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Photography saved my day

Woke up this morning feeling remarkably fresh after yesterdays mountain climb. Liam and his mother went for a walk, but I didn’t feel like walking, so stayed home and decided to go for a run later on.

Feeling slightly bored today, for no clear reason, I wasn’t really looking forward for the day. I guess you can say, I had an off day. But yet, I managed to get my trainers on and went for another 10K run on the mountain we live on.

Photos from the forest walk

It’s actually an old mill route, and it’s  probably between 4.5-5K long – so I/ we ran it twice – to the farmers delight. I think they had a laugh, when they saw me came running up and down the mountain for the second time. Run felt good, was stronger the first time around, but had to stop a few times (thou not going uphill!) on the second trip.
My left ankle felt bad and starting shooting pains, never tried this before. I guess it must be from yesterdays climb or just going so steep downhill.

After a nice lunch and a visit to the german speaking neighbours (Gutentag, Gross Gut und so weider. Edited 19.07.12: Sorry I made this sound a bit arrogant. Sometimes I think to write more words, than I actually get down on the keyboard. What it meant to say here was: It made me, once again, wish I paid more attention in my German class in school), Liam and I went for a little forest walk and I brought my camera.
Totally saved my day (and ruined Liams walk. Guess he didn’t think about me stopping every other 100m to take photos, when he suggested I bring the camera).
But I did, and I got a few lovely shots and even some back home in the garden. Hopefully, maybe, some day I will actually buy some nice frames and maybe show them somewhere.

Flower in the garden


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