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Do do run run

Almost a week into my little private CLA test, I feel fine. No major changes, mood swings, extra ordinary amounts of energy or bad sleep. I have noticed a small change thou – my stomach seems flatter, but that could also stem from a natural monthly occurence. (Female readers will know what I mean).

Training wise we changed things up a bit: All week we’ve run.

And since my monday classes: Hardly any kettlebell for me at my PT session (really need to nurse my elbow and wrist) and unfortunately no muay thai. (First week without thaiboxing in a long, long while!!)

Monday: run 7K
Tuesday – Apparently had a rest day here!
Wednesday: 7.64K (what we thought was 8K, was in fact 7.64K, with two elevations nearing 100m)
Thursday: 7.64K (and Kettlebell)
Friday: 7.64K
Saturday: Distance?? I ran for 1.06hour at puls 148-156 around the landscape in Kerry. Totally blown away by the beauty, happily trying out different running forms, experimenting with breathing and barefoot running (on and off the beach), I’d say coming with Liam to Kerry, wasn’t all bad.

There is a little background story to all the running! Like so many others Liam and I got caught up in the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, and when it ended, we went to the bookshop – as so many others. While we didn’t want to buy two of each books, I bought the book series and Liam bought (and read) running books.

And all of a sudden my ‘Once was warrior’ turned Olympic Weightlifter, now turned ‘running wild’ boyfriend. So for his birthday, I got him a Garmin 410 watch. It arrived Wednesday, so naturally we had to go running! Watch is so cool: features accurate distance, altitudes, heartbeat, calories and could probably also serve up the recipe for a decaf latte.

Meanwhile Liam of course never opened a Game of Thrones book – but I started reading his running books – after I finished all of George RR. Martin’s ‘Songs of Ice & Fire‘ (and still not closer to an ending!). Got well of the start with Chris McDougal’s ‘Born to run‘ and Scott Jureks ‘Eat & Run‘. Both books telling it like it is, and yet – somehow I feel more kindred with Jurek. His story is also more personal, where McDougal’s is more entertaining ala ‘fast-paced-entertain-you-journalism-lingo’. I can recommend both anyway!

Now as for my CLA adventure – I won’t have the numbers until monday – and I of course didn’t bring my Tanita slip or measurements with me to Kerry, but I do remember my body fat percentage read 22% and weight was around 56kg. I don’t expect to have lost any of either – but that’s the saturday statement.

My meals today:

250gr of Digestive
1 banana
5 Strawberries
3 carrots
2 packets of noodles (cup noodles)
1 snack pack crisp
1 Mark & Spencer cookie (double choc)
3 mini packs of Winegum (Haribo)
100gr of licorice
0.5l 7Up
1 cup of bad tasting latte (from a beach cafe close to Skellig Hostel – where I’ve been stuck for the day – hence the horrible diet).

On any other day, my meals do look better!! I’m just cut of from any decent store and just hanging around in the hostel. Reading and enjoying the quiet – and the luxury of a working online connection. Next week I promise: Pics of normal daily diet and readings!

Beach picture from Skellig/ Kerry. Unfortunately the sun had just gone.. but amazingly beautiful here!


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