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Speed day and the birth of The FighterGirls Club

I don’t know why I do these things to myself sometimes…but I do it again and again!

Yes, today was another speed day and again I almost made myself cry. Of course in the end, when it’s all over, …no, everything was not good. Satisfied by hanging in there and grinding it out, yes! But felt wrecked afterwards – like in being run over on the as* by a truck, or something.

Anyway – as bad as my training was yesterday – I felt just as bad today. (Must that time of the month coming close – female readers know what I’m referring to. Well I guess men with women in their lives, know as well). But today I got the job done – on the track at least.

6x 400m sprints
800m warm up
200m jog/ walk/ gasping for air and crying on the inside in between
200m cool down

Blasted out in the last sprint. Upped my heart rate with 1 – that’s 2 since we started using Heart rate monitor in the end of Sept.

Total distance: 4.66K (a tad more than the believed 3.8K after conferring with the Garmin Forerunner)

2 Boxercise classes at CIT and Mayfield – excellent work for both classes. A lot of upper body work in both, to the ladies big surprise đŸ˜‰
Did a half hour session with Aoife before the Mayfield class in the gym. Second time in the gym = second time touching the weights! She did really well, but poor thing was tired in the class afterwards.
She told me later, that she thought, you’d only got tired from cardio work. She’s amazing – I can’t wait to follow her and her friends progress on the weights and in class. If they keep at it, they’re gonna witness some changes!!

Next week I’m jumping out – on my own here in Ireland: I’m opening The FighterGirls Club, which will be hanging out in RB Fitness on Tuesdays and Thursdays (for a start anyway). It’s gonna be bang on Boxercise with a kick classes! With sandbags, mats and boxing equipment, my plan is to put some smashing classes up, that’s gonna rock the girls!
I’m a little scared, small bit stressed out – and very VERY excited.

I’ve missed all the wonderful ladies I’ve met in my classes – so hopefully The FighterGirls Club is gonna bring us together again. I’ll save the story on my refusal to sell out of my fitness ethics cost me my girls at the greedy womens fitness plus to a later day – now it’s time to celebrate The FighterGirls Club

Curious? Find the club on Facebook and please share with all the wonderful girls/ ladies/ women in your life

If The FighterGirls Club is something you like the sound of, you find the link to the page here to your right —–>
Feel free to click, read – and if you do: Like (even if you’re not a girl)
It’s just as much a way expressing joy, strength, training, health and feeling good – as it is an actual class!


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