100 Days Blogging challenge, Blogging

Day 99 – Anka and the chair

This blog just appeared for me, minutes before I got a hold of my laptop.

Anka – the german Shepard dog has fallen in love with a chair in our room. So much, so she wouldn’t leave it today, when I was picking up my laptop to get blogging. The dog had followed me into the room, jumped on the chair – and instead of coming down when asked politely, she just looked at me and snuggled deeper into the chair.
I tried to get her to move several times, even went up and gently poked her. Which she reacted adorable to: digging herself deeper into the chair and moaning so cute, that I had to laugh and totally surrender my intentions. She won! If she wanted to stay in the chair, while I joined the rest in the sitting room, Anka should be more than welcome.

I left the room, and knocked playfully on the door, saying: ‘bye, bye Anki’. Took two steps down the big hallway and then – fast as ever – Anka came almost sprinting out of the room, which is pretty fast for an 8 year old German Shepard. She flew past me, but stopped when she reached the stairs. Looked at me, kind of like ‘Got you again’ – and then waltzing down the stairs.

I just love dogs!


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