In Skippereen (in a bar)

Not the most likely place to find me, but.. here I am, at the Paragon Bar in Skippereen. Here for three reasons – 1) Liam insisted I’d come to work with him (He’s working at the LissArd festival, just outside town). 2) They have WIFI at the bar! (very important these days, as it’s my only way of connecting to the world. Living on the country side does make you feel much more secluded, than I’d imagined.) and finally 3) They showing OL. Right now Im looking at some very fierce skinny women running the OL Marathon. At least London isn’t the worst place to run a marathon. (Rather flat I suspect.)

Two hours and twenty three minutes and seven seconds, it took Ethiopian Tiki Gelanato to run the 42.6K! Amazing!
A new record for womens OL marathon and today is also the first time ever, we have female fighters in the Olympic ring. Women are kicking as* this year! I tell ya!

Here in Skippereen however – not kicking much, more likely expanding my pants (I’ve baked my first batch of brownies yesterday). Haha. Munching on what seems to be typical Irish bar food lunch: Sandwich and chips (pommes frites for my danish readers).

Since my power wednesday: Surf, thaibox and run – I’ve only been out on one little run (7K – 7 climbs). Rest of the days have been dedicated to cleaning, baking and shuffling the driveway. (It appears, when it rains heavy – which it does here in Ireland – our driveway washes down: All the dirt and small rubble washes downhill and leaves a bad driveway for the cars.).

I actually planned to go running this weekend, but instead I’m here in a bar in Skip.

Cutest pic on my fb feed today






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