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Fourth day – sleepless

Something terrible happened yesterday, so I haven’t been able to sleep or eat – or what I ate, I had to puke. I kind of set my mind on going to the gym later to do the GPP #1, but Im quite busted. Thanks to Ross and the big G is not the strength day today. That would have been hard to overcome on a sleepless night.
I’ll update later when I come from the gym!

Edit: I forgot to update yesterday. Did the GPP# 1 back home:

* 30 sec Burpees
* 30 sec Jumping Jacks
* 30 sec High knee db press
* 30 sec Shadowbox

5 rounds – no break btw rounds

For breaking my heart

The person I held highest, the one I trusted with my heart. The one man, who I trusted, have apparently betrayed me. A phrase I’ve been thinking a lot these last 24 hours: I must have been hitler in my earlier life or maybe I’m the most naive sucØer on the planet – or just not worth telling the truth, being straight, being honest – giving the heart too. I really wanted to believe…

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Sleeples in Copenhagen

After a wonderful day back at work, spiced up with a great evening run and a great WO with the box class I teach, one should think that a good night sleep would follow.

Instead I woke up at 3 in the morning. Imposible to get back to sleep, which is why I found myself blogging and drinking coffee, when I should be dreaming.
I have tried the turning and twisting, the laying in the dark, getting annoyed and irritated and still not sleeping, so even if this is a crazy scenario, its a far better alternative. Crazy if one believes that coffee makes sleep even more imposible – but for some reason this just doesnt aply for me. So its a rational choice, a calculated decision and hopefully I will get an hour of sleep before getting up for boxclass.
The week ahead sounds promising and I look forward to the jobs and joy that lies before me. Ofcourse I really look forward to the thaibox classes. I guess you can say, that I feel that the bruises becomes me – or at least they are a fair price for the joy.
About the joy of fighting, my friend Hanna is fighting this friday (we both hope – but as its in Thailand, you’re not really sure of anything, as she said *s*). I so wish, I could be there with her.
Working in communication means you keep an eye out for news: political, economics, fashion, art, health and everything that changes. One thing that has caught me eye the past few weeks (except for the economic deroute and the election in US), is a small almost not noticable poster from the danish institute of health. Visuals can speak louder than words – and I really like the thourghts that went into making this campaign.

Another well thourght campaign to me, is Coca Cola Zero’s James Bond movie. I like the way the animation, colours and music gives an ol’ school feel to it, and at the same time, stay very true to the Cola Zero’s blatantly attempt to reach the male (18 – 34 yrs) target audience. And it’s clever: who doesn’t know of James Bond? And with Daniel Craig, James Bond also got into the millenium, got strong, decisive and hot! (sry – couldn’t help myself with this very chick-like comment. To my defence – I am a chick)

So with theese words, it might be time to hit the bed and covers (one of the best inventions ever) again, and if Im lucky, I might dream about Mr. Craig? 😉