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Finally got the Sex

Welcome to a different blog. So I finally got to see, what all the fuzz – all the bad reviews was about. Friday night my friend Julie and I hit the movies to watch the female millenium bible: Sex & the City – part 2.

With all the bad reviews posted everywhere in the Danish media and some from across the big pond, my expectations were low – and before I made the decision to go and see it for myself, I was wondering if it would just be a waste of 100 dkr.

Now – reviewers often have – or pretend to have a higher sense of culture than the mere mortal ones among us. Like with Adorno and Hockheimer and their: Dialectic of Enlightenment, ‘The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception’. Where they scorn popular culture for being easily pleasures and serves as a danger to more high cultural produces. And while a lot of bad things can be said about mass-produced – easily consummated culture, it’s not always just bad and for the stupid.
It will also serve you entertainment, quirky little things to reflect upon and layers, which you don’t always notice. However – a safe bet is to always talk the mass productions down. To ridicule and tear it apart. Cause no one wants to be the stupid, ignorant fool, that’s easily satisfied on popular mass-produced culture?

Well, all the female reviewers wasn’t certainly not going to be satisfied on the SatC sequel, and they relentsly without mercy hammered the movie, that was supposed to close the chapter of a ‘decade’ of female reign. The time where women seriously took over the best tv hour, created a un-heard of buzz for brands – and not least left a swarm of ‘SatC’ educated women, who knew the difference between a teabag and a teebag. Women who didn’t just sit around waiting for mr right to call them – cause ‘he’s just not that into you’. Women who took life into their own hands – but yet, women who still wanted it all.

SatC closes up very nicely for me – except for a few errors. Fashion for one! If NYC was the fifth character, then fashion was the little cousin – and no matter how much anyone tells me, the 80’s are in again – (and I know lots of fashionistas are already banning me here) – but who the hell put Samantha into Michael Jacksons old stage costume?

Where's Michael?

Secondly: Carrie Bradshaw was way uninteresting to follow at times. I would much rather have seen Samantha go shopping for that sexy, yet covering dress for her dinner date with the danish architect.

And third… well there probably is a third – eight and 10th too.. but I’m not going into that now. Instead I’ll address the main critique from the danish reviewers: The scene from Abu Dhabi where the muslim women reveals whats under the hijab: Luis Vuitton spring collection.

Words from the posh reviewers was something like: distasteful message, superficial comment to women oppression in islam etc. And why I haven’t read any convincing argument for this opinion, I can’t really give one for mine. I actually liked the scene, and liked the comment, about women being women. Maybe it’s because I live in a neighbourhood where danish dressed girls in small skirts and high heels get to be called hookers, by their arab neighbours. Or maybe it’s because, I didn’t have any high expectations and was prepared for the scene.

But frankly – I find that the scene solidified Sex & the Citys status as The Show for women. Nothing more, nothing less: The voice of the urban, modern women – but not dressed as hot, as usual.

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Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish – and don’t we all? Well, sometimes I wish, I was a guy. Not because, I could stand up and take a pi**, or because it would make it more ‘allright’ for me wanting to fight (even, it would save me some explaining, not to mention the ‘sorry-look’s I get, when the bruises are visible).

No – sometimes, I wish, I could experience the art of friendship guys have. The no-nonsense -I-have-your-back friendship. The kind of friendship, that never makes you question, whether or not, your friend says what he says, cause he has personal motives, but simply, just say it for your own good.

Sometimes, I question why my ‘girlfriends’ tell me stuff to ruin my day. It’s always masked in ‘for your own good’, or ‘I didn’t know you would mind’ – like only girls can do.
Sometimes it can be hard, to tell who you’re real friends are – except if he’s your boyfriend!

Says it all

Oh yeah – and maybe I had too much energy to think, since I had a day off yesterday?.

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On a sunday

It’s sunday and it’s not a blue sunday, a tired or a hungover sunday. In fact the sun is shinning and it brings forward creative inspirations – maybe just the right day to start blogging?

Today and yesterdays weather reminds of cool, lovely indian summer days in NY. I miss the days in the big city. Miss the feeling of strolling on the broad pavements, the feel and even the smell of my other home. Days like these do bring back memories and the feeling of missing!

Reached home after a productive afternoon spend in the gym (boxing, running and abwork), and a nice hangout with my beautifull fellow girls (Mika and Lilly) afterwards. Now, the sun is setting, Nanna (my dog) is on my lap and the Ipod is recharging. I forgot laundry, but that’s about it on the negative side

This next week, will – if my employer and the world wants it – prove if I finally found another place to sparre and train. It’s muay thai, it’s only twice a week, but it will be a fantastic opportunity for me, if they will accept sparring with a girl my size.
Getting tired of all the training leading to nowhere, I’ve set a goal to train consistently for a month with sparring sessions twice a week. If it feels good, I might want to take yet another fight or two. (Hopefully in my second home) Will definetly get back on this!

Last night my beautiful friend Mika took me to my first asian-party experience in Copenhagen. It was strange, almost like being back in Bangkok or Seoul, guys with fierce haircuts and girls who looks freightingly a lot like Hello Kitty. Music was good thou and some drags/ ladyboys rocked the party.
We left kind of early, and ended up at mcD drinking coffee and eating chicken wraps (which I didn’t like). Here late at night, we witnessed two young guys being civil arrested (by guard) for stealing and eating two cheeseburgers.
Come to think of it, we should have offered to pay, just because it was such a funny moment. Anyway, their girlfriends (or wanna-be) bailed them out 5 minutes later, when they were escorted back by the man (the real deal police). Apparently the weren’t room enough at the jail cell for our two small petty thief’s.. and thanks for that.

Today’s question mostly revolves around men and messages. Since I just updated my knowledge on strength training – I’m doing heavy weights, 4 reps and 4 rounds (I use it to increase my strength in martial art) – this question is off my list.
So back till today’s question – men and messages..

Even years after the famous ‘he’s just not that into you’ sentence from the female answer to ‘The Game’, our lovely four girlfriends from NYC – a lot of what I seem to hear, when listening in on girltalk, is: “Why hasn’t he called, when is he going to call, what if he doesn’t call, or what if he calls 12 times at 1.30 am in the evening and you’re supposedly just friends (and you’re actually having this really cute guy over)… or – worse case scenario: What if he does call, what do one say?

It have me speculating, if guys thinks as much about our calls, as we spend time and energy deciphering ‘the guy call’. I mean – I know ‘The Game’ followers does, but do regularly guys also?
What if everybody just were being forthcomming, honest – told and asked the questions needed to be answered?

Would it kill something, because sometimes you just don’t want to talk about it. Sometimes talking about it, kills it, makes it to serious, to real and something…. thats need to be talked about. And maybe all things aren’t talkable?