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Day 83 – The Corgi

Another visit to Christiania to see old friends and meet the cutest Corky, I’ve ever seen – and meet the swan mum and her swanlings (or whatever the little beautiful ugly ducklings are called).

I miss having a dog!

Momo the cute

Momo the cute

Swan family

Swan family

100 Days Blogging challenge, Blogging, Diary-like

Day 85 – Visit to the blue planet

I’m currently out of inspiration. So this blog is a pure ‘Dairy’ blog! I’m sorry!

Visited the Blue Planet with Liam today. It was pretty cool, even I didn’t get to see the octopus (I really like octopus) and they only had common jelly fish. But we had a nice time and it was pretty cool to go out and see the vision, that Liam’s company (or the guys he works for) come to life. I bet a lot of engineers can go through their whole career, without ever getting close to an assignment like that,

We saw some really cool fish and the corridor which is pictured below, with the royalties, are pretty awesome. Especially when huge stingrays, hammerhead sharks and other big fish are swimming above and under.
The seahorses were also pretty cool. I’m actually having trouble picking my favorite fish out there.


ps. We had a little morbid laugh, when we saw they have fish and chips on the menu!!

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark at the opening of The Blue Planet

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark at the opening of The Blue Planet

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Short saturday training

Keep trying to get some gym time over here, but it’ll probably not happen!

Todays training: 3K in the hills – which is hard enough, believe me. But still, not like a proper gym session, whether we’re talking muay thai or steel.

On the other hand, stopped eating anything meaningful after lunch, so hopefully it’ll make up for it.

West Cork still gorgeous! But today my mind went west…


More than the usual

A side from being far away from any gym, West Cork is a fantastic place. Every day out here, I take Heidi – the German Shepard – for a walk along the beach. We walk on cliffs, rocks, grass and sand to the sound of the waves clashing against rocks. So different from Denmark and practically everywhere else I’ve lived. (Ain’t much coastline like this in either Copenhagen or NY). And I have to admit – I really enjoy it.

Flowers growing on rock

The sight and sound of the sea is just so calming – and sparks my creativity. What more can one ask for? Except of course a good ol’ fashioned gym, with some heavy sandbags, a couple of KBs, Dbs and Barbells, a pull-up bar and a place to stretch. Hopefully tomorrow!

Yesterday was spent in school, but later on the mountain goat is going for it again!
Edit: Did the 8K track. Legs felt much better today, after yesterdays break. Still huffin’ and puffin’ uphill thou..

Todays sunrise on our morning walk