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When life gives you lemons

What do you do? Throw them back or at someone else?
Hide and seek cover? Or make lemonade?

I don’t know what to do anymore.

First time since I’ve been in Ireland (over 1 year), the boyfriend and I go out.
First two hours is alright, but then out of the blue (after a lot of alcohol), he explodes on me.
Not really what you want for a first night out together with your bf and his friends.

I don’t really feel so Christmassy anymore, so my plan is to stay by myself in Cork. The last two weeks,
I’ve heard enough to make my ears fall of, due to him stressing about exams. Tonight was supposed to
be a joyful night, but instead I got a bucket of lemons (nice word for shit!) on top of me – In the night club.
Really feel life is too short for this. Can’t feed me lemon every day and expect me to make lemonade.
I’m not a fucking lemonade machine.

Wow.. I think this is one of my most personal blogs!

My last class with The FighterGirls Club was awesome, except for I forgot the Kodak moment. Zumba lady (next class) rushed us, cause we were 2 minutes over time, so completely forgot to take a photo of the girls with their Christmas hats.
But my girl rocked it and pushed out more burpees than ever before!
I’m so proud!!




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A day spend travelling

Quite mysterious – it took me about 9 hours to get from Cork to Copenhagen. Same amount of time it would take to get to NYC or from BKK to Cph – if the wind was blowing right way.

Anyway, haven’t done anything! today – except walking the long halls of airports. Dublin Airport is actually quite cosy, and they actually make ‘last call outs’ – which was nice for a danish ‘smock’-kind of guy, as he nonchalant walked to the plane, after last passengers was called for the 8th time or so.
– Uh and I know he was danish, because he was standing in security line, loudly confirming his drinking ability, even he looked forty-family dad -something. Sharply dressed, with the right haircut – a real charmer, who walks to the plane, after having delayed a full SAS flight for 10 minutes.

Last time in Dublin, we had a wonderful time, staying at the lovely Fitz William hotel. Slept one night swept in Egyptian cotton, showered in a beautiful bathroom and had a tasty full irish breakfast. definitely worth recommending for everyone going to the Irish capital for a weekend of self pampering and indulgence. Oh – and the best shopping street is located around the corner. Euro is expensive to the kroner – but prices are cheap and probably gives you more home in the shopping bag than London.

World famous mime - 'the busy man'