5 Things that Su*k living abroad

These days everybody wants adventures, everybody wants to live that ‘magazine’ picturesque lifestyle and for some reason I have a few friends whom admitted to think mine is such life – I guess just for the fact that I left my ‘home-country’ to go and live abroad.

Well – its probably no surprise to anyone, that living abroad can su*ks beans and marbles, and days where you wish, you old life was just a (cheap) busride away.

So: Here is Top 5 reasons why living abroad su*ks butt today

1. All the people you know, and have known for years are back home (or in other places of the world). While you might keep in contact via Facebook or mail, the reality is, your no longer in the loop, and there’s noone to hang out with when it rains on the inside.

2. All the places that you know and love to hang out in (alone or with friends) are also back home. Sure you find new nice places in your new town, but with noone to share them with, it does loose half the charm. (Blogging and instagramin them just isn’t the same, as sharing with a lifetime friend)

3. Everywhere you go on your lonely days, you see groups of friends hanging out, having fun together, talking and being social and it feels like forever you had that in your life. And while it brings sweet memories to pass a group of friends hanging out, it also hurts a bit inside.

4. Ofcourse there is always activities to try on your own, and hunting for jobs which leads to contact with other human beings, but hitting the jackpot with a sane friend, good job or even relative stable friend and underpaid job seems far off on cloudy days.

5. Finally – when the only friend (and the reason why you are there in the first place) you do have in your new country abandon you for ‘New friends’, it just feel like a knife in the back. All of a sudden your company is not valued and you are only a priority when the new ‘friends’ aren’t calling to hang out.


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