Hi, I’m Tania and you’re landed on my attempt to (b)log my life.
In the beginning, I just needed a place to vent my ‘rants’, then I thought it would be a great place to log my training. As my life as a freelance travel/ sport journalist and photographer took of, I thought it would also be a good place to review Thaiboxing camps/ gyms from around the world and display some of my work. Here in Ireland it also became my ‘Denmark vs the world/ Ireland’ channel with thoughts about living abroad.
Today (Nov.2012) I think it’s a bit of mix of everything. I hope you’ll enjoy the chaos, that are now my blog.



Time and place for a new beginning.

Time is 2012 and place is Cork & Clonakilty, Ireland. After a year travelling back and forth Liam and I decided it was time to try the joys of waking up and going to bed together again, and since he has committed to stay here for four years, it was my time to move. So from the biking streets of Copenhagen – I’m now living in the country side at one of Europes (maybe the worlds) most breathtaking sights- The Irish coast. (Photos will follow in the blog!)

Since this is the start of a new beginning, I’ll allow myself to write a few words about my blog this year. I will try to keep it simple and clean. My 2012 blog will consist of three areas:

1. Sport – health, fitness, diets, training, fighting and my classes
2. Professional stuff – photographs and my journalistic work
3. Expat & personal – thoughts about living away from home

It’s worth noting, that ‘my classes’ are classes that I teach. I have a huge passion for teaching as well as training/ doing myself, and my teaching is a way of giving back, what lots of trainers have given to me over the years, and made me the person/ training freak that I am today.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions if my writing inspires you to do so. My blog is my way of keeping track of my training, putting words to living abroad and hopefully a way to give back some of the inspiration, I get from life every day.

Last, since Im on the country side, internet access is not an everyday luxury anymore. So I’ll try to keep this blog updated during week days and when ever we have internet connection in Clon!

Hope you will enjoy the pages!

Since I’ve presented Weekend Challenges in the blog – and probably will do so again I just want to add the below.

***Disclaimer*** Not all exercise programs/workouts are suitable for everyone. Check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program to avoid/reduce the risk of injury. Perform these exercises and workouts through out the Taninja blog at your own risk. I’m not responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of using any fitness program/workout presented and/or discussed.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sue says:

    Hi! I’m Sue, and I’m from SlimKicker, a diet/fitness app and website. I saw your blog today and it captured my interest!

    I’m contacting you b/c we’re about to release a fitness tracker (similar to FitBit) early next year, and are looking for bloggers who would be interested in receiving 1 for free to review when it is out (negative or positive).

    Would you be interested in doing this? You can email me at: sue (at) slimkicker (com) with ‘Review’ in the email heading if you are.

    A brief explanation of who we are, our website SlimKicker basically turns your diet/fitness goals into a level-up RPG game. The tracker will work in conjunction the website, and allow people to track calories burned and number of steps they walk automatically. The more they exercise, the more points they rack up! That’s basically how it will work.

    Anyway, hope to hear back either way…

    – Sue
    P.S. You can choose not to publish this comment as this is more of a private comment 🙂

    • That would have been a blast! Not many girls here – (or anywhere for that matter). Well, I’ve been here a year so far. It’s cozy but can’t recommend the weather 😉

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