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Day 72: Why we should hate Ronda or Reality Shows – are what we see real?

I know the producers wants me to feel otherwise, because I’ve read this reaction on every message board I’ve visited, but I just don’t buy into all the Rousey hate, that seems to flush through MMA communities like rings around a drop of water.

And it’s not like I’ve been a Rousey fangirl either. When she met Sarah Kaufmann in Strikeforce, I was actually rooting for Kaufmann. (Maybe because she’s a striker as myself). If you were watching Strikeforce on the Danish Eurosport, you might remember me talking about this fight. On her Strikeforce title fight with Miesha Tate, I remember thinking, she came off as a bitc* and I felt it was a bit unnecessary.

When Rousey got signed as the first female fighter in the UFC, as a woman, I had to take my ‘hat’ off to her. Females in the UFC seemed impossible for so many years, and UFC President Dana White turned the subject down, every time the question got raised. Ronda Rousey made him change his mind, and she became the first signed UFC fighter and since the first female champion in a smoking fashion when she beat challenger Liz Carmouche. (Whom I by the way also rooted for).

So NO! I haven’t really gotten to like Ronda before now. Respected her, her accomplishments in both MMA and her former career as Olympian Judoka yes of course – but I never really liked her. Not until now. Not until now, where the producers of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ show seems to do everything they can, to make us all hate her.

They show her crying, when her fighter lost. They show her getting mad at Tate and saying quite odd things like ‘I saw you smiled at my fighters defeat’, and they show her in Hallmans face, after Hallman and her head coach Edmund Tarverdyan had a small fall out. (A fall out the production team showed as being purely Edmunds accomplishment, but has later been revealed from Jessamyn Dukes blog, to be in fact instigated by Hallmann).

I’m not sure, if it’s just me, who’ve seen too many Ultimate fighter shows and got hyper allergic to the way they cut the material and always make it ‘Good guy/ girl vs Bad Guy/girl’, or if the fact, that they’ve chosen to show Ronda in more emotional situations (picking a fighter back up mentally after a grueling loss (Bazzler vs Pena) or backing up her head coach (approaching Hallman and letting him know, he could take his bullshit elsewhere).

But it seems that I – unlike most MMA fans – have swung the other way after seeing Ronda on The Ultimate Fighter. I like her better now.
I respect her for being in the corner of her fighter, her coach and herself, and I like she’s not all that controlled and icy, as she comes off at fight time. As she said: ‘In the cage, I’m a cold, calculating cunt‘.

So while most of the MMA communities seems to have turned their love and root for Ronda on a dime, I’m guessing there will also be more like myself, who see through the production and come through to the other side.

And to all that asks, why the production team/ UFC would want to harm Rouseys image, by portraying her so bad as they do (eg.: ‘That’s Dana’s favorite’, ‘it can’t be all production’ – which is right. It must have happened, since they can show it right?. Yes – but there can be several scenes leading up to every situation, that they choose not to show!!)
Anyway back to why UFC/ Production team is making Ronda look bad: To sell tickets for the fight against Miesha Tate.
– Tate had no place being on the show, as Cat Zingano put a severely bad beating on her, and won the right to fight Rousey, and coach opposite her.
– She lost the first fight to Ronda very convincingly: Armbar 1st round. Didn’t inflict any damage or posed any real threat to Rousey. Everyone with the smallest knowledge of MMA, wouldn’t put a dime on her in any rematch – let alone pay to see the fight. It wasn’t one of those close call fights, that you wanted to see a rematch on, like Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafson. It was a one-sided fight, that no one actually wants to see – until UFC/ FOX production turns the masses sympathy to Tate, whom they now will follow and root for in the upcoming rematch.

Personally, I can be afraid that this whole ‘Reality show’ can ruin more for Rousey than doing good, and I could be worried, she would lose focus and become emotional come fight time. I hope all her years of experience can help her, remote herself from all this witch-hunt which seems to be going on, and just focus on what’s she’s good at: Fight & win!


Ps. On a closing note: I’m pretty sure we had seen a different Rousey presented to us on TUF, had Zingano been able to coach opposite. Then they would have no reason to make Rousey look so bad.


The show as it is now:  Rousey vs Tate

The show as it is now:
Rousey vs Tate    

The opponent who should have been there: Cat Zingano

The opponent who should have been there: Cat Zingano





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Post UFC Abu Dhabi

The fight card dreams are made of

Last night I was watching the fights from the UFC 112 Abu Dhabi, and was as many others blown away by  – especially Silva vs Maia fight. But the surprise started much before the main event.
To begin with, the fight card looked stacked!! Looked awesome – and I loved the match ups. Could ‘The Answer’ find a way to defeat ‘The Prodigy’?, was Maia’s bjj enough to match the Silva’s out of this world stand up? – and then the legend match: Hughes vs Gracie. In short – the line up had all the components to excite fight fans around the world.

Evening started out entertaining with the ‘minor’ fights on the main card. UFC always has their fight night divided into two parts: The undercard where the fights are not being televised (or most likely not) – and the main card with the top fighters and upcoming stars.
The two first fights on the main card promised all good: Rafael dos Anjos vs. Terry Etim – Terry Etim and Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz. De Anjos vs Etim was truly an exciting match up – and Grove vs Munoz was fantastic. What a pull-off by Munoz. After being rocked and dominated, he slips (yet another submission) the armbar and make use of Groves side position, gets mount and goes berserk in a good ol’ fashion ground n’ pound. A very well deserved W!

Kendal Grove vs Mark Munoz

Then the funny stuff began, starting out with the legend match. Good ol’ american wrestling against fine tuned brazilian jiu jujitsu. I expected a stand up war – that would also go on the ground (and back up – and back down). Don’t think anyone ever saw Hughes kicking that much – which turned out to be a good recipe – but a very boring and predictable match.  (I actually began to wonder, if anyone had shown Hughes some of the K-1 fights with the dutch lumber jack). Especially when it got cleared that Renzo wouldn’t attempt a take down on the cowboy. Great game plan from Hughes, a plan – not to lose by Gracie, end result a pretty boring result for the spectators.

First title fight: BJ Penn vs Frank Edgar. The Prodigy vs The Answer. Another well thought tactic, this time perfectly executed by Frank ‘The Answer’ Edgar. And yet another match up which on paper seem to be rockin’ the socks of any fight fans out there. Great bjj against great wrestling. Both fighters with bombs in their hands. But here we go again with tactics that are more designed not to loose, than to win.

Yes – I do believe that Edgar worked harder, but Penn did more damage. And I was surprise to find, that the judges would give the victory on that foundation. I thought a title fight had to be won convincingly – and not just by the teeth of a hair. I found the fight to be much more equal than to give the belt to the challenger.

Which bring me to the last fight with Anderson Silva and Demian Maia. Someone DID tell Silva not to go on the floor with the bjj specialist. (Top of the pop according to UFC commentators Rogan and Goldberg – which once again made the event so entertaining. Thanks!!!) So ‘The Spider’ stayed up and demolished, crumbled and made a mockery out of Maia, who didn’t seem to bring anything to the table, besides his bjj. First in the fifth round Maia actually started to throw some swings. But then it was too late. Too little – too late.

The Spider tactic in rd 5

I can sympathize with all the people hating on ‘The Spider’ for not knocking Maia out – or just doing the ’round abouts’ for the last two rounds. Hey! I’ve hated on Kyotaro for doing the exact same thing on the K-1. But it doesn’t take away the fact, that Maia was the challenger. He was the one, who should’ve gotten in there, proving himself – prove to the world, that he was better than Silva. All Silva had to do – and did – was to defend his title.
As much, as we might not like how he did it, he did defend it – and showed that Maia is classes below.

Anyway – tomorrow will be a normal blog from my own little training world.

Ps. A good fight I would recommend: Aussie vs Ali Gynuar from the Amsterdam Fight Club event. Check also Chris NGimbi – excellent dutch fighter who uses angles in such a fluent, smooth fashion, one can’t help getting excited.