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Reasons to train: Are you sexy enough?

Amongst the reasons to train: ‘I want to be sexy’! – Thou no-one spoke the exact words to me yet, phrases like: ‘I like to tone up’, ‘can you help me get toned’, ‘Does it tone me up’, ‘I want to look fit’, could just as well be translated into: ‘Will it make me  look sexy’? Sexy understood as: ‘Delicious fit body’.

And yes, training can make you look sexy. That’s why all the ‘Bikini fit’ challenges are so popular. Cause we know training and diet can sculpt our bodies into the latest fashionably sexy frame. (And if we can’t master it this way, there is always the choice of buying parts).  And – it is important to look sexy – Life is, some will argue, about re-production and re-production is about attracting the best partner. In a more cultural frame, looking good and feeling attractive is a big part of being happy for a lot of people. Whether this is shallow or not, the way we feel about ourselves, does have a huge impact on our moods and happiness.

So besides get to look sexy and attractive, training might also help improve our self-esteem and confidence – which will make us, not only LOOK sexy, but also FEEL sexy.

And this would be my main reason to tell someone to begin training and other to KEEP UP training! To get that ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ feeling. Right in your bones. Not the ‘sexy and I look it’ feeling you get from putting on a wall of make up, do your hair & nails, 12 inch shoes and tight miniskirt. That stuff is gonna make you look sexy ala hiphop videos and ‘working girl’ sexy, but is it there, when you lose the outfit?
Getting the ‘sexy’ feeling from confidence obtained by sweat and hard work in the gym, because you strived for it and kept at it and developed your skills – is a feeling that gonna stay with you, long after the false eyelashes and the disco light is turned off.

This is one of the things, I’ve noticed with ‘my girls’: They start off – often a bit shy and very delicate. Hardly able to punch a bit harder, than one would pet a dog – but then after coming to class regular, the shyness dissolve and a more determined woman appears. And when her body learned how to box a combination where it feels natural or a kick, where she feels her own power – the confidence appears – and the ‘sexiness’ is there.

So besides the ‘burning calories’, ‘getting toned/ fit/ whatever’ – proper training with progression and discipline teaches us how to look our best: When we are our best.

So Be your best version of you and keep growing! It will make you sexy!

Sexy and I know it!

Sexy and I know it!




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