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Weekend Challenge 4

It’s Friday and time for the weekend challenge. I know some of you had a good health week with classes, pt sessions and watching (and writing) your diet, so before anything else, give yourself a pat on the shoulder for a good job. It’s not done yet – as I told you, weekend doesn’t mean you do absolutely nothing. Doing a little something on the other hand, doesn’t mean that you have to take time away from your family and friends to pack up and go to the gym.

A little something can be this weekend’s challenge: It won’t take much of your time, you can do it at home. You don’t need any gym equipment and the best part: You can do it with someone – or challenge your partner/ friend/ sister or brother to beat your time and/or numbers.

This weekend’s challenge is for the midsection: A tummy workout!

The idea is simple – A sit up with extra weight: Find something you can have in your hands: raised above your head, and when you touch the ground with your back, you let it gently and controlled touch the ground above your head. When you sit back up, you raise your arms out, as to give it to someone.

No gym equipment is needed: You can use a gallon of milk, a garden stone, a wine or coke bottle (full), bag of apples or a very big book.

Two ways of doing this weekend’s challenge:
Use a few minutes to stretch the body thoroughly. Think of a cat who just woke up and get stretching from toes to head and fingertips.
3x 20 each day = 120 sit ups during the weekend (you could do 20 in the morning, 20 in the afternoon and 20 in the evening – or 3x 20 in a few minutes, with a small break in between sets).
Second way of doing this challenge is to set your alarm for 30 seconds and see how many you can push out. Rest for 2 minutes and do it again, but beat your number by at least one more. The rest some more and do a third and last 30 seconds, where you beat your numbers again. You can also use this challenge to do with a friend or family member, and try and beat each other’s number.
It is important however, that you try your absolute best in every 30 seconds. Otherwise you won’t get the full benefit and you won’t surprise yourself. You can do much more, than you think!!

If you’re doing the last option, write down your numbers. If the challenge should turn up again, you might want to beat yourself one more time.

Regardless of your choice, I would appreciate to get your feedback. So please write how you did, or tell me when we meet again!



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