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Weekend challenge 6

Happy greetings from Copenhagen and ofcourse a happy weekend challenge to follow.

A little earlier postet, but I’m sure, you will have fun with this one. It’s specificly designed to burn fat and build muscle, in a fun and entertaining way (for those who watches anyway). And all you need is your body and your will and commitment to complete this exciting little work out – and I promise you, you’ll feel good afterwards.

The Challenge 

‘The walking plank & the frog’

Start position is the plank, where you are on your toes and elbows, tightening the core. From here you go from resting on your elbows to the push up position. One hand at the time. After getting up on your hands, you go back down again on your elbows. This drill will help you build a strong upperbody and a tight, hard core (tummy and back). Proceed until you’ve done 10.

After the ‘walking plank’, it’s time for the long jumping frog. You start in a deep squat (atg style) and then jump up and forward, as far as you can. If you’re jumping in a space confined place, just turn around after the landing and jump back. You should perform 10 jumps. This is a great way to build explossive and fast legs for strong kicks, and it will melt fat from your body.

Perform each drill three times = 3×10 ‘Walking planks’ and 3×10 ‘Long jump frogs’. Preferably plank + frog (one set) after each other, and between 30-60 seconds rest in btw sets. So you’ve doing three sets in total.

You can challenge a friend, partner or family member to perform on time, or if you have kids, I bet they will love to be challenged with the ‘Long jump frog’. If you have a garden and it’s not raining, I suggest you bring a towel for the plank (elbows and hands), and conquer this challenge outdoors.

Click here for video tutorial on youtube: See how funny I look, while doing the walking plank and long frog jumps.


2 thoughts on “Weekend challenge 6

  1. Hey Aoife, Great with the feedback. Thank you so much. I try to tailor the challenges, so they’re hard, good work. But at the same time a little fun and entertaining to do.
    🙂 Tania

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