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Weekend Challenge 8

Grace, strength and body control

As you might have noticed, this Weekend Challenge includes the word strength again. Now before you think bulky over arms and quads of the size, that are going to bust your jeans, just take a few minutes to read on.
Strength is not a question of size of your biceps, and my challenges are not designed to make you a big strong female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. When I talk about strength in the challenges or in our classes, it’s the kind of strength that keeps your fit and healthy.
And with that strength comes an inner confidence and feeling of pride: ‘I can do this! I am a fit, strong and capable woman’.

This Weekend Challenge will help you soew these words in your body. Follow the description or watch the ‘how to’ video and feel your confidence rise, as you gain more and more control over your body, as you master the move.

The Hindu push up also known as the Bomb diver is a favorite from my classes. Through out the weekend, you will perform three sets.
1. Set: Perform three (3) hindu push ups each way = 6 hindu push up total
2. Set: Do five (5) hindu push ups each way = 10 total
3 set: Do Six (6) hindu push ups each way = 12 total

Description: Start with bending over and let your fingers touch the floor. Walk out with your hands until you reach the position for push ups. Then let your heels touch the ground, so you make a ‘pike’ position with your but* as the highest point. Still from the pike position, let your nose dive towards the ground (without touching the floor), after your head passes the normal push up position, make a ‘U’ form with your back and look upwards toward the ceiling. Return to the pike position and perform two more.
The opposite hindu push up also starts in the pike position. Here you lower your whole body into a plank like position until you’re aligned with the floor (but not touching the floor with your body. Only your hands and feet). Dive your nose to the ground again, and in the same movement, press your head and body backwards into the pike position. Perform two more.

Have fun and enjoy your new-found flexibility and strength. Remember, you can more than you think!

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Weekend challenge 6

Happy greetings from Copenhagen and ofcourse a happy weekend challenge to follow.

A little earlier postet, but I’m sure, you will have fun with this one. It’s specificly designed to burn fat and build muscle, in a fun and entertaining way (for those who watches anyway). And all you need is your body and your will and commitment to complete this exciting little work out – and I promise you, you’ll feel good afterwards.

The Challenge 

‘The walking plank & the frog’

Start position is the plank, where you are on your toes and elbows, tightening the core. From here you go from resting on your elbows to the push up position. One hand at the time. After getting up on your hands, you go back down again on your elbows. This drill will help you build a strong upperbody and a tight, hard core (tummy and back). Proceed until you’ve done 10.

After the ‘walking plank’, it’s time for the long jumping frog. You start in a deep squat (atg style) and then jump up and forward, as far as you can. If you’re jumping in a space confined place, just turn around after the landing and jump back. You should perform 10 jumps. This is a great way to build explossive and fast legs for strong kicks, and it will melt fat from your body.

Perform each drill three times = 3×10 ‘Walking planks’ and 3×10 ‘Long jump frogs’. Preferably plank + frog (one set) after each other, and between 30-60 seconds rest in btw sets. So you’ve doing three sets in total.

You can challenge a friend, partner or family member to perform on time, or if you have kids, I bet they will love to be challenged with the ‘Long jump frog’. If you have a garden and it’s not raining, I suggest you bring a towel for the plank (elbows and hands), and conquer this challenge outdoors.

Click here for video tutorial on youtube: See how funny I look, while doing the walking plank and long frog jumps.

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Weekend Challenge 5 (and Density day)

Time for weekend challenge! I hope my strong and happy BoxFit/ Fighter girls are still hanging in here.
It had to come: The Push Up challenge.

Now, as I say in the class: ‘You’re more than welcome to do them on your knees. Just keep the form’. It’s up to you, if you want to try on your toes, but do yourself a favor. If you choose to do push up from your knees, choose challenge two or three.

There are three different levels in this challenge. If you’re completely new to push ups, go with number 1. If you’re experienced choose number two, and if you’re feeling strong – definitely go for number 3!

  1. Perform 3 sets of 10 push ups = 30 push up total. Take about a minute break in between the sets.
  2. Challenge a friend, partner, family member to a push up challenge (or compete against your self): Perform as many push ups as you can in 30 sec. Do this three times = 3x 30 sec push ups. Take about a minute break in between the rounds.
  3. 3 min. card game: Take a deck of cards, pick one card. The number on the card gives you the number of push ups to perform. If you pick 2 of hearts, you’ll be performing two push ups. King of Spades = 13 push ups. Aces are 1. After your push ups, you shuffle the deck again, and pick a new card, and do your number of push ups. The game last for 3 minutes only.
    You can play this game with a friend/ family member/ partner too: Just take turns picking a card.

Remember to keep your form, when performing your push ups. Otherwise you’ll stress your lower back, and won’t get the full benefit from the push ups working your arms, shoulders, back and core.

Enjoy this weekends challenge and let me know, how you’d got on!

push ups

Click above for pic tutorial. Remember keep your but* low, try to keep your body in ‘plank’ position for best work out. If your hands are right underneath your shoulders, the push ups will be harder, an easier version have your hands outside your shoulders. (see middlepic).

**** ROSS DAY: Density day ****

* 2 snatches pr arm
* 6 Burpees
– 10 min –
*Sledgehammer swings
– 10 min –
* Heavy bag work
– 5 min –

First set was brutal, second not that much and third I skipped cause I didn’t have a sandbag. Instead I did a lot of push ups!

Sledgehammer swings in the shadow