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When do you know if you love somebody

That was the question asked to the protagonist in a movie Liam and I were just watching. The protagonist answer fullfilled every romantic notion: ‘Because without her life doesn’t make sense to me’

I looked to Liam and asked him heartfelt: ‘Why do you love me?’
He looked back and answered without hesitation: ‘Because you make no sense to me’

Needles to say, I’m still laughing

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Day 81 – Do you need to love or be loved?

Met up with an old friend the other day, who put down her gloves to pursue the world of yoga. And just as her adventures with muay thai, she grabbed yoga with both hands. Moved to India for 6 months to study, live and breathe yoga – and when we met, she said this about relationships: ‘The best balance is when someone who needs to love, finds together with someone who need to be loved’.

If you think about it, it can make perfect sense. There is a giver and a taker. Nothing and no one is 100% one thing of course. The giver needs to be loved too – but maybe not as much, as the person who needs to be loved. Likewise the person who needs to be loved, will also love the giver – at least in my world. I can’t picture two people staying together for a long time without any love between them.

Would this also explain if one person feel ‘too good’ for the other person , and therefore holding back on committing?

I guess if relationship could be had with yourself, it would be more simple. Anyways.. yoga thoughts for thought!

Todays training:
1½ hour Muay thai with KruToy in Butchers Fight Gym

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When life gives you lemons

What do you do? Throw them back or at someone else?
Hide and seek cover? Or make lemonade?

I don’t know what to do anymore.

First time since I’ve been in Ireland (over 1 year), the boyfriend and I go out.
First two hours is alright, but then out of the blue (after a lot of alcohol), he explodes on me.
Not really what you want for a first night out together with your bf and his friends.

I don’t really feel so Christmassy anymore, so my plan is to stay by myself in Cork. The last two weeks,
I’ve heard enough to make my ears fall of, due to him stressing about exams. Tonight was supposed to
be a joyful night, but instead I got a bucket of lemons (nice word for shit!) on top of me – In the night club.
Really feel life is too short for this. Can’t feed me lemon every day and expect me to make lemonade.
I’m not a fucking lemonade machine.

Wow.. I think this is one of my most personal blogs!

My last class with The FighterGirls Club was awesome, except for I forgot the Kodak moment. Zumba lady (next class) rushed us, cause we were 2 minutes over time, so completely forgot to take a photo of the girls with their Christmas hats.
But my girl rocked it and pushed out more burpees than ever before!
I’m so proud!!




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Ode to beloved Granny

An ode to beloved Granny
A most remarkable woman in her quiet little way

Roses from Beatrice’s garden (another great mum and gardener)

When I was a child, you were making clothes for my teddys
And I gave you drawings and flower buckets I plucked in your wonderful garden
As a child, you were my ‘happy place’ and nothing would make me feel better, than to know, you were gonna be my babysitter

I remember you cooking 23 different dishes for our family Christmas dinners without breaking a sweat
And bringing me and my cousins lavish easter eggs of the best chocolate
You dedicated your life to helping others – helping the elder and weak
I hope you too felt helped when you were old and ill

As I grew up, you knitted me sweaters and taught me how to make real laces
I visited you alone or with my friends, seeking your always positive company and vice advises learned from a life of lessons
In all these years, I never once heard you utter a negative word on anyone or anything
First time I ever heard you complain, was after you broke your hip and couldn’t bike and walk as you used to

The break of bones and following operation seemed to be the start of your old age
You started telling the same stories and getting confused easily
When I travelled, I would send you postcards and buy you stupid little things
Just to let you know, I loved you even I wasn’t around much

When mum called me and told me you were in the hospital, we dropped everything and went to see you
You lay on the bed sleeping when we came , but opened your eyes and saw me and said’ There is Tania’
I hugged you and we talked a bit
Told you everything was gonna be fine and we would come back the next day

10 minutes after we left the hospital, they called and told us you had died
We turned the car around and went back…
I cried and cried and hugged you again, wishing you would come back to me
But it was your time and I had to be in the world without you

When I think about you, I think about the most wonderful woman I ever met (equal to mum of course)
A woman who never raised her voice against anyone and still managed to held her own
Who loved making laces and kept the most beautiful garden where a child could disappear into sunflowers beds and in the shadow of pear tress
This is my longtime coming Goodbye
When I think about your death, I still tear up – but I’m glad you’re not sick and suffering anymore
You will always stay with me

Goodbye flowers


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Moment of truth

So tonight was the moment of truth – or rather a delayed moment of truth.

Oh yeah - and Merry Christmas

The actual event took place long before tonight, and even I knew the outcome it was in a way, nice to get it served! It came in a different wrapping than expected. I’d expected the ‘normal’ route, but instead there was some twist and turns, that revealed more about the sender, than I think was intended.

Did the revelation of the truth change the reality for the implicated? I think it does. It should open the minds and make clear, that what was once ‘the truth’ is no longer.  And this new truth – could set free!

But the outcome itself: Expected, there could be no other truth.


The truth about the MAX 2010


Giorgio Petrosyan is King of the MAX for another year – and for the second consecutive year. But he was no near as untouchable as last year. But *G* I’m still in love with his sublime technique, timing and understanding of the game! But next year… I wonder, wonder..

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Blogging: Training sessions & Eurosport, life

4K in 17min (good pace – not too hard)
Cosy Muay Thai with Kru Toy @Butchers Lab

6K in the snow – beautiful run

Training with Pernille in

Made plans to train with Pernille again in – and this time I’d put a program together for us. Which turned out pretty good, except I forgot my trainers. So had to skip instead of run for warm up.

So saturday program:
4 rd of shadow
3rd of bagwork

3rd of Amsterdam combo
4rd of leg tech (2 min rd)

2rd sparring
3rd clinch

Finisher Core & weight work: 3 rds
Pull Ups 5
Saxon 16
Russian 20
Chinnies 30
Back extensions 20
Evil Wheel 10
Flyes 5


What I did on my friday

Main event - Strikeforce 5.12.2010

Life is a funny size. Yesterday was a low – and a high.
To start with the high! Did the first StrikeForce show on Eurosport 2 (Danish TV). Fights were mostly awesome, except for the first one, which I thought should have ended in the second round. Then – one could argue, that Benji Radach (Radai) returned for a small piece of glory in the third – but there was substantial long moments in the first and second round of the fights, where he didn’t defend himself actively (or very intelligent – he turtle up).

Rest of the fights were awesome, and I got really cheering over Paul Daleys KO over Scott Smith. It was beautiful!  Even it would have been fun with a reprise of the Smith vs Sell fight. And Dan Henderson showed that 10 years waiting for a rematch doesn’t necessarily changes the outcome. Once again he beat Babalu Sobral. Peeew…
So that was the high of the day. My low – well, one of the precious lessons I’m learning in this life, is if you put your nose out there – you might get it beaten. If you eat too much – you get fat – and if you trust someone with your heart – you set out for misery (maybe). Given your heart up can set you up for failure, cause it leaves you so vulnerable.  If you trust someone to have your back, you might end up getting beat up…

Or – when your (socall) best friend is choosing to be friends with a man who calls you – among other demeaning things – a racist. A stupid, ignorant man, you could think yes. But also a man – whom of a lot of people I know – should keep himself too good to use the R-word (he’s arab and muslim!). I got annoyed and bothered by him insulting me like that, because I know, that he had encountered a lot of obstacles in the Danish society due to his nationality and religion – and I would never use his origins, religion or looks back on him. But he chose to attack me that way. Totally unfounded btw. as the reason for his attack was a result of his paranoia, rather than reality. So for no reason – and with no right, he calls me a racist. And it annoys me, that he doesn’t hold himself too good to be so low. He has no idea, what its like to be an asian woman in Denmark. Not only the generic difference – but struggling with the battle of sexes as well. It was a low blow by him, not to have any empathy at all to view the world from others pow.

But hurt – no it didn’t.  Hurt was applied from the person I thought had my back – from my friend, who I thought would stick up for me. The people we trust. The ones who supposed to have our back and stand up for us, when the world is unfair. But maybe loyalty is too much to ask – all one have – is oneself?

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John, I’m only dancing

.. Not quite the truth, I’m afraid – a small session of DL and Pull ups also sneaked in 😉

But this past half week I’ve tried out COMPLETELY new stuff! Back in Ireland I got an email from offering a free instructor course in…… DANCE classes. And mind you – NOT aerobic dancing, more like the dirty kind of dancing.

So I’ve struggled to find my soft side, make my arms ‘lose’, sensual hands and pointy toes. It’s crazy – its body control on a totally different level, than my martial arts have taught my body through out the years of striking, kicking, backspinning – all with lots of power and speed.

These last couple of days, it’s all about sensuality, balance – power – and the awful left/right, not to mention the beat. Dam* boi! It’s tough!! I tried tell a couple of my friends, and very fitting for the situation – all of them laugh. Guys then proceed to smirk a little and my (boxing) girls looks at me, like I’ve gone insane.

To be honest, I waited with my blog update, cause I wasn’t sure, what I had gotten myself into. But I found, that I really, really love this new challenge. In fact – I love it so much, I’ll try to get all my fightgirls to come and dance with me. It’s like a whole new side of me, I’d forgotten in the locker room, in the blood and sweat and the sweet rhymes of hitting hands and knees.

But here I am… challenge, struggling – but darn sure, I’d come out a better woman on the other side. And, if any of you out there needs a dance partner – send an invitation! I got the moves! 😉


Danceclass - photo from an article

As stated in beginning, I’ve also managed to put in some weights:

Monday: DL
1x 8x 40K – warm up
2x 4x 50K
2x 4x 60K
2x 4x 65K
+ 4 x4 Pull Ups (to lock out)

Tuesday: ABC Classes! Great to see my girls and boxing class again!!

6x 5 Pull ups
5x clean and jerk – barbell 25k – while waiting for my dance class