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Mix it day

Great day today!

‘Morning’ session:
15 min running (stupid machine wouldn’t let me see distance only time)

Little play with snatch and Clean & Jerk, with a 20K barbell

Then of to the good ol’ stuff:
1x 10x 30K
2x 5x 40K
2x 5x 50K
2x 5x 60K

Full Contact twist
1x 10x +5K
5x 10x 10K

1½ hour muay thai in Siam with Clemme as coach. Really nice combos – even did a ‘dutch man’. Very cool – and about 20/ 25 min sparring. Also really nice!


Also saw a really good friend today. Made me so happy to talk to – and so nice to be supported in being me!! Just a very good day! Tomorrow will be a really good day aswell: Fight Club finally airing the big boys! K-1 Grand Prix – Final 8 – 2010!!


K-1 2010


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Moment of truth

So tonight was the moment of truth – or rather a delayed moment of truth.

Oh yeah - and Merry Christmas

The actual event took place long before tonight, and even I knew the outcome it was in a way, nice to get it served! It came in a different wrapping than expected. I’d expected the ‘normal’ route, but instead there was some twist and turns, that revealed more about the sender, than I think was intended.

Did the revelation of the truth change the reality for the implicated? I think it does. It should open the minds and make clear, that what was once ‘the truth’ is no longer.  And this new truth – could set free!

But the outcome itself: Expected, there could be no other truth.


The truth about the MAX 2010


Giorgio Petrosyan is King of the MAX for another year – and for the second consecutive year. But he was no near as untouchable as last year. But *G* I’m still in love with his sublime technique, timing and understanding of the game! But next year… I wonder, wonder..

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Post UFC Abu Dhabi

The fight card dreams are made of

Last night I was watching the fights from the UFC 112 Abu Dhabi, and was as many others blown away by  – especially Silva vs Maia fight. But the surprise started much before the main event.
To begin with, the fight card looked stacked!! Looked awesome – and I loved the match ups. Could ‘The Answer’ find a way to defeat ‘The Prodigy’?, was Maia’s bjj enough to match the Silva’s out of this world stand up? – and then the legend match: Hughes vs Gracie. In short – the line up had all the components to excite fight fans around the world.

Evening started out entertaining with the ‘minor’ fights on the main card. UFC always has their fight night divided into two parts: The undercard where the fights are not being televised (or most likely not) – and the main card with the top fighters and upcoming stars.
The two first fights on the main card promised all good: Rafael dos Anjos vs. Terry Etim – Terry Etim and Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz. De Anjos vs Etim was truly an exciting match up – and Grove vs Munoz was fantastic. What a pull-off by Munoz. After being rocked and dominated, he slips (yet another submission) the armbar and make use of Groves side position, gets mount and goes berserk in a good ol’ fashion ground n’ pound. A very well deserved W!

Kendal Grove vs Mark Munoz

Then the funny stuff began, starting out with the legend match. Good ol’ american wrestling against fine tuned brazilian jiu jujitsu. I expected a stand up war – that would also go on the ground (and back up – and back down). Don’t think anyone ever saw Hughes kicking that much – which turned out to be a good recipe – but a very boring and predictable match.  (I actually began to wonder, if anyone had shown Hughes some of the K-1 fights with the dutch lumber jack). Especially when it got cleared that Renzo wouldn’t attempt a take down on the cowboy. Great game plan from Hughes, a plan – not to lose by Gracie, end result a pretty boring result for the spectators.

First title fight: BJ Penn vs Frank Edgar. The Prodigy vs The Answer. Another well thought tactic, this time perfectly executed by Frank ‘The Answer’ Edgar. And yet another match up which on paper seem to be rockin’ the socks of any fight fans out there. Great bjj against great wrestling. Both fighters with bombs in their hands. But here we go again with tactics that are more designed not to loose, than to win.

Yes – I do believe that Edgar worked harder, but Penn did more damage. And I was surprise to find, that the judges would give the victory on that foundation. I thought a title fight had to be won convincingly – and not just by the teeth of a hair. I found the fight to be much more equal than to give the belt to the challenger.

Which bring me to the last fight with Anderson Silva and Demian Maia. Someone DID tell Silva not to go on the floor with the bjj specialist. (Top of the pop according to UFC commentators Rogan and Goldberg – which once again made the event so entertaining. Thanks!!!) So ‘The Spider’ stayed up and demolished, crumbled and made a mockery out of Maia, who didn’t seem to bring anything to the table, besides his bjj. First in the fifth round Maia actually started to throw some swings. But then it was too late. Too little – too late.

The Spider tactic in rd 5

I can sympathize with all the people hating on ‘The Spider’ for not knocking Maia out – or just doing the ’round abouts’ for the last two rounds. Hey! I’ve hated on Kyotaro for doing the exact same thing on the K-1. But it doesn’t take away the fact, that Maia was the challenger. He was the one, who should’ve gotten in there, proving himself – prove to the world, that he was better than Silva. All Silva had to do – and did – was to defend his title.
As much, as we might not like how he did it, he did defend it – and showed that Maia is classes below.

Anyway – tomorrow will be a normal blog from my own little training world.

Ps. A good fight I would recommend: Aussie vs Ali Gynuar from the Amsterdam Fight Club event. Check also Chris NGimbi – excellent dutch fighter who uses angles in such a fluent, smooth fashion, one can’t help getting excited.

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Easter beatings and cab drivers

I’m not sure how I like my week so far. It’s been a bit lazy, but still alive, so that’s gotta count for something.

Main focus on the blog these days – training, training and more of that:
Morning session at Mikenta. Pelle taught the class. Only about an hour of training, but pretty good class with emphasis on different combos. Hardest part – was to get up at 6, get on the train and bike from the station. I was ridiculously hungry on the way back.
Afternoon: Training with my two half hour classes in ABC. They’re going quite strong, and I applaud the ladies for hanging in there!!
First class 30 min:
20 Deadlift Twist w 5 kg
20 Side twist (5k)
16 Saxon side bends (5 k)
6 Turkish get ups (8 k KB)
25 Lunges w 5 k
25 Supermans

3 x 1 min wall squats/ 10 squat jumps
Finish off: 2 minute plank

Second class 30 min:
Lots of drills with the big ball + 1 session of tabata abb drill (inspired by Rasmus, Thanks)
Finish off: 2 min plank

1 hour full drill with the company of a student from the girl class:
* 1 round of warm up on the bag
* Sweet 20-I actually grown quite fond of my elaborated Ross drill
(5 sets of 4 minutes pr set. Tabata style sets: 20 sec work/ 10 sec break)
– 1 set: Heavy bag work
– 2 set: Burpees (8 – 9 pr round)
– 3 set: Push Ups (12 – 16)
– 4 set: Squats (12)
– 5 set: Heavy bag work
* 3 rounds of explosive bagwork
* 100 teeps
* 200 knees

Evening: FIGHT CLUB – got to air the K-1 MAX Europe elimination show from Budapest, Hungary. Not that impressed with the level of the fighters – or maybe it was just not their night. Guy who won – Phillipe Salmon, had really heavy hands and very precise in his boxing, but sorry – can’t really see him against any of the K-1 MAX warriors like Kyshenko, Petrosyan, Holtzken, Buakaw. That would just seem a ridicules match up.
Also ‘La Nuit des Titans’ from Tours, France was aired. Unfortunately only 3 fights from this exiting France vs Thailand event. Anuwat and fellow thai fighter Sittichai (Sitpongpeenong) ended up in the finale, with Sittichai getting the win from the judges.
I hope the young nak muay send a thankful thought to the judges, it was really close fights, both of them – and I’m not quite sure, he was the true winner after the ordinary fight time against Pinca – and again in the finale against Anuwat. I actually think, Anuwat finished of the strongest.
Going to be interesting to watch with Liam.

– Oh yeah, and the cab drivers!! Whats with these people? Do they really hate everyone else, or do they have a bet going on how many bicycles they can run over in one shift?
I can almost picture it: Cab driver calling his hit n’ run into the central, ‘this is car 666, we’ve just had two more hits, that should put us in first place’.
Dam** – just because you’re in a Mercedes for a living all day, doesn’t make you special! At the most it makes you a lazy as* driver, who thinks he’s put on earth to rule the roads. News Flash!  It’s not cool to drive Mercedes when it’s not your own. Doesnt make you sexy and doesnt make you a good driver either. Just a lazy hazard!