40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

34th – Monday fresh

Two weeks from Chocolate, cakes and ice cream (dying to try the new Ben & Jerrys raspberry!), monday was fine despite a weekend with a small bit of training.

Day 34
* 5K running (12.5kph)

* 5x 20
* 5x 30
* 2x 4x 40
* 2x 45, 1x 45
Not so strong day on the bench

Pistols & Dips – Superset
* 4x 2x 3 Pistols
* 4x 10 Dips
Finisher: 2x 5 pistols

Clean & Jerk –  30kg Todays Challenge
* 2x 5x 20kg
* 5x 25 kg
* 5x 30 kg! (PR)
I felt ok strong and could probably have had 35kg today, opted for the 5 reps instead. However goal for C&J must be 35kg – and if that’s good, then a 40kg. Snatch – be absolutely ecstatic with 20kg. Let’s see how it pans out. 2 weeks to go.

* 3000m – 13.42 (lvl 10), not good, not bad

Abs/ Back/ hamstrings
3x 20 of each on Swissball

Decided to do C2 instead of running in the end. Treadmill doesn’t seem so appealing after the outdoor run yesterday, thou I’m sure that will change again. Also thought C2 will help my V02 Max, if you push yourself on the C2, there’s really no machine like it. Which is why I hate  – and love it so.

Overall satisfied with my training so far, have classes and probably some Pt’s at Womens Fitness tonight. Gonna get started on the countdown soon. Only two weeks… Chocolate, I missed you

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Sunday run in sunny Cork

The ‘misplaced’ challenge day

Had a wonderful run today – first real day of spring, nothing like celebrating running in the sun. Feel the warmth on my skin and enjoy, that I for once wasn’t cold the first 10 minutes, and could even run in my tank top. Legs also felt good and even the hills didn’t kill me or slowed me down much.

Just so very, very nice – and I didn’t get lost, despite I tried a new way, I haven’t walked/ ran before.

Today according to map on walkjogrun.net:
4.66 miles (7.7k) – time was around 38 min. Felt like a very short run, and yet was happy when I came back to the house. Took a glass of water and sat out on the curve when I came back. Soaking up the sun. I’m still quite convinced, that I was born to live somewhere warm. And before anyone thinks anything – no Korea is not particular warm. Country has four seasons, just like Denmark.

Probably last outdoor run in my very old Asics. Thanks friends - you've served well

Anyway, very happy with my choice of challenge  – tomorrow is a new day, and it’s soon time to get my goals for the ’40 days Lent Challenge’ down. 2 more weeks to go – 2 more weeks to easter eggs.

Liam came home around lunch time and we went into Cork for lunch. Weather was so nice, so we decided to buy some food in Mark & Spencer and find a place outside to eat. I got this ‘Make you fuller longer’ king prawn/ beans/ wild rice/ veg + irresistible coriander and lime dressing, salad’. Which is probably one of the best ‘store bought’ salad I’ve ever tasted. But didn’t make me fuller, longer. Already in the car on our way home, I was munching in crisp.

I got a new gym bag for my birthday. Very happy! Will break it in tomorrow 🙂

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Home alone in Cork

Home alone on a saturday in Cork. Thought I spend the first half of the day training and shopping for food, without getting lost, and I succeeded in both- fortunately.

Decided to change things up a bit this saturday, as I wasn’t really in the mood for running, when I arrived. Truth be told not in a mood for much today – and yet, the first day of spring arrived. First day of walking outside, without feeling cold, so I actually enjoyed the 6k (there and back) walk to the store.

Alright – Training 32nd day of Lent Challenge

* 10min walking

Todays challenge = 100 perfect push ups* (or yesterdays… not sure. I know, I’m one behind). Decided to go 5x 20 and super set with different kinds of abs.
* 20 Push Ups – hands just outside of shoulder width
* 20 Crunches on the ‘Thera-crunch’
* 20 Push Ups: Right hand under shoulder, left hand out from waist. 10 left/10 right
* 20 Reverse Curls – Butt out from bench
* 20 Push Ups – strict. Hands under shoulders
* 20 Thera-crunch + 5kg
* 20 Push ups: 10 plyometric clap, 2x 5 one arms (One arms was hard today)
* 20 Crunch: 10 thera/ 10 but* out from bench
-Finisher: 2x 20 captain crunch (cable pull with 32kg)

Did a little like the picture, only had my legs levelled up, so body was horizontal and strict - and pulled up from there.

2x 5 x20kg
2x 5 x40kg
2x 5 x45kg
In btw sets: 3 pistols to each leg + 2x 10 TRX style hanging pull ups (kind of reversed push up?)

Finisher strength:
5x 20kg Clean & Jerk
3x 15kg Snatch
-Olympic style – NOT crossfit

* 4.67k running: 4 min warm up, 7x 1 sprint, 1.5x 1 nice pace

coined phrase from the friends at Cultfit
Stretch – and someone has been so nice to turn off the hot water for the weekend, so had a very cold and very short ice dusch afterwards. Apparently I have to be cold somehow in Ireland 😉

I also managed to shop for dinner, and will be making sushi tonight. Since Cork doesn’t offer any good sushi places (I’m sorry Daikon, but that’s how I feel), I have to make it myself. Not a big deal, just a little kitchen lazy, but I’ll get it done. (Otherwise I’ll have to starve).

No caption is needed

Edited on sunday 25th: Picture above depicts perfectly the despair in air yesterday. Today the sun is shinning, can’t really complain about that. I’m heading out on my extra challenge – which today will be something as small and nice as a run in the still unknown Cork. (Hoping that I don’t get lost again!!)

Enjoy this:

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Dam* you bench

31st day of Lent Challenge

Early morning in the gym again, went in with Liam today, who had stuff to do, so we got an early start. Normally I wouldn’t be in until a couple of hours later. Not sure body or mind was quite awake, since it took me a good 5 min. to decide what kind of shoes, I should be starting in. And after putting on the more ‘flat’ version, I decided to change for running shoes.

Who would have thought? Choosing shoes is also part of Lent Challenge 😉

Getting started on the treadmill this morning also took a bit of persuasion, but after 2.30 I was happy as a frog and decided to practice what I preach: Intervals.

My gym and challenge morning looked like this:

* 4min slow – next 20 min: 1min fast, 1.40 min normal – 30 sec to shift pace.  Last 2.5 min was all sprint

5x 20
5x 30
5x 40
3x 45
1x 50 – Challenge: fail from bottom
1x 50 – Challenge: Fail  – however got it up about 10-12cm from bottom. So not stuck there anymore. Just need a little extra. (Then I’m soon benching my body weight. How awesome is that??)

Squat – for technique
5x 20kg
2x 5x 40kg
No one came and put plates on my barbel today! I still can’t believe that jerk from yesterday. Ignorant disco pumper!!

Pull Ups/ Chin Ups/ Ups
3 x 5  (Alternate grip)
Had Liam film me, will do it again another day, where I’m super fresh! 😉

Abs – a delightful selection

I’m still a challenge short from yesterday, I know. I was contemplating on doing 100 perfect push ups (coined phrase from the friends at Cultfit) during my training this morning. But my workout was cut short, since I opted for a lift home with Liam. I guess, I won’t have a ‘day off’ this weekend 😉

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

30th day – No challenge yet

It’s day 30 in the ’40’ day Lent Challenge and here is a quick post on todays training. More will follow later, as I still haven’t done any kind of challenge today. (Yesterdays challenge was to find my way back from gym to CIT. Took me more than 90 min)

Day 30

Started out with a super morning box class with the CIT’s: Make the most of March’s crew! Brilliant work!!

* 25 min skipping
* 1000m on C2 – lvl 10: 4.20
Squat – super set with Pull Ups
* 5x 20kg
* 5 pull ups
* 5x 40kg
* 5 chin ups
* 5x 50kg
* 5 pull ups
* 5x 40kg

Oh yeah, some jerk was toying around with the disco bar and took off 2.5kg plates. Where did he put them?? At my barbell, while I had a break from the squats. (Edit: While I was resting leaning on the barbell in the rack). First time he did it, I couldn’t believe it, and just removed the plate, without saying anything. Second time, I kind of offered a ‘hmm what are you doing?? ‘and started laughing, cause it was so absurd. He just shrugged and looked at me, like I was the one, who was doing something wrong.
I never had that happen to me – anywhere in the world!

BoR (dumbbell)
5x 25kg (PR!)
3x 5x 22.5kg

20x 30kg
20x 35kg

2x 10

Hanging leg raises (above horizontal)
4 x 10
2x 20
Spiderman push ups
2x 10

Edited: Not sure if I be doing more training today… had a trip to the city and are pretty bummed out – but saw some nice easter eggs. Not feature here – only the fun ones.
Guess I have to think of two nice things for tomorrow..

Eggbot - fantastic name

Yesterday – day 29th. As written earlier I got lost 4 or 5 times on my way from Women Fitness to CIT (and probably added around 7-8k of walking + anxiety 😉 ) Rest of wednesday consisted of 3 boxercise classes, 7 or more pt’s (lost count) and food. Reminds me.. it’s time for dinner soon. Hungry!


Kitty easter egg

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, strength training, training

1K under 4:00

28th day of Lent Challenge

It seems only appropriate  – halfway there – to start fulfilling some of the personal goals I’d set for my Lent Challenges. Except of course of enduring and doing them, without killing myself (literally!). So 1K under 4 min – done.

Todays challenge was a revenge on Fridays finisher and in total my WO looked like this:

* 10K – 6thK in 3.53min (1K) – total amount of time: 49.08 (Not great overall time! Apparently not as fit this Tuesday)
* Bench Press
5x 30kg
5x 35kg
3x 40kg
2x 40kg

* Deadlift
5x 40kg
5x 70kg
5x 70kg

OL Snatches 
5x 15kg

5x 15kg

Pull Ups
3x 5

10 Dragon Flags

Didn’t feel strong today and forgot a water bottle, so felt uneasy and not as light and powerful as I would have liked. And as I have grown accustomed too – the first day of the week. I also have a feeling, I ate way too much flour this weekend (All my walnut scones, sandwich and dumpling wrappers), and that might also have effected my performance today.

Anyway, I’m still hoping to squeeze out two good gym days this week, even it will be tough, since I’m on the run all day tomorrow and the gym week only last to friday – weekends are in Clonakilty. On second thought – one happy gym day will be plenty this week. Would be good to keep my spirit up, since feeling a little blue and underappreciated these days. It’s strange how Denmark feels close enough, when everything is good, but very far away and lonely, when not so good. Gotta get around to booking tickets soon!

Somebody posted this in the CIT Powerlifters group – which I’m a member in. Thought I would share it – if you’re into any kind of weightlifting, you might have come across one or two of these in the gym 😉

40 day Lent challenge, 50 day challenge, muay thai, ross training, Sport, training, weight

Weekend capture

27th day of 40 day Lent Challenge

St. Patrick’s Day, Mothers day and Bank Holiday monday – how the Irish holidays got together and ruined the Danish viking/ninja from staying in shape – and gave me an additionally kg of unnecessary weight.

Well at least tonight (Monday) we went to Brucies Gym for 1½ hour of thaiboxing. My Lent challenge was primarily to survive 6 rounds with Liam on the pads – and then throwing 300 knees, 150 elbows and 50 kicks on the bags in my ‘break time’. Did all of that and felt good afterwards. Only complain is I felt very slow on my left kick. (Gotta work on that as soon as I find either a pad holder or a bag. It’s a little hard training power kicks in the air!!)
Earlier on I cleaned the house including doing indoor windows in two rooms + cooked lunch and breakfast (pancakes) for Liam. Pancakes weren’t so nice, I think I better stick with my Danish style ‘crepes’, than the thick irish version. (No sugar used for pancakes.. made them with banana and walnuts).
Saturday we were supposed to go thaiboxing at Brucies Gym but we couldn’t get the car out, because of the annual rally on St. Patrick’s day. That’s how it is, when you live on the country side. But we went for a walk up to see the rally, and it was almost worth it – except it ruined my training day. Also made about 50 dim sums for the first time. Very tasty!!

Yeah that's me...

Sunday I was supposed to go for a run, but apparently became lazy from saturday of doing nothing. Tried to bake walnuts buns (non sweetned), but they came out too heavy. Probably should find a recipe for some walnut treats instead of trying to guess my way in the kitchen.

On a note to my training on friday, I can tell you, it was superb!! For my warm up I chose the interval running as suggested by Bearrunner. It came down to 21 min: 1 min fast pace/ 2 min normal pace.

Then Ross Enamaits: Back off Strength day: I did all 4 rounds with 5 reps on each!! A few minor problems: First 5 handstand push ups was very hard – kept falling over. Also didn’t bend much more than a few centimeters – this will be better next time. Only miss was 3rd pull up set: Did 4 and had to take a small break before doing 5. One arm push ups was nice and ‘easy’. Can’t believe last time around I did the 50 day challenge, I couldn’t complete all 5 reps in either of the rounds, and now almost 1½ year later, I can do it!! Very pleased!!
Finished of with 1k fast paced run: 4.13 (not a really good time. Had hoped to do it under 4 min. Think I started to slow. Next time!!)

Today we bought another easter egg. Think we have 6 now, it looks like a chocolate overdose is coming after Lent. On a similar note, I saw someone stumbled across my blog after typing in Nutella pancakes… busted.. hahaha!

Rest of this week will be about work and training.. have some good stuff for my classes at Womens Fitness and CIT!