Weekend Challenge 7

Lunges with the weight close to your chest

Overall strength and flexibility

Apart from feeling fit and strong, it’s also good to feel flexible and in control of your body. This weekend challenge will aim to work both your strength and your flexibility and body control.

Like last weekend, this weekend challenge is in three sets. This is one set:
1 set. 20 Lunges – preferably with some extra weight in each hand – or a heavy thing hold at the height of your chest. Remember when doing lunges – do not lean forward or backward with your upper body. Keep your back straight (look forward and keep your chin up), while you ‘lunge’ or take a big step forward with one leg, and let the other knee go toward the ground.
You can perform them on the same spot, or walk around in your house/ garden/ apartment.

2. This is a favorite from my classes: Perform three (3) hindu push ups each way = 6 hindu push up total.
Start with bending over and let your fingers touch the floor. Walk out with your hands until you reach the position for push ups. Then let your heels touch the ground, so you make a ‘pike’ position with your but* as the highest point. Still from the pike position, let your nose dive towards the ground (without touching the floor), after your head passes the normal push up position, make a ‘U’ form with your back and look upwards toward the ceiling. Return to the pike position and perform two more.
The opposite hindu push up also starts in the pike position. Here you lower your whole body into a plank like position until you’re aligned with the floor (but not touching the floor with your body. Only your hands and feets). Dive your nose to the ground again, and in the same movement, press your head and body backwards into the pike position. Perform two more.

Have fun and enjoy your new found flexibility and strength. Remember, you can more than you think!

Blurry lunges with a weight in each hand


Sorry no pics from the push up to sideplank. But I’m sure you all know how to do it. If not, don’t give up! Do 100 Lunges through out the weekend, and we do the push ups to sideplank next week!


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