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Christmas recap

December 25th: Morning run in the forest. 5k in the snow – very quiet, beautiful and cold!!

December 26th: GPP4 – a session with Ross is never out of style + ate ALL the christmas candy. (Hurt my stomach)

December 27th: Taken out by bingeing on Christmas Candy. Felt pain and bloated stomach, lazy mentally as well as physically. Just not a good day at all!

December 28th: Classes
Toning: Introduced the one-legged RDL! So much fun!! Also: Saxon, Russian side twists, lunges, squats (as* to the grass), balance dog, plank, push ups
Abs n Back: Ball drills, V-ups w/ ball, one-leg hamstrings curls on ball, plank, back drills
Box: Uh – all the nice stuff incl. Box jump, fitness sparring (hit btw shoulder and hip), evil Wheel, TGU, Medicine ball throws, combos, Cleans w/ sandbags. Finisher: 100 Abs, 100 Push ups

1K  – started out slow, fast paced last 400m
6x 5 Flyes – decreased – 7K
3 x 5 Pull ups – started getting decent, but felt heavy from the christmas dinner/ binge
1K – started out slow – fast paced last 800m
1 min back bridge


Back bridge (Neck training) - the guy on top must be bonus



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Return to Ross

I can’t believe I neglected to blog this past week. Sry!! I don’t even really know, what I’ve done, so it can’t be that much either. Which is a very shameful statement to put in black and white. But.. I guess it is so..

Today was the return of Ross Training! After a 4K fast paced run (17min flat)
More specific the dreaded ‘Fast and Furious’, and I tend to believe, I use to do 10 rds, but I could be wrong. Will look after putting this down. Tonight however – only 8 full ones.

The Fast & Furious consist of 4 drills:
10 Pull Ups
10 DB Swings (pr arm)
10 Plyometric Push Ups
10 Knee hugs

Did 8 rds in 20 min:
4 rds w/ 11K DB
3 rds w/ 8K KB
1 rd w/ 12K KB

Pull ups:
10, 6, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5

Shared the pull-up bar with two guys and had to sit and wait to get started two times, during the 8 rds – but even if they had not been there, I doubt, I had been able to squeeze another rd into the 20. It was freaking hard!!

Flyes (decreased) 5 x 5 – 6K
Third time I do the drill, think I can take 7 or 8 next week
Evil Wheel 5 x 10
Shadow Box 6 min

Todays lesson: Guess I have to do more Ross!

From the other days:
Saturday: 1½ hour of Muay thai in Siam. Did 3 rds of pads with Philip! Very cool and very nice of him to take me ‘to hell’
Friday: Morning box with Johnny De Lima
Thursday: Rock n roll with Kevin @
Wednesday: Morning box with Johnny De Lima

After edit: Big bummer – did 10 rds last time around in 17.xx minutes. With a 12K DB. Have NO idea how the F I did that. But.. Guess I gotta try and pick up the Ross again.

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Tuesday on a half stomach

Fåk! Hardly got any sleep as I ate something weird yesterday and suffered stomach cramps all night. Crazy it’s so painful – caught myself thinking I would rather die than breathe – let alone move my body. Haha.
But fortunately woke up and felt a small bit better. Had my 3 Tuesday classes, and enjoyed it, even had to go through with a half stomach.


3 classes:

30  min Conditioning (incl. Saxon sidebends, lunges, squats, russian sidetwists, push ups, v-ups, challenetics)
30 min Abs n back (Incl. TGU w/12k KB, ½TGU, V-ups, Hugs, back, plank)
60 min boxing class (All the usual – and some new ‘baseball hitting)



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Short training note ABC

5k – 20.43

Clean & Press 4×6 (11 & 12 kg)
Pull Ups 4×6
[Super set: Clean & Press 4 reps, move on to Pull Ups 4 reps – 6 sets total]

½ TGU 4×6 (8 & 9 kg)
Wall Squats (1 min) & Jump Squats (10)
[Super set: ½ TGU 4 reps, move on to Wall Squats/ Jump Squats]

Stretch and finish

Pull Ups were easier than I had imagined, but also just did 4 in a set. shifted between under/ overhand grip. Nice to feel the progress. Clean and Press weren’t so cheerful. Had to back down from 12Kg to 11 after 2 rounds, due to my wrist. ½ TGU’s was good, and 9Kg was fine (did 8kg first set and 9 for the rest). I think, I can up the weight soon. Wall Squats and jump squats was nearly killing me in the first 2 sets. After that, it seemed like the body adjusted and got the hang of it. Great workout!
Thaiboxing later!

Wall Squats in my toning class - ABC

Post Thaiboxing class @ Siam

90 minutes of muay thai with Clemme! Very nice – picked a bag as partner tonight on purpose, as my wrist are making trouble again. Can’t hold pads for the big guys. (Don’t think it really like the press and clean).
Got to sparre 2 rounds with Klingen – which was very nice, except he landed his knee on my elbow – on the ‘funny bone’.
But great to see, my knees are beginning to get incorporated more natural, and also a few of the moves from Amsterdam, was able to pull them out.

Also: 5 rounds of teeps, knees and angle work.
Felt very good afterwards!

Only issue – ate too quick, when I got home, so have a pretty bad stomach now 😦

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Tuesday Jam ABC

Another Tuesday in

Toning Class
Abs and Back

First two classes – not the big show today, but good classes with lots of strength, toning and core work. Tried a ‘flow’ through the first class – from standing to lying belly up, then belly down, to on all fours – to end standing up again. Went well – strange girl claimed that she couldn’t do the Saxon Sidebends cause it hurt her back.
Next time, I have to tell her, to take a lighter weight.

Second class: Finished off by 1-1 drills for abs, back and sides. Maybe too little crowd to make it work today, but I like them, cause they make people work more focused, when they know, someone is watching them. Performing right and to their best!

Third Class: A full boxing class!! Awesome energy, and as promised they got the full circle today. Not that much boxing, except for 2 boxing drills in the circle – but they got box jumps, push ups, saxon sidebends, box with weights, plank (up the wall), ½ TGU’s and three of the fun 1-1 boxing drills.

Great energy from everyone!! Very happy – and almost sad, I’m not gonna be there the next two Tuesdays. But hopefully some cool instructors from ABC will cover for me.

Raymond (boxing coach) and fighter - photo shot in FFC

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Tuesday jam

Great session in ABC,  before my Amsterdam departure!
Two overbooked classes and the third nearly full. Nice way to say happy holiday.

First two classes – got to work hard with my class.

Lots of abs/ back and toning:

Russian side twists
Saxon side bends
V-ups – superset with Knee-hugs
Ball excercise
Push up variations
Full contact twist

Boxing class: Overbooked!
So except for a little Ross warm up, no room for joining in. Class was good! Everyone kicked but*!!

This morning a small run/ jog with Pui Yee. Awesome start as always.. however I got up 2 min. before run-time. Had a total black out this morning, and dazed back into dream world. Luckyli got up, and we got out running!

Tonight is off for Amsterdam! Trip looks better and better – and hopefully I get to interview one of the biggest dutch names while I’m there – as well, as making an awesome article/ interview with Carbin – and learn some myself! And have fun with the everyone!
Actually feel a little lucky!

Yay! Dong!

Yay Dong! Banana girl - thats me

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Tuesday jam

Day two in my ‘preparing for Amsterdam’ regime consisted of mostly light training. Didn’t felt too bad this morning either, but know, that if I join the muay thai class tomorrow evening, I’ll likely be killed.

Tuesday jam:
Early morning jog/ run with my clever, pretty chinese friend Pui Yee. And she’s also a Practical Wing Chun wizard. Not a girl I ever wanna end up in a fight with…. unless we fight shoulder by shoulder. Then it would be an honour.

Evening – my three favorite classes in
First I was running 5 minutes late, so was kind of warm after sprinting on the ol’ grandmother bike through the city. Secondly had an awesome Toning class with lots of weighted lunges, saxon sidebends, russian sidetwists, walk over push ups finished up with wall squats, squat jumps and the infamous two-minute plank.

Abs n back class also rolled as usual business. Playing with the big balls, the V-up/ knee hug, one minute back and ab dedication and again finished of by three planks.

Boxing rolled a bit differently. Not so intense as usual, several new guys on the team, so a little more instruction and longer breaks. However everyone looked sweaty and tired when they walked out, so hopefully no one felt cheated – or they all were happy that the first day back from summer holiday was sort of easy peasy 😉

Boxing class ABC

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A quick way to suicide

Day 11 in the Ross-mare training circuit ABC:

Part 1: * 10 Burpees
* 20 Lunges
* 30 Bodyweight squats
5 circuits
30 – 60 sec rest btw circuits
Part 2: * 10 pull-ups (5 underhand grip)
* 20 Power Overs (12 for my part)
* 10 resistance Band High pulls (performed in weight thing with 12.5kg)
Repeat 5 times, no rest

First half left my thighs for dead, second one my arms. Hardcore day with Ross.

50 day challenge, ABC, functionel strength training, ross training, Teaching, training

First try on EIT

Third day in the next Ross 50 day cycle was EIT #1 and it came directly after two hours of teaching classes at ABC. Maybe not the best idea.

ABC Classes:
1 hour of Core + but* (lots of lunges, push ups)
1 hour of boxing = ICT #1 as warm up – replaced pull-ups with Military press)

Still totally into my ABC classes – thou a little sad the boxing class is suffering from the holiday, but girl classes (toning and core) still managed to pick up. Whats really good about this, is when I can see, that I can actually make a difference in someones appearance. When the result of the mental side of the training shows: ‘I can actually do this!!’ and ‘I can do much more, than I thought I could’. That’s when I know, I succeeded in class.

* 12 Burpees
* 24 pushups
* 36 squats
* 400 meter run (took of 50m)

–          4 circuits

Perform as fast as possible, no designated rest

EIT #1 was hard!!! Especially after two hours of training in ABC + the grueling heavy weight training monday. My body is still wrecked and hurts. EIT made it perfectly clear that my burpees was the only thing, I could do very well. Push Ups and Squats hurts – as for the run… I have no idea, on how I got through with it, even I only did 4 x 350m.