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Day 95 – Muay Thai for life

My 5th post is about a long time love of mine: Muay Thai or Thaiboxing as its also called here in the west. Whatever you call it, it’s a beautiful sport. A hard sport too – but it gives back ten fold from what it takes. Like all physical activity, you’ll get your endorphins flowing, blood rushing – and like all martial arts, it demands a lot of selfdiscipline (at least if you want to be good). In short, Muay thai will let you discover yourself.

Tonight training with Kru Toy (my old trainer) in Butchers Fight Gym in Valby, I discovered I was running low on fuel. That week in Austria didn’t do me any good training wise. Even with the long walks and mountain walk and climb – I was out of breath even before we started the fun part (where you put the gloves on).
I also discovered, the same feeling I got one morning sparring in Mikenta – I get pissed, when I get pushed on my lack of cardio.

It annoys me to no end, that I let other people bug me. No matter the situation (he’s bigger, has longer reach (BFG guy) – he’s really aggressive and coming on like we’re fighting for life and death (Mikenta guy)), I should be experienced enough to keep my cool. It was one of the things I had going for me, before I moved to Ireland, back when I was training in Siam Muay Thai gym (with Abdul and Kru Toy).

There is only one solution; Muay thai is telling me to go running more if I want to be back at my previous level – or to accept my current situation as the natural order of things. 18 months away – some things won’t be the same.

mt butchers


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