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Bustet up, Siam style

Friday night with Muay thai training in Siam.

Really good session with Abdul, that left my triceps burned out!
Lot of pad work, finished of with bag work – that actually did kill the poor upper arms.
3 min drills bag work:
30 sec: Hard n’ heavy boxing
30 sec: Pushing bag (in front of head, switching from shoulder to shoulder)

30 sec: Left/ right kicking
30 sec: Hug bag from squat position/ stand up w bag/ down again

15 sec: Fast hands
15 sec: Hard n’ heavy

Class finished of by 100 push ups! (did 30 on knees)

On the heart attack note:
Calmness has settled in, and I’ve retired to a waiting position.
Heartache is a terrible condition, so exhausting and leaves you for dead.
I need to live again, smile – and maybe feel the warmth of love, so I wait
and see where to go from this.

Choices are always hard, once made it opens a window and closes a door.
When to make the choice, and which to choose is the hard part,
So therefore I wait, and hope for a sign
Waiting for the sun

Love this album btw

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New gym tricks

Besides being a day of heartbreak, yesterday was also the day, where I got to train with Anders Fabricius Nedergaard again. He’s also one of the masterminds behind ‘Kropogkraft.dk’ and he knows a lot about functional weight training. He’s the sort of guy, who all athletes should have behind them. So no doubt, I felt very lucky to sneak in on a training session with him.

So what new, did I learn?:

Well for starters, I got my dead lift sorted out. And then Anders told me about the benefits from rotation and stabilization drills.

Did one, which could best be characterized as a straight, half TGU. DB or KB up in one arm straight – and then sit up straight. Weight above head. Will introduce it to my class next week.

Also a push through with barbel – a sort of straight FCT. Works on stabilizing core and push effect – which can be transferred into the same movement as punching.

Last new thing was a variety of one arm push up. In order to get the best from this drill, its important that my wrist gets better (that’s a obvoius) – and then to hold the body straight, instead of compensating by twisting the torso.

Also managed to throw in a small, but fast paced run. Training never fails… when everything else does.. trainings here..

Programme w Anders:

OH Squats: 2 x 10 x 20k
Deadlift: 2x 4x 30Kg
2x 4x 40Kg
4x 4x 50Kg
4x 4x 55Kg

Straight ½TGU:
8 x 4x 8Kg

Straight FCT:
4x 4x 20Kg
6x 4x 25kg
4x 4x 30Kg

One arm push up straight/ against wall:
6x 4

Usefull notes: Keep reps around 4 and sets around 6 – 8

Wrote my heart out, still waiting to be read

I still haven’t sent my letter about love…

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It’s really hard to wake up and be in a bad mood. The day is fresh and the night served images from wonderland, still crisp behind the eyes. But then I remember, I spend all last night on writing this letter, about my love, and I remember why. Then all of a sudden, heartbreak is close by.


I love the way you lie (sic)

“Love The Way You Lie”
(Eminem feat. Rihanna)

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

You don’t get another chance
Life is no Nintendo game
But you lied again
Now you get to watch her leave out the window
Guess that’s why they call it window pane

This is the last time you broke my heart

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Finally got the Sex

Welcome to a different blog. So I finally got to see, what all the fuzz – all the bad reviews was about. Friday night my friend Julie and I hit the movies to watch the female millenium bible: Sex & the City – part 2.

With all the bad reviews posted everywhere in the Danish media and some from across the big pond, my expectations were low – and before I made the decision to go and see it for myself, I was wondering if it would just be a waste of 100 dkr.

Now – reviewers often have – or pretend to have a higher sense of culture than the mere mortal ones among us. Like with Adorno and Hockheimer and their: Dialectic of Enlightenment, ‘The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception’. Where they scorn popular culture for being easily pleasures and serves as a danger to more high cultural produces. And while a lot of bad things can be said about mass-produced – easily consummated culture, it’s not always just bad and for the stupid.
It will also serve you entertainment, quirky little things to reflect upon and layers, which you don’t always notice. However – a safe bet is to always talk the mass productions down. To ridicule and tear it apart. Cause no one wants to be the stupid, ignorant fool, that’s easily satisfied on popular mass-produced culture?

Well, all the female reviewers wasn’t certainly not going to be satisfied on the SatC sequel, and they relentsly without mercy hammered the movie, that was supposed to close the chapter of a ‘decade’ of female reign. The time where women seriously took over the best tv hour, created a un-heard of buzz for brands – and not least left a swarm of ‘SatC’ educated women, who knew the difference between a teabag and a teebag. Women who didn’t just sit around waiting for mr right to call them – cause ‘he’s just not that into you’. Women who took life into their own hands – but yet, women who still wanted it all.

SatC closes up very nicely for me – except for a few errors. Fashion for one! If NYC was the fifth character, then fashion was the little cousin – and no matter how much anyone tells me, the 80’s are in again – (and I know lots of fashionistas are already banning me here) – but who the hell put Samantha into Michael Jacksons old stage costume?

Where's Michael?

Secondly: Carrie Bradshaw was way uninteresting to follow at times. I would much rather have seen Samantha go shopping for that sexy, yet covering dress for her dinner date with the danish architect.

And third… well there probably is a third – eight and 10th too.. but I’m not going into that now. Instead I’ll address the main critique from the danish reviewers: The scene from Abu Dhabi where the muslim women reveals whats under the hijab: Luis Vuitton spring collection.

Words from the posh reviewers was something like: distasteful message, superficial comment to women oppression in islam etc. And why I haven’t read any convincing argument for this opinion, I can’t really give one for mine. I actually liked the scene, and liked the comment, about women being women. Maybe it’s because I live in a neighbourhood where danish dressed girls in small skirts and high heels get to be called hookers, by their arab neighbours. Or maybe it’s because, I didn’t have any high expectations and was prepared for the scene.

But frankly – I find that the scene solidified Sex & the Citys status as The Show for women. Nothing more, nothing less: The voice of the urban, modern women – but not dressed as hot, as usual.

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More sprints and sunshine

Lovely day outside – spend some time in the park and beach. Evening time another night with Ross:

10 x 100 meter sprints
5 x 50 meter sprints

Followed by Core # 7
* 5 Turkish get ups (each side), 12 kg KB
* 8 Saxon side bends (each side) 5 kg medicine ball
* 10 V-ups + 10 knee thugs, 5 V-ups + 5 knee
5 sets, btw 30/ 60 sec break btw sets

Finisher: Plank for 2 min

Heard from a good muay thai girlfriend today. Nice to hear there’s sunshine and love in her life!

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Guess who’s back

And that’s with The Density day, Sprints and core #4!

Density Day:
10 minutes: 2 snatch pr arm (10 kg), 6 burpees
10 minutes: Medicine ball slamms (4 kg)
5 minutes: Shadowbox (full mt style)

Sprint day:
8 x 200 meter sprints
5 x 50 meter sprints

Core #4
15 Evil Wheels
10 pr side Russian Twists (5 kg medicine ball)
10 Crunches (5 sec count pr rep)
15 Back extensions
30 High rep chinnies
– 5 rounds –

It’s been a rough month, but I think, I’m back for good. Hit rock bottom trainingwise, lifewise etc., but it feels like I’ve landed on top, on my feet. Now just preparing for new steps to take. New challenges and new goals.