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Day 73 – Back in the rain

For some reason it always has to rain in Ireland. One way or another.
Today its literally been pouring down all morning and noon.  The emotional rain drops… where do I begin?

We moved into a new student house, that’s really filthy and disgusting. Like pulling out a drawer and get sticky fingers disgusting. I’ve spent the afternoon yesterday trying to clean up a bit in the kitchen and the first night vacuuming the floor in our room. Thou, the old vacuum mostly seemed to push the dirt around.

I also came back to my FighterGirl classes, which I had really missed this summer. So was looking forward to see the girls again. Unfortunately not that mutual, as only a couple came back the first week. (But super happy to see them of course!). Also the instructor who’ve been covering for me, decided to set up his own thaiboxing classes in the same gym. I suggested he could make it a mens only class, so we wouldn’t be competing with each other, but he refused. So am very disappointed in both him and the gym! Same thing happened last summer, where I had a guy covering my classes during summer. When I came back, he wouldn’t give them back.
Irish people seem eager enough to help, just to stab you in back, at first given opportunity!

On the bright side, it has been nice to see the two friends I’ve made over here. They both look great and it’s been good to catch up.

My own situation seems a little bleak and dark at the moment, and it’s been frustrating to come home to, but on the other hand, I guess this gives me a push to pursue other avenues of work and things to spend my time on, while in Cork.

Training past week:
Saturday: 8K run + Ocean swim
Friday: Ocean Swim
Thursday: FighterGirl Class
Wednesday: Ocean Swim
Tuesday: FighterGirl Class

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Ireland vs Denmark IV

It’s VS time again!!
-Warning sarcasm and a rough tone might read at first, hopefully the love and humor will shine through with the after thought.

Weather! A condition that’s been on my mind lately (after 2 weeks of non-stop rain!!)

Before I moved from Copenhagen, I thought Denmark had the worst weather ever! After living in Ireland for more than a year, I can truthfully state I was wrong!! Nothing beats the irish weather in terms of bad, worse and worst. The sky over West Cork some days lie above us as a big, fat, grey blanket. And I mean it’s all grey!! Not a ray of sunshine or a glimpse of blue sky. It’s not even ‘cute, bubbly white ala cotton balls skies, it’s grey ‘after the nuclear-polution-post-apocalypse-sky’. After a few days with this, it’s easy to understand the level of drinking here. If you’re not depressed by economy, you get let down by the weather.

And to help the feeling of bad – the houses here seems really bad when it comes to insulation. For some reason – unknown to me – the irish, who have lived in these sh***y conditions for centuries, have not taken upon themselves to learn how to build insulation into their houses. Example: The house I live in takes a couple of hours to heat up, but only one hour to return to it’s frostbox-like state.

No real winner: Both countries are shit when it comes to the weather. However Denmark getting +1 for having nice, warm, insulated houses in the winter, and the Irish getting a +1 for handling their lousy weather with dignity. I’m not sure, I could have handled growing up here.

irish weather

Public Transport: Now this one is tricky.
Time table service: In Copenhagen where I lived, busses ran on time, every day – all day (and in all sorts of weather). If late, it wouldn’t be more than a minute or two.  And the popular routes would be running every 5-8 minute in rush hours.

In Cork, Ireland where I live now, busses seems to run, whenever they feel like it. Several times a month I’d be waiting for a bus that never shows, and by frequency of busses here, we’re talking at least 20 minutes more waiting in the freaking cold (see above). Then of course there is the bus to my new work, which only make a stop on my road 5 times a day. Rest of the times, it just passes by!! (Yes it’s true!!)

Price: Public transport prices are insane in Copenhagen. I think I paid around 26dkr for a ticket (almost 4 euro). On the other hand, you can use the same ticket for 1hour within the same city zone. In Ireland tickets are 1.80euro (12dkr), but if you’re changing busses, you need to buy a new.

Face to face service: In general – Irish bus drivers are more easy going. Probably because they have nicer passengers as well. Here it’s costume to say ‘Thank you’ to the driver when you leave the bus (at the front door, cause there’s no backdoor). In Copenhagen I’ve heard of bus drivers who got spat upon when asking for ticket money.

Winner: Despite nicer drivers, I do prefer busses/ trains which runs on time and more often than 5 times during a day!! Ireland, you should take note of Denmark’s way with public transport!


Blueberries muffins: Hands down, beside Starbucks – Dunnes make the best tasting blueberries muffins. Denmark could definitely need a Dunnes stores! (but this will be for next VS blog).


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When life gives you lemons

What do you do? Throw them back or at someone else?
Hide and seek cover? Or make lemonade?

I don’t know what to do anymore.

First time since I’ve been in Ireland (over 1 year), the boyfriend and I go out.
First two hours is alright, but then out of the blue (after a lot of alcohol), he explodes on me.
Not really what you want for a first night out together with your bf and his friends.

I don’t really feel so Christmassy anymore, so my plan is to stay by myself in Cork. The last two weeks,
I’ve heard enough to make my ears fall of, due to him stressing about exams. Tonight was supposed to
be a joyful night, but instead I got a bucket of lemons (nice word for shit!) on top of me – In the night club.
Really feel life is too short for this. Can’t feed me lemon every day and expect me to make lemonade.
I’m not a fucking lemonade machine.

Wow.. I think this is one of my most personal blogs!

My last class with The FighterGirls Club was awesome, except for I forgot the Kodak moment. Zumba lady (next class) rushed us, cause we were 2 minutes over time, so completely forgot to take a photo of the girls with their Christmas hats.
But my girl rocked it and pushed out more burpees than ever before!
I’m so proud!!




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Ireland vs Denmark III

More ‘them vs us’ fun – or maybe rather ‘being Danish abroad’.

Let’s start of with more traffic!

1.Bikes! Biking in Cork equals the death-defying spirits of the first New York bike messengers: Cars have no clue how to act around bikes – or pedestrians/ runners for that matter. In Copenhagen – mind you Cork is equivalent to Århus – second biggest city in Denmark – cars actually have last priority when it comes to traffic. First pedestrians – then bikes – then cars. Here it’s drive or die – I think, I’ve mentioned this before

There you have it!


2. Running – another one of my Irish traffic complaint moments! There doesn’t seem to be any running culture here. If anything people seem annoyed when I come running towards them. And mind you – it’s not like I’m taking up the side walk, I was actually raised to be considerate to others. Most people seem to get broader on the side walk  so I have to sidestep out on the road. I seem to remember Copenhagen as being pretty runner friendly.

3. Irish service is magnificent! Coming from Copenhagen, where the Netto worker would grunt at you (unpleasantly) if you asked about – yeah, anything at all, even on your best polite behavior – people in the shops here are overly friendly and helpful!
In my local Netto in Rantzausgade, the shop manager was the worst of them all. You’d be almost afraid to shop there, when he was in. Grumpy can’t describe him.
Here you met with a smile and a ‘How are you, thank you and please’. That’s really something!

A typical Irish chip – covered in curry and mushy peas. I bet there’s not one crispy chip left in there.

4. Chips! What with this notion of putting everything possible on the chips? They get soaky (not sure if this is a word, but you prob. get my drift)! Last time at Jackie Lennox (best chipper in town), I accidentally said, I wanted peas with my fish & chips = they poured a cup of mashed peas on top of my chips!!! I had to ask for another. I like my chips crispy.

5. Steaks! Irish steaks are fab! Filet steaks in particular. And they’re actually affordable. I thought Denmark was agricultural – but meat prices in Ireland makes one think, Denmark is aligned with Norway, when it comes to steaks.

This kind of view – definitely Irish!



Ireland vs Denmark II

It’s time again for another Ireland vs Denmark

Ireland vs Denmark II

1. Traffic in Denmark seems to consists of Idioter (Idiots), narrøve (fool asses) and halv hjerner (half brainer) – and of course death-defying taxi drivers in Copenhagen, who stop for no-one and nothing.
Traffic in Cork (city much like Århus)/ Ireland seems to be relatively free of honking, stressed out road rages.. and yet, a few retards, eigits and f***** find their ways to the irish roads as well.

2. Danish houses (private and public)  are warm in the winter season. Irish are not (supermarkets excepted)!

3. Danish 24/7 supermarkets (Døgn Netto) close at 22.00/ 10pm – Irish stays open 24/7 (Tesco 24 hours)

4. In Denmark Handball is perceived as a very physical sport, where you can get hurt! The danes have clearly not watched an Irish rugby match

Rugby - a very physical sport

5. Danish Pastry in Ireland have nothing to do with ‘Wienerbrød’ (danish pastry in Denmark). No comparison what so ever – and that actually goes from countries all over the world. No one makes te-birkes as the danish baker!

6. In Ireland theres rabbits and hares on the fields. In Denmark there’s not.

7. Orange juice in Irish is pronounced Arrrrrrnge juce… which is why, I had to ask Liam several times, what he asked for. (Btw. West Cork accent is in general hard for my danish/ multiworld ears)

8. A rainbow is seldom spotted in rainful Denmark. In rainful Ireland, we sometimes see two at the same time.

And a few personals:

9. My life in Ireland doesn’t have a tv – my life in Denmark had. I don’t really miss it!!

10. All my friends are in Denmark, which is why Ireland sometimes feels a little extra cold and lonely!

Tebirkes - the danish love on a brunch table

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So it’s Valentines day and a lot of people all over the world is celebrating! Mostly women I guess, and the men just passively following along. Though, I think some men might enjoy this day as well. A lot of this world great poets, singers and artist are after all men, and they wrote some of the most beautiful love songs/ poems/ stories ever. But my day has just gone from crap to sh**, so I’m not listening to any of them right now!!

That’s the short version of my state of mind anyway. I kind of tried to make the most of it and battle through the dark emotions. Went to the gym. Got 3 sort-of-fast-K down (12.5-15kph), 2000m on C2 (over 2 rounds). Happy enough with that. Tried a different (and better) version of Deadlift (which made me feel like a newbie). – Thanks to my knowledgeable friend Anders Nedergaard (author of www.kropblog.dk), I got corrected my position in the dl – 5 sets of 10 hamstrings and 5 sets of 6 dips + the inevitable ab work.
But it just didn’t cut it!!  Mood just continued below zero. And most other events the rest of my day, haven’t really been positive either.

So in short I’m having a really, really bad day. All of a sudden just not sure, what I’m doing here or why I’m here (in Ireland that is). Not sure why I even bother training anymore, since it seems very unlikely that I would get a fight again. I don’t really care for powerlifting, just did it, cause I was asked to take part – I mean it’s fun to lift heavy things in the gym, but don’t think, I’m gonna compete again. So all of a sudden everything just lost it purpose. I mean training is great and I would probably hate myself if I stopped going to the gym. But…

I don’t know where this is coming from. Maybe it’s a minor life crisis, suddenly discovering my lack of purpose  of doing things or just plain homesick – but that would be weird(!!), cause I’m not missing life in Copenhagen or in Denmark in general! I miss my few good friends and my thaigym, but that’s about it.

Anyway, hoping for a better tomorrow – and NO, I won’t have time to go to the gym!

I found this picture – it illustrates everything to perfection:

Whats the point?

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Ireland vs Denmark I

It’s Tuesday and I got todays training in the bag.  Came to the gym tired from yesterdays 75min run + 45min KB class. So workload wasn’t impressive in todays training: 3K on a good pace, little benching  / a small set of 40’s, FTC and lots of ab work.

So without any plans for the day, I thought it was time to make my first Ireland vs Denmark list. (I’m sure more will follow).

First obvious notion is, that I’ve moved from the (big) city to the country side. Which means:

Tyra Banks with an irish hairdo

* Ocean view in the weekends – but no 7-11 around the corner. (store is 8k from our house)

Anne Lindfjeld with danish ditto

* My bike has been replaced with the passenger seat in the Mazda (I don’t drive)
* Numbers of sharwarma bars has been replaced with numbers of bars (pubs if you like)

* No sushi! :(((((((( (probably Irelands biggest downfall)

* Running 5 lakes has been replaced with running up and down 5 five hills
* Irish guys are mostly very gentleman like – holding the door etc. (Not a word about my bf thou 😉 haha) – and some of them look like Collin Farrel!!!
* Irish ladies have big hair!!! Not sure how to describe the danish hairstyle, but definetly an inch or two lower!



Speaking of irish ladies – my boxercise class at Womens Fitness Gym just hit a new high yesterday. A lady told me, it was probably the best thing, she ever did for herself in her life!  Not sure you can get a better compliment, than that. And, the best thing is – it was all her!! Her and her partner. I’m just the facilitator, calling the shots yes, but it’s entirely up to the individual to push herself.
I alway encourage my classes to keep at it. To not give up, but push through! And this particuliar lady must have done so! I’m so happy for her – and proud to get the class going at that intensity!


My second class yesterday was my Kettlebell class, which Im also really happy about. I think the 3 sets starting with the easier exercises and progressing forward are the best mix. Two younger ladies was in, and one of them gave up on some of the drills. I had a word with her after class, and told her to stick with it next time. Just try – never give up! (such a cliche, but so true, when it comes to life). I hope she will remember my words next week and keep at it. Dig deep and come through! I know, if she do, she’ll feel three inch taller and so proud. It’s the greatest gift of training.

Tomorrow its time for my first boxercise class at CIT. Program in place, hoping it will be just as cool!