Day 100 – The quiet stone and noisy water

Blog 100 is a little Hello from Austria. We are visiting Liam’s mum and her Hans. Here in the Carinthia pass, the mountains are very big and very quiet and if it weren’t for the waterfalls and glacier rivers there would hardly be a sound except for bird peeps, Marmite scream and deer hissing. (We’ve experienced both on our mountain hikes). But the water makes its present known but the constant sound of flow.

Walking on the mountains are spectacular. Wind is cool and fresh, and for some reason the concept of earth (mother earth) seems more real when walking on a mountain here. Every where I look, there is another peak. Another giant wall or mountain of stone and dirt shooting up from the ground below. Hovering majestic above the landscape, with the peak in clouds.

Again this summer we’ve walked to the top of Plenge (2340m). The last bit changed since we were there about a year ago. Going over the ridge to the cross seemed longer and to be honest, a bit scary. No water up there, but we came across patches of snow, that explains why the river we’re swimming in is so cold. Snow is apparently still melting here in mid July.

Austria is lovely and so is visiting Liam’s family and the newest addition: Anka also known as Anki. Days are passing with a lot of walking: Either hiking around in and on the mountains or just a ‘causal’ stroll with Anki, down to the river for a midday swim in the ice-cold noisy water.

99 days to go and No problems

2013-07-16 09.48.21

Liam and I on top of Plenge


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