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Day 5 – delayed

Due to too little hours on a monday, I never got around to the gym, so missed out on Workcapacity 101. So today will be WoC101.

Edit: Just got home from the Wo101- eating a small bit before its time for – ABC – extraordinary girl & boxing class!

Workcapacity 101 – one of the hardest Ross drills (that and Fast & the Furious)
* 5 Pull-ups
* 10 Medicine Ball Slamms
* 15 Burpees
* 20 Jumping jacks
10 rounds or 20 minute workout

*f’ing hard today! After the first two rounds my pull-up power was none existent, so I had to stemm off with my feet for 3-4 and 5. Burpees was ridicoules hard to – the last 3 especially. I guess my bodys used to do the 12, which is the number I usually do on the GPP’s 30 sec drill. So the last 3 just killed me.
(Remember when I trained with Phil Nurse at the Wat, we had to do 20 burpees on the challenges)

Yesterday I got my as* dragged to Siam for the monday class, which is always good. Usually teached by Tony Pettas, but yesterday Abdul took over and it was quite good.

Picture says everything

Just one thing bother me: Why is it, that all new guys I’ve met in Muay thai seems to take a pleasure in beating up the smallest person in the room (eg. me)?? If you wonder how small: I’m around app. 10 – 25 kg smaller. This happened with three of the guys, who joined the fight class from the intermediate class – and yesterday, 3 new guys joined in. And I was paired up with 2 of them – both of them who thought it was funny to bang it out on me. I rarely ever sparre 100% – which means, I never kick or hit full on. I just like to have a little control, so most of my power are 80 – 90% in gym. So was it yesterday.

And of course I try to hit my target – hit, kick etc., but some guys – get all freaking wierd when they’re facing a girl. And just simply start to lash out, no holds barred. I actually had to ask one of the new guys to take a break on the knees. It wasnt he was going for my legs or midsection – he was aiming for my head. Which is a sure way to get cut – which would mean 1 – 2 weeks out while it heal up. What an idiot!!!
He was even supposed to be quite good – then why this urge to manifest himself to me? Leave your fucking ego at the door!!! I’m glad to say, I hold my ground and moved without getting any cuts. I’m just really puzzled of why this is always the case with new guys.

On a personal level, I discovered I might have a bigger heart, than pride. So I’m weighing the possibilities, pros and cons – and thinking about what decision to make. But I alsoย  been very clear about it: I know whats been going on, but its my decision whether I can forgive him and give it a second chance, or choose not to.
Life’s not easy. Two years ago – I had no doubt.

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Fight preparations

Right now I’m watching a friend of mine fighting – a great boxer Lolenga Mock. Sitting and watching him in war against the italian opponent, figting for the European titel, I can’t help thinking about all the hours of preparation – and tonight all this work culminates. Its tonight everyone can see the fruit of his struggles, the off-days where he still went to the gym. Got beat up by his team mates and trainers, and still managed to come back the next day. Even his real work lies in the days, weeks and months passed behind in the gym – its tonight the world will remember.

Mind you! Fighting is not like any other sport, with seasons and off-seasons. Being a fighter means (nearly) perfect shape, year-round, month after month slaving in the gym, hitting the bags, skipping, doing footwork, guards, shadowbox, sparring, padwork – everything – everyday (except sunday) – year-round. There’s no summer holidays or christmas for the pros – only off-days are when injuries prevent you from training.

And Lolenga Mock is one of these warriors – always ready to fight. Stepped up to the plate with only days notice several times. Come to think of it, I know a few of these warriors. Warriors who take a fight any day, any time. And they got lots to show for it. Without doubt some of Denmarks finest nak muays (thai boxing warriors), whose fighting style got refined and re-defined by their plenty ring experience. But it doesn’t come for free – it cost – sweat, blood and more sweat in the gym.

Lolenga Mock sparring with Mikkel Kessler. CIK 2009

Back on the screen, my friend is in the 6th round. Italian still pushing hard, but Mock seems to have the upper hand. Doing the bop and weave (Johnny (De Lima) shout at us again and again in the gym), frustrating the italian. When you can’t hit, you spend lots of energy on nothing. 7th round – Mock finished 6th round best, but now they both had a short rest. Only having fought 2 min. rounds myself, I’m full of awe how the boxers can go round after round – 3 full minutes in every round. (And my MMA friends who are doing 5 min. Thats just plain ridicules).

Have you never stepped into the ring, you might sit thinking: ‘hey 3 minutes – its nothing! Get to it’. And to be fair, yes professional fighters does train for work. It is their job all year-round to be fit. But stepping into the ring – it’s just you (your training, your ego, your instincts) and your opponent, whos been training hard to beat you. It’s not for everyone – it’s a tough job, and the slightest faults will get punished immediately and relentlessly.

While writing this – they’re come to round 10th. Nearly half an hour have the two men traded punches and blows. Trying to hurt the other, trying to knock him out. Putting it out there – for all to watch. Your fight preparations shows, your hunger shows. As I’m watching them going at it in the 12th and last round, I’m wondering if my training will be enough, to step into the ring a week from now.ย  It’s definetly for the brave – and maybe slightly crazy. I mean – who will in their right mind, slave in the gym, getting yelled at, beat up, and smashed to pieces, only to pick one self up and go do it again the next day. Except Sundays ๐Ÿ˜‰

My friend won after a 12 round war. Congratulations to Mock on taking the victory, titel, glory and honour! Enjoy your sunday my friend. You deserve it ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you were in Thailand, I would say – go to Swensens ๐Ÿ˜€