, just normal pace, then turned up a notch for 5 and last 5 sprints

200 Abs / Different stuff: Russians, ball etc.
100 Push Ups/ Diffrent style: broad, narrow, up/down etc
Stretch: Just your normal gymnastic stuff

Kitty Christmas for all

& Wishing a Blue christmas

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Sprint day and first Siam-day back

Yesterday I really tried to kill myself – or so it felt. The day with Ross prescribed 4 x 800m sprints and the usual 5 x 50m – then after work and little eat – first time back in Siam in what feels like forever.

AM w/ Ross:
4 x 800m Sprints – and jog back
1x 800m Sprints – did an extra round to try out a different route
5 x 50m Sprints – very good pace!!!

PM w/ Muay Thai
90 minutes of Muay Thai. Mostly pad drills with Phillip. Skipped the sparring part – apparently got too fat and too awkward on my legs in my break. The past month of bad stuff has cost about 2 kg and lost of speed, power and balance. It feels like I’m starting over.
I guess one thing is to do the (often) 20 – 30 minute Ross sessions and exploding into it aka feel good and strong throughout the whole session – quite another is to have energy for 90 minutes of Muay Thai. Not only kicks, punches, knees and elbows – but also basic footwork and balance.
Dam* it – breaks sucks!! And I miss going to the gym with Liam, was a lot easier to get out of the house, when u have company! But then I get a lot from the Ross sessions we’re doing together. Pull-Ups starting to come back – and he definitely help by inspiring and just plainly – ask me to perform.

Today is strength day according to the Ross bible – but I’ll be going to Eurosport tonight, to do Creative Breaking. So probably be doing strength on my own

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Sprint day on a spring day

First real training session after Liam is back. And very needed I guess – got somewhat of a ‘ehhh WTF’ experience this morning, as I jumped on the scale. 2 kg gain in just 2 days – and we’re not talking lean, mean muscles!!! ¤”%%¤¤#!!! (In short: WTF – HC!!)

Ok - my weight didn't say 'Get off', but I'm sure it smirked

So action was needed, I don’t want to be that much above my fight weight (2.8 kg) – just in case a fight ticks in at the big event in may. One kg is fine – is almost lost over night, but two??? Thats too much. Boyfriend was also really puzzled: ‘How can you gain that much over night? he asked sincerely interested, and continued: ‘I don’t believe it, my weight never goes up or down that much’, he added and made me feel like a weight freak.
What do I know?? For me this is quite normal – but I suspect it’s a girl thing? Like – it’s not that time of month yet, but the female body changes more than male. Yes, I know, elite sportswomen doesn’t get their periods, but I guess, I eat too much and train too little to call myself elite, then. Yet, I do train 6 days a week – often twice. But I do like to eat!

Nevermind – what ever the reason is, it doesn’t help thinking about it, and I had to get out and do something, before it’s time for muay thai class. Ended up choosing sprints, as it’s a lovely spring day, with sunshine, spring buds and just plain beautiful weather outside.

7 x 500 meter sprints/ 500 meter jog back after each sprint – Ross inspired. 800 would probably give more, but 500 meter is perfect for the place I’m using, so decided for that. Ended with some 5 x 50 meter sprints/ jog back. Total effort without getting killed: 7.5 Km. Which made me kind of happy.

Sprints not nearly as hard as 800 meter – or I’m in better shape (thou I doubt it! I’m 2 kg heavier if anything). So perhaps it’s the last 3 – 400 meter thats killing me? The last 150 meter of the 500 meter sprints was hard, and started to feel way out of breath at this point. The 800 meter mid range sprints are gruesome. I have to do them soon again 😉

Hill sprints - picture from Ross training

Tonight its muay thai class. Looking forward – just wished Liam could join in, but he needs to heal his hand. Still has stitches in it 😦  Anyway, happy day besides the weight surprise! 2 kg – WTF – where did that come from? 😉 )

Oh!! And good news! WMM – World Muay Thai Magazine just landed on my doorstep. Awesome mag – you should check it out: http://www.worldmuaythaimagazine.com/
New layout looks glam! and I got a little piece in it from the Danish Nationals (muay thai) – in short AWESOME! 😀

Picture to WMM - Some of the danish champs 2010