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New Year, New You – New job

Ok – I’m a little late. We’ve just entered Febuary, none the less we’re still in the beginning of a new year (sort of) and even I’m not the in ‘New You’ category, I did however start a new job.
It’s actually the same as my old job – just better! It turned out Cork had another Womens Only gym – and this time a real gym, with real equipment and really good people – and NO sales schemes. My duties are sort of the same as well: teaching classes, gym inductions and maybe PT’s, so am feeling right at home and happy. Brenda and Conor who runs the gym is on the same page as me, on training, fitness and supplements – and it’s a big relief to be able to focus on training and clients, and not about being stressed about, because I refused to push supplement sale. So the future looks exciting!

Training wise my january haven’t been super busy. I beat my Ross earlier in January (in Austria), and have after return to Ireland taken on 1-10 kicks & 300 knees challenge twice in Brucies Gym. Other than that, a big part of my training have been teaching my 6 new classes at MiFitness. Besides boxercise and The FighterGirls Club, I’m also doing 20:20:20, Circuit, Burn & tone and Abs Blast classes. It’s good with some new challenges and I’ll be picking up Kettlebells again to, so it looks like a strong spring. (Unfortunately I’m a little ‘blow-fishy’ these days, so ain’t got nothing to show for it).

Next few weeks is about building back strength and power to complete a strength seminar and enjoy my new job – and build a bad as* KB class!

You're Awesome!

You’re Awesome!




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