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Day 89 – Running in Copenhagen

Spend the day with an old friend of mine, walking around in the city and even I wasn’t shopping, it was a thrill to go in the shops and look at all the stuff! It might sound stupid if you’re a guy, or if you’re never had ‘the shopping gen’ – but if you did, you’ll sympathize with someone who’s been living in Cork (which besides TK MAXX has close to zero great shopping opportunities and who’s only spend money on training gear for 18 months), to all of a sudden being hit with the wast options of shopping in Copenhagen.

In the evening Liam and I went for a run around the lakes. It’s a great run – almost 8K from the apartment I think – and it’s all flat with one way ‘build in stops’ as in light signals.
Unfortunately I was feeling horrible and the run was just as hard, as had it been in the hills of Clonaklity.

I seriously felt like I haven’t been training for months, and just turned into a vegetable with no legs, no muscles and no lungs. It felt really strange. We were joking about going to die when we get back to Ireland, having to run in the hills again.
Hope it will be better next time – and still looking for new runners.

Ps. Again still apologizing for the late blogs. Trying to get up to date!

I seriously need new runners - just haven't found the right ones

I seriously need new runners – just haven’t found the right ones

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Day 90 – Women in Fight Sport

It wasn’t that long ago Dana White, president of the UFC said that women never would find their way to the octagon (unless they dressed down and picked up a sign). As all of us who follows UFC/ Fight Sport knows, this was pre-Ronda Roussey. This women almost single-handed changed White’s mind about female fighters – and he was able to see a superstar in Roussey.
A woman who could both deliver exciting fights and thus keep UFC’s reputation as the ‘most bad as* fight organisation on the planet’ and also appeal to the masses, and of course make money!

Soon (in September) The Ultimate Fighter show will launch again – and this time the house will be full of female fighters! Ronda Roussey and Miesha Tate will be the coaches, and the reality show that got MMA mainstream and in so many ways, was responsible for the huge popularity UFC got (with a special thanks to Stephan Bonner and Forrest Griffin’s epic finale fight), is now being used to promote female fighters to a wider audience.

The big question is (after my humble opinion) how the audience will react to this. I have no doubt the women fighting on the show, will be just as good as their male predecessors. I also believe that the ‘battle’ between Roussey and Tate will be just as entertaining as when Tito Ortiz and Frank Shamrock (S02) clashed, and of course 16 women in the same house, are bound to cause a commotion. If you have any doubts of this, just remember how much the guys were bitching.

However all this doesn’t erase the big question: How will ‘the public’ take to two female fighting each other. Beating each other up – and making each other bleed.

When I first posted about this season of TUF on my Fight Club page (on Facebook), the first response was: Women shouldn’t fight. When asked into the reason behind this mindset, the guy answered: ‘I don’t like to see women beat each other up and bleed and stuff’.
As a former female fighter and professional fight sport reporter my hope is, that this seasons TUF will help the female fighters gain respect and recognition from fight sport fans as the Fight Club fan.
I hope the show will focus on their hard work, their drive, their hope and dreams – and not just on the drama and stupid jokes and situations that the last many TUF seasons have been about.

To get women’s MMA to a higher level, I can see TUF becoming a big step of the way. Unfortunately I can also see the show tear down what female fighters – and the WMMA organisation Invicta have spent years building up. Only time will tell – but for now, I’m just stoked that female fighters are getting their own show – and a platform to show fighting doesn’t have any gender limits.

And I apologize for the delay of my 100 days blogging challenge. Our Internet died, so am now blogging from the nearby cafe.

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Day 91 – The positive weekend

Liam and I agreed yesterday evening to have a weekend, where we couldn’t say anything negative. About anything or anyone. Only positive things was to leave our lips this weekend.

The idea grew from a thought of how words create our reality and enhance our emotions – and our experience of life. If by choosing only to pronounce positive words, could we have a happier weekend?
I think we did have a good Saturday, but we did encounter a few ‘on edge’ situations during the day. And of course it was in the traffic. Where else does ‘on edge’ situations occur?

On the other end of the scale, we had a great massage in Natha Yoga house after training. Was just pure brilliant!!

I look forward for tomorrow too – I think it’s gonna be a happy sunday

Training today:
Thaiboxing in Butchers Fight Gym w/ Kru Toy. Teamed up with Liam, so the poor guy had to restraint his powers. Kru Toy made a good finisher with knees, and Liam let me clinch a little with him afterwards.
Weightlifting in Butchers Lab – Snatch, Jerks & cleans cross fit style. Was nice to try something different + I got a really excellent tip for my wrists!




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Can’t get online on my laptop tonight so sitting with a tiny nokia screen and pressing small buttons.

As much as I love technology, it can have Its bad days as well.

Training this morning: Getting some what killed by Brian Tallerik in Mikenta.
Knees, elbows, rubberbands and Lots of sprints. Loved it.

Day 92 – Technical issues