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Training stuff and spiders

Since my last blog visit, I’ve had the pleasure of winning the Maize Maze race against Liam and Alex, holding a tarantula, running 5K under 20 and get a handful of blisters from playing with the 16Kg KB.
Oh Joy!

Saturday: 20 min Skipping
5K: 18.27
4x 5 Pull Ups (different grips)

Sunday: Won the Maize Maze race & got close with a tarantula

Monday: Kettlebell class at Womens Fitness (Excellent small group: Made them start of with a heavier KB than usual and switch down, when they got tired. Seem to work the purpose: They got more confident, and got a better work out!)
More than full Boxercise class to end the night! Katie Taylor has indeed inspired the Irish women to put on the gloves and give it out!

Tuesday: 30 min Skipping, followed by a circuit (x3):
10 Evil Wheel roll Out
20 Russians w/ 12kg kb
100 Skips
5 Pull ups

Liam says we’re going Kickboxing tonight, with his old trainer. Looking forward to that!! He should be one of the best for boxing!

New best friend?



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