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Day 96 – Nanna dog

For about 5 years my best friend was my Shih-Tzu Nanna. A little white and grey Shih-Tzu. She was 3 years old, when I got her and had already had a stressful life. Her first year was spent with a single woman. The woman met a man and got married, unfortunately he had a son who was mentally ill, and this son proceeded to torment the dog so much, that she had to give it up.
Nanna came to a family who loved and adored her, but unfortunately the husband developed seriously dog allergy and they had to give her up. And I was lucky enough to get her.
When I got Nanna, she had dreadlocks on all her paws and in her tails and on her stomach. Nobody had been able to comb her, since the boy had tormented her (probably yanked her joints like a teddy bear and didn’t realize what he was doing).

It took me a good few weeks to get close with her. But soon we were the best of friends, even she would still growl and complain, when I was combing her (which was every day).

Nanna now live with my parents (and have done so for the past 18 months), as I couldn’t take her to Ireland. I was just at my parents this morning and attempting to comb her. In some ways it was just like old days, and in some ways, she felt more angry than ever before. I got a feeling she might resent me for leaving her too – even she is happy with my parents and have a lovely, spoiled dog life.

Nanna in my bike basket. We used to go everywhere together

Nanna in my bike basket. We used to go everywhere together


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