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PR-arrogance in London

It might be, it’s just me having a really bad few hours, despite a good start of today – but I have to rant a little!

I just got cc’ed on a mail from a woman in a London-based PR Agency, who handles the press inquiries about GLORY 5, which takes place in London next month.

For about a month ago, I wrote them and applied for media access, as I’m covering the event for two international Fight Sport magazines. Instead of getting back to me, saying something like: ‘We received your mail and will get back to you when we can/ or please fill out and return this form’, I didn’t hear anything! Nothing! Zip! Nada!

I had no idea whether my mail had landed in the trash/ spam filter, if the person I was emailing was alive and existed, so I naturally waited a week and wrote again if I could please receive confirmation for my application. Still nothing!
Now time is money – especially when you’re a freelancer looking to book flights and hotels (the sooner, the cheaper). So I waited another week and then wrote the woman again. This time a bit short in the tone:

“Dear S. C,

This is the third time I’m mailing you, in hope to receive an answer.
I understand you might not be in a position to confirm or deny my press application yet (even the event is just a few weeks from now), but I would really appreciate if you could take the time, to send me a reply, confirming I’ve been sending my application to the right place and person. I’ve checked with GLORY’s people in Holland, and they say it is you to contact!
I need to book my tickets soon, so again – like I wrote in my previous mail – Please get back to me asap. At least to confirm you’re receiving my mails.
Thank you,

It did the job. She finally wrote back to me and send me a form to fill out and send to her colleague. (Now how hard was that??!!)
I filled out the form and returned it to her colleague.
Same thing: No reply! Not a ‘Thank you for your application, we’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve processed it’, just silence. Now this is not the UFC with thousands of media inquiries. Whom I actually dealt with before – and they are great to work with.

Glory 5 is a european K-1 show – biggest of it’s kind, but still no media darling, so I don’t think it’s due to flooding of press applications they can’t answer their emails.

And even if they were: The PR agency hired to handle press, is supposedly professional and well experienced in this field, so shouldn’t things like ‘getting back to the press’ be an automatic thing? It’s after all what they are paid to do.

I wrote the co-worker again today. Underlining, I would really appreciate an answer or again – just a confirmation on receiving. And then it happened: The woman who ignored my mails for three weeks, wrote one of the editors I’m writing for, asking him to clarify my attendance (which is fair, and something she could have done weeks ago), and to tell him, I wrote her an ‘abrupt’ mail!

So Now I just feel really bad about my editor receiving this kind of mail. I feel violated and surprised, that she felt the need to hang me out to my editor, when it’s her who doesn’t take care of her job. And I’m appalled by her and her colleague lack of decency to send out a short reply – is it after all their job.

I’ve used to work in PR in Copenhagen. A job I remembered as fun, stressful and demanding – and I also remember that one of the golden rules is: Be polite on inquiries, respond to emails and be nice to people (you never know, if you have to work with them again).

I guess they have different rules in London?

So now, if I do get my press accreditation, I guess it would be a miracle.


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